Champion overview: Fernando

  • His new shield buff rised him back into the viable category. He is realy balanced. His talents and card as well.

    Aegis has an internal cooldown what I don't understand why is there... But it's endless shield bonus makes him boring. I suggest to remove it and add an ulti buff: Immortal lasts for 1 more second.

    My only problem with him is that his Charge is a joke. Real life charges were able to slay multply enemies, breake lines and shieldwalls. It was the strongest attack in the middle ages. And in Paladins it deals 200 (!!!) damages. I suggest to buff its damage to 700, it's range from 45 to 60 unites but for compensate increase its colldown too from 10s to 14s.

    He has no Op card and has two what are a little bit weak, but still not terrible. Pyre increases his ammo capacity by 10, while Looks That Kill gives double ammo for each Fire Ball. He can shot Fire Balls much more often than he consumes his ammo capacity, so I suggest to buff this card's bonus from 10 to 30.
    Dire Need gives him 5% speed while useing Shield. For the comparison Vivien's speed card gives her 6% speed bonus all the time (not just when she uses her shield). So I suggest to double the bonus of this card.

  • I don't like sharing the the idea of a "main", but feel that I must. Fernando is my main. He is the character that I have levelled up the fastest and the most. And I state this, I am great playing as Fernando and better than most.

    Now, problems arise when other members of a team forget to, or choose not to, work as a comprehensive team. No character is meant to be stronger than all of the others, and this is true with my main. Each character has to rely on the other members of the team in order to survive and win any match.

    I've withnessed many a Fernando running around playing as a Damage or Flank and pretty much staying away from the objectives (capture point, payload and goal). Pretty much not doing their job in protecting the objectives and their teammates.

    Fernando does not need to be touched by development. What he needs are teammates willing to back himself up, and each other up.

  • @Conrad_Max Do you use those mentioned cards which I suggested to buff? If not, why?
    Do you like shielding more than 8s? If not, why?

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    @KicsitCsicska Before you go throwing more damage and range on the charge, the knockback card (Unstoppable Force) needs to be taken into consideration.

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    Aegis change (really a huge nerf to what already is his worst talent): that talent would be utterly worthless... Most people that play Nando would likely cancel the ult by then. Even if they didn't, it just makes them wait one more second to kill you when you're ulting. And that's all it does...

    Charge change (really a buff to burst meta, but a nerf to Nando's sustain)- Oh f*** no. Fernando definitely does not need more burst. That's one of his best traits as is. Then to further reduce the uptime of his mobility...

    Pyre buff- Yeah the card sucks... but not that much. Literally tripling its bonus is just no.

    Dire Need buff- This sounds like a pretty decent idea though.

    I think he does need buffs in his current state most definitely. He's not bad per say, he's just not all that great even after the shield changes. I thought he would be better after PTS, but I've got to say it doesn't feel TOO much different. He's okay, but he lacks a little sustained damage, he kind of lacks consistent mobility, and his talents are all pretty mediocre at best.

  • @Dusklicious Maybe nerf Looks That Kill from 20 to 15 and buff Pyre slightlier: from 10 to 20 would solve the problem 🙂
    Charge should be a dangerous skill in the game, not just a short run. I'm still sure about it.

  • How is having a reduced CD and infinite Shield not worth it, when you can pocket building, corridor & fights with more up time, need less time needed in immortal to bide time to regain shield
    Thanks to the Shield CD rework, Fernando only needs 1 elimination for a sizable chunk of his shield to reset instead of its former 2 elims to reset.
    This has given Fernando a heap of staying power, diving power, and a load of aggression potential with allies.

    I had an issue with the former shield CD as it was too long to be profitable, often saying it needed CC immunity for it to be viable.
    However with the recent CD change, offencive use of shield is more viable the ever.

    Formidible is Trash... do not bother defending it...
    By design it is too inconsistant self sustain and forces a HP management style of play which I have never been able to work with, I prefer last stand and constant shield up time with heat transfer to stop people from trying to destroy the shield by pocketing an ally with firepower.

    You cannot really talk about Fernando needing more ammo through cards.
    He really has enough with his ammo regen... I barely feel like Fern lacks any firepower other than dps, which is kind of fine considering its foe piercing and burning features...

    Looks that Kill is needed on a small level at best anyway...
    The second fernando is out of fuel, waiting 0.5s and timing with activating fireball will start the recharge, hitting with fireball will restore a chunk, bam fireball reload, another 3s of sustained lance fire... combine with incinerate for infinite ammo...
    Or you can just shield for a bit... drop shield, kill target, reset shield for a reload...

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    @AYYDIMITRI said in Champion overview: Fernando:

    Formidible is Trash... do not bother defending it...

    Frankly all of his talents are trash right now. Formidable IMO is the best one of the bunch and with how counterable it is that says a lot. His biggest issues are not in his base kit or even his cards, but his talents suck. If those got buffed (ESPECIALLY Aegis, that is legit the worst talent in the entire game, even over some other really bad talents...), he might just need a little buff to his damage and he'll be pretty much good.

  • Aegis is only as counterable as your ability to use, abuse and maintain your shield HP....
    Due to the existance of heat transfer giving you a shield you can move out of harms when under pressure and continue to gain last stand healing for as long as possible while being a hard to kill target makes Fern a big distraction factor...
    Fern has way more agility then your common tank due to this...
    Wrecker only makes Fernando faster with heat transfer...
    And the shield lasing forever means it has to be broken when defending an ally...
    Which means you can reliably use and abuse heat transfer for mobility....
    Making Aegis a talent that allows Fern to advance multiple times without having limitations on duration...
    Making it a mobility talent to Dimitri... not a shielding talent....
    Lasting forever allows his shield out trade the duration of other shields... which is handy in areas with limited wrecker... even more important now it only lasts 8s...

    Scorch was only viable for a time as it allowed fern reliably do massive damage to allow for eliminations to reset everything he had on Cooldown.. hot pursuit was viable as fern had such a big boost off of it thanks to its consistant application and uptime combined with incinerate... now it is jank garbage...
    With such a low shield cooldown now, ferns scorch build is very different nowdays....
    I think scorch needs another barrier tank shield to truly dominate with the sustain that it can bring when not under caut pressure.... otherwise he is pretty sideliner...
    Or have personal shields block further cauterise application for duration to allow
    fern to have a reliable decaut window he can attack in with his safe travel shield as well as his shield deactivated with fireball brand sustain attack....
    Fernando could see the return of his fireball %50 cauterise added to Scorch.
    As fireball stuggles to deal reliable ranged suppression as 400ish damage is nothing vs a snipers liferip considering fireball is an avoidable object.

    Formidable is odd as you cannot build around it ideally....
    It gives Fern some self sustain... but fern has heaps of self sustain if utilized properly... and only ever needs to be topped up.
    I would rather see Fernando have some form of Ult Talent with a method of assisting Fernando's survivability to not draw upon healing resources of supports as hard in order to support aggessive fernando play.
    Fern could have an ult talent that could continously restore his hp if left uncauterised...
    More individual safety using ult, would allow more hostile aggressive plays from Fern while limiting his aegis shield push healing potential, and limiting his stack punishing from scorch. This way trying to pump fireball into many targets to farm ult will allow more playmaking power out of the ult.
    I FEEL THIS WOULD BE THE MORE DEATHBALL STYLE OF FERNANDO when combined with an incresed ult charge rate mechanic or something.

    His "gain healing from allies card..." I detest these cards as it enforces juggernaught heal dump support tactics without really helping the champion in his own kit other than an ult that already foces alot out of allies enough.
    Fern is a character that could potentially gain something much better in place of this... but it is there because supports like jenos exist with fairly weak heal per sec outputs that force fernando into taking it or big heal supports like furia, pip, grohk that make a pretty strong pocket tag team.. personally Last Stand does more for me, but it has its value for overall consistancy.... personally I do not think cards should be skewed to invest in the potential of allies.

    I'd Rather have a personal shield when Fernando gets low on hp with a CD attached to it... getting another shield with safe travel and all the charge resets you can get with your shield heat transfer and elims but with a fallback shield to give you a bit more time to bide for one of yout abilities.... that would make a very strong personal shield dive champ against champions without wrecker.

  • I really dislike the direction they took Fernando. He might be balanced or whatever (I still think he's trash though) but sure as hell he is not even remotely fun with that shield holding bot playstyle.

    What I want is his old Hot Pursuit back, a.k.a remove the timer but make it 2s long, the speed can even stay at {8|8}% instead of {10|10}% like it used too. He would still be worse than old Flanknando with reduced damage and lack of free anti-heals, so I am confused as to why they don't want to revert it at least partially.

    It's been like a year if not longer and I am still confused about those nerfs. Old Fernando was picked because he was the only tank that had access to free, permament 75% Cauterize in his loadout. Why in the world they just didn't see how he would perform after they removed it and then decided whether nerf is needed or not.

    But naaaah let's nerf his damage by significant amount, remove his only fun to use card in his loadout, and remove anti healing card. I am sure they nerfed something else, too. The poetic irony is that Fernando was never considered to be a balance issue for 99% of the players, and yet they managed to give him those absurdly huge sledgehammer nerfs that noone asked for, and that killed the fluidity and fun out of his kit.

    Meanwhile at the same time Cassie was most commonly requested character to receive nerf to her burst, and when people asked if she couldn't chain her abilities together, they refused to nerf her in any significant way because "It would ruin the fun and feel of the character". After what happened to Nando I realized they were just favourizing her, and it's just beyond stupid.

    I literally stopped playing nando after the Hot Pursuit Change. He literally went from my "The Only Tank I Play" to "The Only Tank I Don't Play". He literally has 0% pickrate for me this comp season. He just feels garbage without this card, and the only way to make me even remotely interested in playing him again is bringing. it. back.

  • Exactly. Compared to a Khan the new Nando is simply no fun and also a one-trick-pony. Boring.

  • I think I might have used a bad loadout. I experimented a bit and with a new loadout, based on Charge for mobility instead of fireballs, he works better as aggressive tank, and also the use of Chronos which I usually haven't used with Nando.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0

    Usually I run heat transfer and different values of charge distance depending on the map... heat transfer was a bit nerfed after the shield revalue...
    Then fearless leader, for aggression.
    Chronos for faster resets.

    And the rest is depending on the talent.
    These three cards combo really well as a general self reset tactic off team play.
    You can get a couple of dashes off of heat transfer if you use it right. This allows you to feed off one fight to completely support another in an instant.
    This power of pressure and mix up positioning tactics is why fern has an impact in just showing up to the enemy if they did not expect him to be in the way of a crutial fight.

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