Moonstone,Jodan's Best Friend

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    Stats and Information
    Title:The Jodan's Best Friend
    Movement speed:260 units per second
    Form:Up-Right Deer

    Lighten up!(Alternate Fire): Moonstone does something entertaining for a duration of 3-5 which,heals for 600-1000 for any ally within 35 units of Moonstone.has a cooldown of 6 seconds

    Connect 4:(Primary Fire) Moonstone does a fool's dance,dealing 400 damage every 0.24,does not need to reload but relays on your relationship resource.if their is no more fragments left,you start using anything you can find! disrupting your damage from 4% increase-a 8%loss-90% increase-a 4% loss

    Relationship:(Passive):Every time Moonstone heals an ally or herself, moonstone gains 20 relationship fragment,this has a full capacity of 240 . Every 4 Relationship fragment increases your healing output by 2% and increases durations of abilities by 2%

    Extreme Tag!:(First ability)grab your ability Icon for this specific ability and throw it directly in front of you stunning any enemy hit by the icon the stun lasts 1-3 seconds .Has a cooldown of 12 seconds

    Trickster's move:(second ability)shape shift to a random supportive champion for 5-7 seconds.has a cooldown of 20 seconds

    Friendship hug:(Ultimate)Hug an ally for 2 seconds and let them go,officially emotionally tying each other,giving each other a 40% damage increase,3% shorter cooldown and 4% movement speed whenever you are within 85 units each other, when ever either of the two die they get resurrected with 60% of their maximium heath.the range of the hug is 85 units in a cone,infront of Moonstone
    (she says this when she activates her ultimate)(Left=Allies Right=Enemy)
    Let's Play,Together!!/🦌🤗\Jokes on Us!!


    Childish Entertainment:You now passively generate your relationship at a rate of 4% every second,your relationship resource is increased by 40% (default talent)

    Poker: lighten up! now cleanses cauterize and applies rejuvenate 1 for 2 seconds before healing (level 2 talent)

    Infection!:targets of your ultimate can now spread your ultimate if any other allies stays within 30 units for 1 minute and gain an additional buff of 30% damage reduction(level 10 talent)

  • @Medic-Dame
    Is this some kind of a joke character (age of 90000...0)? Cuz I see major imbalance in his kit.
    First of all, 2000 shield instead of health, which cannot be refilled, is just plain stupid. Wrecker exists and it will end this champion for good.
    Cringe looks like overpowered Ying's mirror, since it deals twice as much damage and seemingly has no reload.
    Joke laugher has way too big radius. 85ft is bigger, than Skye's ultimate explosion. Also, does it have CD?
    Playful gun seems pretty useless, since it needs too many resources to have an impact.
    Friendship hug is strange and seems OP. Any resurrection gives you huge advantage.
    Ultimate is just Strix's Flashbang, but longer and with additional invisibility plus stun effects.

    This champ is a mess, but if it was a joke, ok.

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    Thank you for your comment I
    will try my best to fix this concept

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    Also yes,this is a joke concept.

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    Just Asking Is this Better? I Am thinking Of fixing it a little more and making a LORE

  • @Medic-Dame
    Umm, hardly
    220 health makes you literally one-shot for any flank.
    Maybe you just misprinred it for 2200 health, but this doesn't help either. You are still pretty darn useless until you reach your allies, since you have no fragments to attack.
    Entertainment seems to have no CD for pretty decent heal, that has no resource (like Io has). This can be abused to build your fragments at once. Your primary has 2000 dps, a bit too much, don't you think?
    Ultimate is still a bit odd. It's alright to protect yourself from random death, but if your ally dies first, you're as good as dead too. Though it might be not, if you you had 2200 health (you wouldn't be one-shoted).

    My balance changes
    Health - 2200
    Cringy tag: a mystic spray, that deals 200 damage every 0.25s on mediocre distance. Every 1000 damage done it generates a relationship fragment, up to 5. Has 20 ammo.

    Entertainment: Heals all your allies within 35ft for 500 health. If you have a fragment, it will be used to increase healing to 1000. Has 6s CD.

    Extreme tag: grabs your ability icon and throw into an enemy to stun them for 1s. Uses a fragment to deal 600 damage. You cannot generate fragments on stunned enemies. Has 12s CD.

    Hide and seek: becomes invisible and springs in the air. Gain air control until landed. Invisibility lasts for 3s. Uses a fragment to reduce fall speed by 50% and double the invisibility duration. Has 14s CD.

    Friendship hug is ok, but you can't generate ultimate charge, while it's active.

  • @Medic-Dame Also, add talents please.

    My talents for Moonstone
    Hilarious - Entertainment uses second fragment to increase heal to 2000.
    Tag cloud - Extreme tag uses second fragment to increase it's duration to 1.5s and affect all enemies in 30ft around.
    You're IT - Hide and seek uses second fragment to emit a 450 damage 30ft explosion upon resurfacing. Enemies caught in explosion take 25% more damage from all sources for next 4s.

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    sorry i meant to put to 2200 sorry
    And Thank You I wouldn't copy your Suggestion but make it a base THANKS!

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    Is this Better or does it need more changes
    because I want to add personality(Lore,voice Pack,Interactions and code pictures of how Moonstone looks)

  • @Fuyu-No-Kitsune
    Well, first of all it's better to change move speed numbers to standard ms units. All champions moves with base speed of 355 - 405. Numbers for supports are about 365.

    3000 health is too much. Most of sups has 2200 health and it's ok.

    LMB is still has a problem. What if you are flanked before you generate yourself some fragments? You can run away, but nothing more. IMO your primary fire should be available without any other obstacle, rather than clip size.

    Fragments increase stun duration for Extreme tag, but you didn't mentioned maximum duration. 2s is pretty big amount of time. Increasing it might be too harsh.

    Talents are bad. Cleaning caut is either op, if it applies before healing, or useless if it applies after. How do extra fragments affect your abilities? Almost doubling bonus duration of them might be too op. Last one is just awkward. First of all, it completely changes your ultimate. That might confuse new players and make it hard to go with or against this champ. Secondly stats for this talent is just awful: you add straight extra damage, not percentage. That means, that Koga would have 125% extra damage, while Strix would have only 6%. The same with move speed bonuses. That brings even more disorder to this talent. You can change it this way, for example: target of your ultimate receives 15% move speed and damage boost.

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