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  • There are 16 items in the game. Some of them are often used, some of them are much rarelier. I think if the balance would be better than the popularity of the items would be more equal.

    Resillance isn't very often, but when some pick a CC talent it will be as used as Cauterize, and the CC talent owner will suck. All kind of CC talents suck, has bad pick and winrate just because Resillances cheap price and high scaling combo. Some players say, that the CC talent worth to pick, just because it makes the enemies waste some credits in the item shop. It is false, because forgive one item in the shop is totaly worth to make an enemy talent useless. 90% reduction means that we can buff that talent as much as we wanna, it will be useless against lvl3 Resillance. The solution isn't that buff all of the CC in the game, because they will be even more dangerous and there will be even more Resillance (Vicious circle). Anyway it happned with heal talents-cauterize combo... So the solution is nerf Resillance a little bit. I suggest to nerf it's scaling from 30% to 25%.

    Cauterize is the main problem here. We all need it, or we won't able to kill the enemies. It is like a high dmg boost. I explain why: If you deal 1000dmg/sec and the enemy gain 1000heal/sec you won't be able to kill it. If you use cauterize I, you will able to kill in 3.33sec. If you use Cauterize III, you will able to kill in 1.11sec. The difference is huge. Heal oriented supporters can outheal literally any non-ultimate damage in the game. Heals are realy strong in the game (I think heal buffer talents makes it too strong. These are meta even against this strong cauterize). So cauterize is too effective, this is why I suggest to nerf it. i know, that it could make the heal based talent even stronger, so I will suggest to nerf them too in the supporter section. All in all my Cauterize nerf suggestion isn't that radical, the same nerf as Resillance's: nerf it's scaling from 30% to 25%.

    Rejuvenate is the only viable heal item, what can be cauted, so it's clearly the best heal item. It should be nerfed, but I think the nerf on Cauterize will make the concurent heal items better and the heal based talents' nerfs will cause less heals in the game. Rejuvenate's force is based on the ally heals, so if there will be less ally heals than this item will be less powerful, so it won't need nerf anymore.

    The handycap of Life Rip against Kill to Heal is that the later can heal you when you are already out of combat and caut effect, but you have to shoot enemies for the bonus of the Life Rip, so you might be will be cauted. This is why this item is realy weak, most used in teams without healer. I suggest to give the opportunity to make it a little bit stronger, if you spend your credits to upgrade it: Increase its price from 200 to 250 and its scaling from 10% to 15%.

    Veteran is a joke. Literally a never used item. Ppl above gold rank all know it. It needs a serious buff. I think if its scaling was 6% instead of 4% it would be fine.

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    @Nero-di-seppia I agree with you. Still, I think that there is room for a slightly nerf on Resilience.

  • @MegaEdu13 is it really THAT useful you need a nerf, if you're a person struggling say pip severely slowing you down just 1 layer of this won't help much, i still feel the affects of the slow, so why nerf it?

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