Champion overview: Torvald

  • Here we go. It will be the longest post, cuz Torvald has some OP cards and tons of useless ones. But lets start with the talents, as always.

    Study Field's bonus have been halved. The should have marginal, polishing balance changes after years of testing. If the balance changing will keep going on this drastical way and overbalance things, it won't be balanced ever. Jenos has the same dmg bonus but for ~3 teammates at the same time. Torvald gives it for 3s every ~5 seconds. He Torvald's talent gives the same bonus for 0.6 mates, while jenos give for 3 mates. I'm not saying that Luminary isn't OP, but not as much. Maybe 20% dmg buff on this talent would be OK.
    But Direct Current is way worse. Mostly because of Resillance what I will suggest to nerf... But its problem is that resillance can reduce the only bonus of the talent. I suggest to remove the dmg over duration and rework the talent: Direct current: Nullify no longer effected by CC reduction (because it is direct) and remove Torvald's self slow while chanelling Nullify.

    His skill kit is only concentrated to shielding allies. I think it should be much more balanced. Protection deserves a nerf, others deserve buffs:
    Protection: Increase the cooldown time from 8s to 12s.
    Nullify: Reduce the cooldown time form 12s to 10s and increase the damage from 800 to 1200.
    Recharge: Increase the generation from 2150/s to 2400/s, increase the duration from 1s to 1.5s and give back its old shield absorbing: It also consumes 2400 shield per sec from the closest shield in 40 units area.
    Add CC immunity to Hyper Beam, because it's easy to counter.
    So all of his skills will be strong and useful, not just his shield supporter one. The card will be so many, so I will use more line spacing.


    The card Timeshaper is too important for Torvald. Until it exists, he can be specialized to being shield-slave. It can be effective, but it is boring as I and many other players wrote already. So I suggest to add an other bonus (and name) for it:
    Savior: Protection grants {6|6}% increased healing to its target for 2s or until the shield exists.
    // It is the main nerf I suggest to him. Timeshaper is very boring, OP, everybody uses it, this card makes him shield save. I add tons of buffs too, for makes him every other styles strong enaugh.

    Winddancer is his other must-pick card. 50% speed bonus the a champion in the best time (while he/she is defended) is OP. I think its bonus would be still good as: Protection grants {8|8}% Movement Speed to its target for 2s or until the shield exists.

    Scribe's Wit: It can reduce the cd of Nullify. It would become OP, because of the basic 2s reducing I've alreday suggested, 12-2-5=5s cd on Nullify is something crazy. Take consider that Nullify also got buffed. I suggest to halve it bonus to {0.5|0.5}s.

    Vital Grasp could give him some more shielding {150|150} just while Recharge is active (1.5s), because its low max shield. (It can be countered just by don't attack Torvald in that 1s...) It is literally nothing, this card should be reworked!
    Vital Grasp: Increase the max shield of Recharge by {300|300}.

    This new duration bonus could save Eldritch Speed too, because it is totaly useless compared by Vivien's 6% speed card... It still needs a low buff, because Torvald doesn't need that speed so much while he is literally unkillable for those couple seconds: increase the speed bonus from {8|8}% to {15|15}%.

    Rune Torrent is balanced, but his other ammo based cards are much worse: Induction and Glyph of the Fist.
    I suggest to triple Glyph of the Fist's bonus for make it a realy concurent of Rune Torrent. For comparison Inara's ammo is 3 times better and she has 3 times less ammo. Her magaizne extender card gives {1|1} ammo. Torvald definitly needs {3|3} for the same efficiency.
    He has already got an ammo generator and magazine buffer card. He lost the aim while he is Recharging, it's good time for reloading. I think he doesn't need a card what generates ammo after Recharge. But I've got a thousand times better idea how to rework Induction by add a realy special and awesome bonus for it! Induction: Touching an enemy while chanelling Recharge roots it for {0.4|0.4}s.
    It could be a nice zoning ability, what frontliners need.

    His selfheal (and shield) bonus cards are realy bad: a frontliner deserves more heal and shield than other champions because its easier to hit him. Buff the heal bonus card's bonus from {50|50} to {100|100} and the shield bonus cards' bonus from {100|100} to {200|200}.
    His Infusion card heals him when activating Nullify. It happens when he faced an enemy and he is certainly affected by Cauterize this time. Get healed when activating Protection can be useful, because he can do it out of the combat. But this bonus can't be effective combinated by Nullify. I would like to rework it similarly as Io's last buff:
    Infusion: Nullify will no longer break on immediate loss of sight or get out of range, but instead has {0.2|0.2}s window before the link breaks.

    Glyph of Siphoning: It gives you some shields when getting eliminations. We get why less often elims than activating Protection, so this card needs higher bonus than Hearthwarder. Even with the new, - support like - elimination geting system. Don't forget about if you pick Tovald, enemies will buy many wrecker, so the shield bonus cards have to have a higher bonus than average. I suggest to increase its shield bonus from {100|100} to {250|250}.

    {150|150} health for frontliners is so basic. Torvald isn't even a real frontliner, he has got the lowest HP among them, and he works like a support and an anti flanker. I would like to add a new kind of bonus for this card, what effect with him specialities: channeling skills.
    Glyph of Health: You regenerates {60|60} health per second while channeling a skill (Nullify, Recharge or Hyper Beam).

  • @KicsitCsicska said in Champion overview: Torvald:

    Induction: Your first shot after Recharge deals {70|70} more damage.
    Injection: Nullify deals {50|50} more damage.

    The first rule about loadout cards: They never increase damage dealt by an ability or even allow it to deal damage, and will never do, ever. Damage Increase/Addition is only a talents' job ever.

  • @KOHCTPYKTOP I noticed this unwritten rule, but I don't agree with it. Why couldn't we extend the type of card bonuses until we don't make them OP? Don't buffing dmg is just a useless restriction.
    But OK, I reworked them 🙂 I think the new bonuses are even better 😋

  • I prefered the old 2 seconds protection when it was a nice bonus but not a play-style.

  • I like your idea for nullify. It could make Torvald a huge monster against Maeve and Evie. Really, I like Torvald for that reason. He's the best counter for wormhole Evie. This could make him an even harder counter for her. hehehe

    I also agree with you about the basis of his kit. It seems like Torvald loves his team more than he loves himself when you go by his kit. He shields his allies more than he shields himself, and most Torvald players put more cards into helping their team than helping themselves. He should have more cards for his own self sustain, or better than the ones he currently has. I love that you focused on that aspect especially, since more sustain for himself equals more sustain for the team. It's like with soul collector Seris vs mortal reach Seris. Soul collector keeps me alive longer if I build stacks, which makes me able to be alive longer, which makes me able to heal my team more. Same with Torvald and Frontlines in general.

    Really though, his base kit needs a rework. Sure the cards would help, but that would be the problem of Barik where they're too dependent on their cards. Also, the other thread mentions the devs wanting Torvald to be an off tank, and I just don't see. The nature of how he's played currently seems like he could easily be buffed to be a point tank. Maybe they'll change him a lot for his rework, but I just don't see it. Also, I'm lowkey tired of off tanks. We only have 2 main tanks, Barik and Inara, and then we have Ash and Terminus that can be either/or. Petition for more point tanks! Please Hi-Rez, make Torvald a point tank.

  • Torv is too much of a clutch pocket strategy, that is something we all agree.
    Torvald has a range of problems that are hard to sumerize as a whole.

    Torvalds whole personal barrier bot ordeal is somewhat debatable...
    In essence, torvald a personal barrier tank,
    I am currently happy with the performace of the ally shielding, having a potential 3-5s personal shield on a potential 5s CD is pretty solid reactive damage mitigation for the team. Its current power as a talent forces the enemy to have a strategy in dealing with barriers...
    Personally I am not the biggest fan of damage amp shield being used as its values were overtoned in combination with other damage amps...
    But this is all he has got...

    The rest of his kit is out matched by other characters just walking up to him and throwing him around when his nullify is down...
    His personal durability is pretty average considering his lack of mobility.
    He is weak to many abilities with nothing to do anything about it.
    He has no CC immunity during ult or recharge... he cannot stop himself from being a free pick once exposed.

    You can begin to see why torv considered a shoddy barrier support instead of a tank, when his shield application on an ally is stronger and more consistant then the matainance of his own.

    Torvalds recharge is the weakest element of his kit right now...Your barrier can be dropped in 1 attack, while your only base option to regenerate it is backed by a 13-15s CD... and after recharge was gutted the way it was, being a 2.1k -2.6K shield HP restore that caps at 1.8k that only lasts a sec... its not a great ability as a survival tool vs heavy wrecker and fails to make up for the lack of mobility and only seves to restore the half of your HP total while under pressure.... it used to be great at semi damage denial for a duration, sure it was counterable with hard CC, but now it just feels too easy to deny torvalds shield in general.

    Your most reactive way restore the shield otherwise is to protect allies with barrier...
    Enforcing the pocket strat for maximum durability with your own barrier...

    What would really help Torvald?
    Some mechanics to improve the consistancy and strength of good shield matainence.
    And give Torvald more standing power based dynamic changes to the game.

    Without really thinking about cards Dynamics such as...

    • Torvald peronal Shield Regenerates out of combat.
    • Personal shields deny further cauterise application until depleted.
    • Torvald's personal shield could be overcharged, but should deplete slowly until reaching its normal max threshold.

    Small things like these would have a serious impact on torvald's overal tank strength.
    Aside from staying power, his Control is fairly counterable unless Tovald or his enemy is willing to over expose themselves... Torvald needs more windows where he can expose himself, gaining the endurance to dive a target and tank damage when he needs to.

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