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    @TheDeltaKingGod said in Buff the Ruckus:

    What we know about Ruckus is because is A Dead Champion, can't stand a chance for a defense tank, and not even a offensive tank, and his dps is really bad, and here, I have some ideas for make him good again.

    •Increase his damage.
    40>45(Remove distance damage fall).

    •Increase base HP.
    (I think 4200 is a good base HP, 4500 is the first base HP for him, and then, remove 500 of him, like, why ?)

    •Increase Ammunition.
    (Raum will have 500 ammunition, why Ruckus can't have half of it ?)

    •Descrease cooldown for the Shield.
    (He take so much time for get the shield to use again, and then, reduce the shield reduction card to 0.75s)

    •Increase duration for the Shield.
    (He has the lowest shield time for a Tank)

    •Increase Ult damage reduction.
    (He become a Rock when he use is Ult, so, anyone will shot him).

    I think, all of this will make him be a good character again.
    (I am a brasilian, sorry for my english of his bad).

    Damage increase- No. His damage is actually OK, and in fact he has the highest DPS in the frontline class (counting Raum). The issue is more his durability. It doesn't give him enough of a window to deal that damage.

    Increasing his base HP won't really do much for him, I don't think. Although it is helpful, I don't think that's his real issue and 200 is... not really much of anything especially with his size (it's easier to hit him than every other champion in the game aside from Terminus and also now Raum).

    Increasing max ammo will do next to nothing also. Most of the time playing Ruckus (the times I do), I notice I rarely ever use the full mag. But that's fine I suppose. After all, it's not like you'll be using your entire mag playing Raum either.

    Shield CDR is something he does really need, especially if his shield will stay small, which it shouldn't. It's legit the worst shield in the game.

    Shield duration will do literally nothing. His shield gets shredded sometimes even before the 3 second mark. I would say increase it to 4 maybe, but also increase the shield's capacity.

    Ult DR change is a good idea. His ult is frankly terrible at this point. It's not the worst in the game, but it's definitely up there. Although 45% seems a bit high, I could be down with 30-35%.

  • @TheDeltaKingGod He has tons of ammo, short reload speed compared by his firing time and many ammo cards as well. If you need more ammo use them. Increase his magizine isn't needed. Non of you suggestion helped to solve his talent unbalance. 8s cd shield would make the shield cd reduce card even stronger, it would become OP. Reduce the cd to 3s. So why would you need longer duration to the shield?? If it has 3s cd. The shield duration buffer card still viable on low level, longer base duration would make this card useless. His ultimate is strong if you use it with high health bar.

    I think you have no clue to balance, just suggested to buff all of the parts of his kit. It would make him even more unbalanced, as I described why. You would make a card why too op, make an other card useless and didnt even suggested to buff his weak cards. You just want to make him stronger without any consideration to balance his inbuild kit.

    You didn't even add reasons for the certain buff suggestions... It's not a balance suggestion. It is 'buff ma hero plssss' post with random numbers.

  • @KicsitCsicska
    What about this changes:
    Emitter now acts like a direct health increase(similar to Makoa's Ancient rage or Raum's armor) instead of a shield.
    This should make Ruckus a bit more durable, since Wrecker won't affect Emitter anymore. Also Flux generator should become more useful, since this 1250 instant self-healing is a big deal.
    As for Hexafire, it should give you better protection, really. 10% is nothing, since Ruckus definitely takes all the focus on him when Hexafiring. 30% might be enough.

    Ps. About his other talents, IDK, really.
    Rocket barrage might have less delay between rockets (1s -> 0.5s), so you will have more poke damage and give enemy less time to escape.
    Aerial assault should have bigger upward thrust (about +50%), cuz now it's just a bit higher, than jump. Also, since it's a mobility talent, it might have 4th charge, but I'm not sure.

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker Good idea, but unfortunatly Raum already uses the same mechanic 😉
    3 charges are still too much... Rockets are also too stronger with Rocket Barrage than with the other talents. Make a talent what makes a skill way better causes the cards based on that skill will be only used with that talent, but that talent will require those cards too much. E.g. in the case of dmg Ghrok...
    I created a thread about how to fix it and his other cards' balance problems some days ago 🙂

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