skip POTG?

  • Can you skip POTG somehow? If no can we have this? I asmue most people don't want to see it and if you sum it up it actually costs a lot of time.

  • Moderator

    Unfortunately currently, there is no option to skip Top Play.

  • I personally find the Play of the Game entertaining, and it gives me a moment to take a short break and prep for the next match.

    I wonder, if there was an option to skip it, would some players not learn to improve by skipping it? Or would it cause a not needed programming headache?

  • I just would like an option in menu to skip it from happening...
    Skipping it at any point is also sort of viable for player flow...
    I find that potg can create buggs and issues returning to menu...

  • I'd also like to skip POTG, not only cuz it wastes time, but because it's broken sometimes. Sometimes there are literally POTGs where someone is just standing in spawn, or someone didn't get any kills or eliminations.

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