Most satisfying things to do in Paladins

  • Just a random thought.

    What are the most satisfying, though not game changing things to do in this game? It doesn't have to affect gameplay so long you're having fun with it.

    Here is my list.

    -Knocking people off map with any kind of champion skill.

    • Chaining a 4-5 man fireball
    • Getting top play
    • Healing a tank when they are low.
    • Landing a 3 man Presence.
    • Yomi'ing 3 people at once.
    • and the list goes on.

    What are yours?

  • PC


    starting a game by a penta 🙂

    having top stats while losing (u know it's not ur fault lel)

    killing someone with flashbang

    killing someone by sticking a bomb to him

    surviving with one hp, coming back, getting penta

    actually sticking bomb to people have this very satisfying noise

    getting an hexakill without even noticing

    not getting a bot in my game (that should be at the top of my list actually)

    having people say gg you're good to me

    people using vhs the correct way (not spamming it)

    having teammates who use brain (cause someone not listening to what 4 other people say...)

    ulting someone 5 times in a row with lian after 2 autoaims cause I missed all my shots ah no wait that's under cancer section ^^'

    and so on

  • @AzrielM
    Really outsmarting/outplaying a good enemy

    Killing 3-5 enemies with Through time and space

    Killing enemy with Booby trap you already forgot about

    Having a good team with nice teamplay

    Combo-wombo your skills/ultimates with someone

    Evade enemy high blast damage with momentarily invulnerability, like Slither or Battle shout

    Escape/kill an enemy, who almost got you

  • PC

    • Narrowly surviving getting dealt massive amounts of damage by utilizing abilities like Rocket Boots and Fernando's Shield.

    • Securing kills for flankers/DPSes and allowing them to carry the match.

    • Getting those high IQ nade kills playing Viktor. (You know like bounching them off of walls to finish off enemies, super long range kills, etc).

    • Carrying a team with a tank champion.

    • Those times I baited a Drogoz ult and killed the Drogoz mid-ult.

    • Those times I got a multi-kill with a Barik ult.

    • Landing an Ash/Seris/Bomb King/etc ult on more than half the enemy team.

    • High IQ Terminus ult plays.

    • Multi-kills with Jenos ult.

  • Winning a match after 3-0 down (bonus point when it's 3-3 and you take back the point from 99%)

    Ash Air Juggle combo (RMB, LMB, F, LMB, LMB) bonus point if the final attack kill/knock them of map

    Juggling an Andro with Ying clone and Dimension Link (basically shoot, teleport, shoot, teleport, shoot, teleport, shoot) bonus points when Ying say "aaww did I trick you?"

    Teleporting from Koga / Zhin / Drogoz Ult

    Kicking every enemies off point using Ash during overtime

    Fernando Laughing Emote

    Landing Khan Ult on the support hiding behind their FL

  • Winning after being 3-0 behind
    Sticky bomb noise from bomb king is really satisfying
    Hitting three or more people with a combustible fire spit
    One shotting flanks being Kinessa, especially Evie
    hitting multiple headshots in a row, the sound of it is really satisfying

    • Coming back after a 3-0
    • Getting play of the game
    • Ranking up a tier in ranked (from Gold to Platinum was so satisfying, can't wait until I'm diamon)
    • Finally killing the person who's been stalking you the entire game and emoting/spraying
    • getting a penta kill. I was literally screwing around with Moji in casual one time, and we were losing bad, like 0-3. I felt bad because I knew I was at fault. It was only me coming from the spawn, and I literally got a penta kill on all enemies there which allowed us to cap the point and eventually win the game. The Skye watched all of that and shouted "woohoo!" when I got that penta kill. It was epic!
    • When you finally find loadouts that work for a character you decided to try
    • getting best healer after all of your teammates spent the entire game spamming "need healing!"
    • Just winning in general makes me feel good
    • though winning especially when that one person threw your last game, and then tried to go tryhard on the enemy team, but you beat them anyway.

  • PC

    • Landing a Double/Triple Kill with Lian's Ult or Yomi Zhin
    • The Classic Seris and Jenos Ult Combo. (Better if done with a friend!)
    • Landing mid-air shots as Cassie
    • Actually just landing mid-air shots with anyone is satisfying
    • Whirling through multiple people as Zhin and dealing damage to them all at once!

  • One more thing that's really satisfying: Khan ult on mobile champions. Today I Khan ulted a soaring Evie, omg that felt so good.

  • Rewinding willo and other flyers off the map as Atlas....

  • PC

    @AYYDIMITRI said in Most satisfying things to do in Paladins:

    Rewinding willo and other flyers off the map as Atlas....

    There's also rewinding people back into spawn... 😛 But I've been the victim of that a few too many times... 😑

  • @Dusklicious

    Getting rewound by atlas, only to out class and out position him.
    Or some jank asf crazy stuff happens...

    Oh and... 3-5 man enemy team resets back to base at the start of round are satisfying in a pub stomp sense...
    You have to think and move like a wild potato to counter atlas... its insane... more so you have to remember where and what hp you were moments ago and push off that logic... fun...

    I was playing grover and found out I can get the sacred tripple vine vs atlas.
    I got one on fish market while diving the enemy base vs atlas to collect a jenos open frag...
    the tripple vine is vine + pickup vine reset + HP vine reset... with a flyer like evie it is insane...
    I got rewound from enemey base area aaaaalllllllllll the way to the centre point enemy high ground at the back of my team so I can whirlwind into pushing the payload around the corner... its pretty impressive when you get a perfect synergy of gameplay elements to make for some hypermobility, when the enemy atlas saves your ass afterwards its glorious asf...

    Been having some good random asf inara air ults vs atlas...
    I like to use tremors inara as a... tinkering barik who can fly and outright win a corridor fight by boxing the enemy in a fuck load...
    I have been getting rewound to the position I was in the air moments ago after a wall jumped, its unexpected, you can get another wall jump after this as well if your cd is perfect....
    Oh and getting exiled for 4s in the air after wall jumping... fallling... wall jumping again... being exiled again..wall jumping again...
    Most jank game of serpants beach I have ever played...

  • Wow this thread is alive! I like it!

    (Add this to my list:
    making a thread that makes people feel happy)

  • @Dusklicious said in Most satisfying things to do in Paladins:

    There's also rewinding people back into spawn... 😛 But I've been the victim of that a few too many times... 😑

    Also fun to rewind himself back to safety after thrown off the map by Khan or another ult.

  • Getting knocked away by the foe, but also managing to aim at the enemy support or the weakest enemy and kill them while you are still airborne. Best thing ever.

    I forgot to add: Being better than the person that chose the same champion as you.

  • Switch

    landing a nice combo with bounce house buck

    camping the spawn waiting for a specific enemy to spawn just to piss them off

    sniping evie's out of the air with a strix-quick-scope (strix scope??)

    evie flick shots

    i think my favorite tho would have to be that split second during the jenos ult animation where you can see everyone through walls line up before it fires is such a great feeling

    also, anything that gets you back on the map after khan fires you away☺

  • -Reversalling Terminus or Ruckus Ult as Andro
    -hit multiple headshots in a row is extremely satisfying, the headshot sound in itself feels really good; especially quick dash and shoot flickshots on Androxus

  • PC

    Get 100k healing and get top play in the game your team spams "Need Healing!"

    • As Makoa hooking Evie/Maeve in midair. Or hooking someone out of the map

    • Any successful off-map IO ult

    • Block Drogoz ult by placing a Ying illusion

    • Ulting by Khan when either you're in midair (like on a crystal on Warder's gate) or your target is in midair (can be hard and not worth a risk, but very satisfying if you did it)

    • Hearing "Thanks" when you healed someone

    • If you were thrown out of the map kill someone while you're falling down

    • Reverse a Term ult and return it back to him

    • Shout, slither or do any damage-immune ability at the exact moment when Skye's bomb goes off or Term ults and get away with it

    Tbh, there are so many satisfying things in the game that i can go on and on 🙂

  • With Raum... Killing Luna using ult with Earthsplitter talent...

    Extremely satisfying

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