Champion Concept: Z'inner Lord Of Void's Dimensional

  • Z'inner Lord Of Void Dimensions
    Role: Damage
    Health: 2300
    Type Of Damage: AOE

    Lore: Z'inner is a astronomer one day he found the vortex cube in the star and Z'inner got what he want he got a power from that cube and he know its a key to the void
    dimension now he a control everything in the void one day he meet jenos and jenos told him to go back to the realm and go help paladins fight with the magistrate Z'inner
    didnt agree with jenos because he think magistrate did right and back to the realm and join the magistrate.
    "You are not a god not even a demi god you just a monk have a special power that want to change the realm" He said with jenos.......

    Passive: Void's Mana
    After Z'inner deal damage enemy will drop a orbs if Z'inner collect the orbs
    if gain void's mana if Z'inner have enough mana can use his Into The Void ability

    Primary Fire: Dimension Cube
    Ammo: 6

    Throw power in a cube every 0.8s that deal 400 damage for enemy that get directly hit and explode
    deal 800 damage if it hit the wall it will bounce and explode after 3 times of bounce
    Note:the damage of direct hit and explode are not overlap each other
    directly hit still counting to AOE damage so blast shield help
    if cube still bouncing and hit enemy will deal 400 damage like directly hit and explode too

    Alt Fire: Route Of Void
    Cooldown: 8s

    Z'inner place a cube in front of him and soon it will send a power of void
    in straight way of the cube deal 990 damage all enemy in the line.

    First Ability: Archmagus Bombastic
    Cooldown: 5s for each charge and 1.5s for delay to use another charge

    Unleashed the power in the cube make a big cube and soon it will explode
    deal 1000 damage can save it 2 charges
    Note:if you dont get its act like BombKing's Grumpy Bomb

    Second Ability: Into The Void
    Cooldown: 15s

    Become untargetable for 2.5 seconds and the cube will deal damage for nearby enemy 3 times
    each time will deal 250 damage but you will move 85% slower and need full of Void's Mana
    to use

    Ultimate: Dimension Breaker
    Z'inner gain 30% movement speed CC Immune and make a circle of void portal and enemy that standing in
    the portal will be drain into void for 2 second and back to the realm with 30% of their health


    Void Blast : Archmagus Bombastic now have 3 charges and bigger radius and deal 1200 damage now
    Cube Cosmic Power : Dimension Cube no longer bounce and deal 950 damage now
    Dimesion Portal : Z'inner will teleport when use Into The Void


    Nemesis : Eilimination reduce all cooldown {10/10}%
    Void Armor : When picked void's mana orbs grant {100/100}hp shield for 3s
    Dimension : Gain more void's mana by {5/5}%
    Armor Was Nothing : Dimension Cube deal more damage to shield {50/50}%

    Route Of Void
    Void Enchanted : Reduce Route Of Void cooldown by {0.5/05}s
    The Count : Hit with Route Of Void heal for {250/250}health
    Destroy : Hit with Route Of Void reduce the effect of healing on your target by {10/10}% for 1.5 second
    Mercyless : Gain {10/10}% movement speed for 1.5 seconds after using Route Of Void

    Archmagus Bombastic
    It Hurt : If successful hit with Archmagus Bombastic gain {1/1}% ultimate charge
    Made Form Madness : Reduce the time that enter and exit Archmagus Bombastic {10/10}%
    Take It Gut : Gain lifesteal against enemy that get hit by Archmagus Bombastic {10/10}% for 3 second
    Celestial : Successful hit reduce cooldown of Archmagus Bombastic by {1/1}s

    Into The Void
    Broken Dimension : If cube attacking while using Into The Void gain {100/50}health for each hit
    Void Walker : Reduce cooldown of Into The Void by {2/1.5}s
    Drive Through Space : Into The Void now only slow for {75%/65%/55%/45%}
    You Wont Move : Cube attack while using Into The Void now slow enemy for {5/5}%

  • Sorry for drunk lore btw

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