What Do The Nerfs Mean for Cassie and Lian?

  • So, with huge-ish nerfs on Cassie and Lian's ult... how will the people react, and how will it affect their viability?

    IMO I just think it would require more skill to use Enlightenment and it would also make it harder for Cassie to use ultimate selfishly. So, whaddya guys think?

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    • The Cassie nerf will do legit nothing. She will still be one of the best if not the best DPS character in the game. No more CC immunity on her ult? Big deal. It just eliminates the use of it to avoid CC and duel somebody. Instead it will just be more utilized as a damage boost early on in rounds. Which is kind of how it's sometimes used already in lower tiers of play...

    • The Lian nerf will have an impact on her, but not a big one. You see, her ultimate is one part of why she's overpowered, but a very small one. Her power lies in her consistent burst and ranged damage output. I think it will bring her down a notch, but that's all. In other words, I think she'll still very much be meta, but not entirely worth banning anymore after this change.

    EDIT after playing the PTS: I was pretty much spot on.

  • Cassie was able to press ult and get a free window of immunity vs inara ult, cripples, fear, grumpy bomb and king bomb makoa hooks and an many contol factors...
    In a 1v1 sense this was fucked....
    Just pocket cassie and she can dive and waste players contol abilities while the enemy get a massive reveal advantage... and it becomes very hard to kill cassie amongst a reveal deathball.... it was oppressive as to any support who needed a control option to fight cassie, and cassie had a massive upper hand with cc immunity and target reveal.

    Lian... was almost undivable in a 1v1 sense let alone in a team, her enlightenment was just so much personal armour. Now if you can just out right win trades with just damage and do nothing to zone the tanks back seriously, how are you a damage other then putting the enemy on the 4v5 Disadvantage... I have seen lians just walk up to the enemy start of round with every button spam into ult, prompting the only counter to be hard CC like polymorph...
    Least this way she is no longer able to spam 1 dash and gain a damage immunity ult and frag a target when combined with an ally damage.

    These champs to me still fell like pretty poor designs of damage, but they both have the potential to be better in other areas...

  • Unfortunately I really cant do shit as Lian since I don't have any skill on her ult timing XD

    the nerfs will make it worse for me XD

  • I like the changes. The ults are definitely not the main reason why they are overpowered, but still the nerfs will affect them. Especially I like the change to the lian ult, the most braindead auto-win button in the game, which even hits you if you are clearly behind a wall, its hitbox is just insane. To be honest, I think her ult will be somewhat underpowered after this change, but that'S perfectly fine, because the rest of her kit will remain as overpowered and braindead as before. When it comes to Cassie, it won't affect her too much. The use of her ult will just be restricted to revealing enemies, which on its own is already a strong effect. But Cassie at least isn't as stupid as Lian, she can't just deal 2400 damage without aiming at all (Enlightenment doesn't require actual aim due to its ridiculous hitbox).

  • Cassie's Nerf only lowers her survivabilty by a very small margin. She loses her small CC Immunity window.

    Lian's nerf was a long time coming. Her Damage Immunity was unneccessary on an already powerful Ult. Get a Lian to 1 Health.."KNEEL!"..you die she gets 50% Ult(If that's still a thing, I forget) and her Ult charge rate is quick with how much burst she has.

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    @Rauyne I simply don't understand how is it so hard to HR to realize it.

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