Champion overview: Imani

  • I think her kit is balanced already, I just don't agree with the talents what buff one weapon over the other and incites you to use only that one and make your style less varied. So I suggest to remove those talent and replace them with new ones.

    Pyromania: You gain 25% damage reduction while using Inferno Cannon.

    Master of Elements: The full mana ice attacks also slows enemies 20% for 2s, and full mana Fireballs explodes.

  • (Fire) Imani just needs no midair inaccuracy because 2 of her abilities make her go into air state, as well as she needs all of her bugs fixed.

    That, and Pyromania needs to either be buffed or reworked.

  • @TTraw I incites her to use one stance instead of both.

  • This character is just cheap and cheesy in a team fight... fairly meh in a 1v1.

    This feature is too unreliable for burst, and the dynamic it brings to imani feels jank.
    I understand it working like a combo... but the combos are shit the way they are designed.

    With mana as jank as it is, why would people opt to take the legendary for it at all?

    Fire attacks need to be Aoe in base kit.
    It makes no sense that is is just an alternate single target sha lin bow attack, when you already have a cassie single target damage...
    Adding a bit of area damage would make imani a good snipe blaster at long range.
    Although it may need to be toned down to 800 blast damage as hitting may foes would hurt too much at 1k.

    Her pyromania talent adds jank a level of Aoe that is unreliable, and feels very bad to die by as it is not visable to the enemy, and its blast radius is not visable at all.....
    Getting insta spammed for 1k aoe from a distance and watching imani just shoot around a corner without knowing you are there just to get a free big damage feels super cheap....

  • There is literally no reason what so ever to play this character because Cassie is just a better version of it. People know nowadays how to deal with her and her ult.

  • @KicsitCsicska Ever since the inferno cannon buff, stance switching build is as viable as pure 1 stancer. Heck, it might be better than Pure Fire/Ice Imani but I don't play it because I dislike how Ice stance plays.

    Imani might not be top tier but I think you guys trash her a little bit too much. Fire stance has 2k damage burst, Ice stance deals a lot of poke damage, and stance switcher is a CC feast.

  • @TTraw It's not about how powereful or trash is she or what do you find to be fun. Playing the meta forces you to use one stance instead of the other. This is what shouldn't happen.

  • @KicsitCsicska okay then, then which one is meta? Because I constantly see both stances played.

  • @TTraw Which is buffed by the talent...

  • @KicsitCsicska, I agree with you here. Imani is so close to be a fully functional champion and all that stands in her way is her talents.

    Your Pyromania suggestion is a step up to what it is now; however I think that giving Inferno Cannon DR isn't a good idea, as it allows her to use it with even more reckless abandon. The ability already does ~3k damage over 3s, and the latest buff to the ability gave it the leeway it needed.

    Master of Elements is an awesome concept, it makes Mana more useful than it is right now AND it gives incentive to switch stances for different, but equally useful effects. It also doesn't give more free damage, which is always a win in my book.

    Something I don't understand though, why does her stance switch have CD, and such a high one at that. Why being able to switch stance freely a bad thing? Most of her abilities have long cast times, and the switching animation itself is already quite long. The only reason for this to exist, that I can think of, is because there's a card that allows her to gain health when switching stances. Why couldn't the card just have an internal cooldown?

    Anyways, cool of you to provide champion overviews, hope to see you finish the entire list of champions.

  • @SnipesLee said in Champion overview: Imani:

    The ability already does ~3k damage over 3s, and the latest buff to the ability gave it the leeway it needed.

    You do realize that's actually super low? Her right click is a mediocre ability at best.
    Like, comparing it to Tyra's Primary:

    • It has 100 less DPS (and that is without taking Hunter's Mark and Fire Bomb in consideration since they both can be active while Tyra's shooting)
    • It can't spread Caut/Wreck/Bulldozer;
    • It has limited range
    • It doesn't have 15% lifeleech
    • It lets you stay in the air, which can limit your maneuverability and make you move in predictable pattern
    • It slows you down untill you get at least lvl 3 speed card
    • It has activation time
    • It bugs itself 50% of the time and simply refuses to activate
    • Its made of invisible hard to predict wierd projectiles that seem to sometimes just refuse to register the hit.
    • Any kind of knockback makes you fly in random direction completely messing with your aim. Have you ever used Imani RMB against blasters, who have knockback on their LMBs?...

    All of these downsides for:

    • Being able to pierce enemies
    • Having slightly more generous hitbox and no spread
    • Gaining access to attack from unexpected angles due to how it keeps you in the air.
    • Allowing you to combo it with 1000 insta Shot but only if your mana is full (tyra can grenade for 700 so it's not as unique and great as it sounds)

    Which sometimes begs me to question if this ability is really worth 20s CD.

    That being said I completely disagree with suggested Pyromania Rework. Talents are supposed to change the way you play, and I am not confident how 25% is actually supposed to do that. It's so uninspired.

    As I said, Imani is almost fine. Fire stance needs all bugs fixed and removal of midair inaccuracy because she literally has 2 abilities that let her attack in air. Not to mention it would fix that awful bug where you gain midair inaccuracy while on the ground...

    Ice Imani needs her Ice Bolts to be shoot from the centre of the screen so you can actually peek and shoot without guessing. Maybe additional 0.5 s on her right click root would be great too.

    Stance switching is also fine. There's this card that reduces your right click CD by 5 sec everytime you swap - this results in 10s off your right click abilities since you swap twice, and that is just huge. You can also put 1point specific card that reduces their CD even more if you're shooting in other stance, making a very stance-specific RMB spam build. So her playstyle choices through cards are absolutely great.

    Her talents choices are what bother me most. I think both Splitting Ice and Pyromania need some sort of rework. Splitting ice needs it because it literally does nothing to change her playstyle, and Pyromania either needs some big buffs or complete overhaul. Mana Rift is actually not that bad. I love setplay based characters so obviously Mana Rift was go-to for me. If anything, Mana Rift simply needs to generate mana faster while you're in Ice Stance since Ice Stance doesn't really benefit from it as much as fire.

    So what I did is I suggested reworking those talents to affect RMBs and not LMBs, because making them affect LMB forces you to use only 1 stance, and while RMB-based talent can let you play 1 stance, it can also be good with stance switching.

    Something like:

    Splitting Ice: Your Frost Bomb now travels in straight line and acts as weapon attack.

    Pyromania: Inferno Cannon can now take flight vertically and acts as weapon attack.

    With these you could either play them as Pure Ice/Fire Imani, or a Stance Switcher as well.

    As for Mana mechanic as a whole... I personally don't mind it, but I can see why people think it's boring. I had this idea where you press your Reload to activate instashot when reaching full mana but that would be extremely overpowered and require more thoroughly planned balance changes, which is an effort not worth the goal.

  • PC

    Your numbers are wrong.

    Inferno Cannon per doc: 110/0.09s - that's ~1222 per second.

  • @DaddyOoker And Tyra does 1333 without her Mark, so it's 111 DPS more.

  • PC

    @TTraw Yes. I was just pointing out that the ~3k damage over 3s DPS comment is lower than the reality and a little misleading.

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