Switch gyro aiming is awful

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    I don't know if this is a nintendo thing, or a Paladins thing, but when I use gyro on the PS4 it's so incredibly smooth to aim with, it picks up every little movement adjustment that I do in which the difference between being able to snipe on the ps4 and the switch is like night and day.

    The problem on the switch is that it doesn't pick up small adjustments, and then when you meet the minimal criteria for picking up movement, it can often "bug" out and still not fully detect where you're trying to aim, even trying to do medium distance aiming can be a mess in comparison, I really want to play this game on the switch just for the fun of gyro aiming (especially since ps4 doesn't have cross progression yet) and even the portability, but I just don't see the point when the switch joyocns are terrible for thumbstick aiming and the gyro aiming is essentially awful.

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    Try play paladins with the pro controller, It's smoother than the joycons.

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    @a_a That's what I am doing, I've just came off of the switch with my pro controller and it still feels fairly awful, the exact same as when using the joycons, I feel no difference, I just wish it had the same movement pick up that the ps4 has, the difference is far to noticable when playing snipers or anyone with long range capability.

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    I've seen people do great with gyro control, it felt like they were cheating since they could flick easily^^' I'm pc but when I play gamepad I hate to see switch players for that reason

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