This Week in the Realm | Oct 14-20

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    Last week things got toasty in the Realm with our reveal of Raum, Rage of the Abyss, and our new Western Battle Pass! Yee-haw!

    We hope you all enjoyed the update show last week.
    If you happened to miss it you can re-watch it here!

    As we move into the month of October we have a lot of fun planned for you leading up to the release of our next update. Here’s what you can expect this week:

    • Trivia Tuesday Returns!
      • Test your knowledge for a chance to win one of 3 codes for a special skin
    • Public Test Servers are live for The Damned Frontier
      • If you have a PC, log-in and try out Raum and our Wild West Battle Pass
    • The Little Box of Horrors chest returns
    • Halloween Weekend-Only Event
      • You won’t want to miss the rewards!
      • Blog with event information to be live Thursday, October 17th
    • Paladins Premier League gets closer to Hi-Rez Expo!

    10AM ET | Trivia Tuesday via Paladins Twitter

    4AM ET | Little Box of Horrors Chest goes live!

    11AM ET | PPL Match // Virtuspro vs. Team Envy - Watch live on Mixer
    1PM ET | PPL Match // Natus Vincere vs. Kanga Esports - Watch live on Mixer
    3PM ET | PPL Match // NiP Gaming vs. - Watch live on Mixer

    1PM ET | PPL Match // Virtuspro vs. Natus Vincere - Watch live on Mixer
    3PM ET | PPL Match // Kanga Esports vs. NiP Gaming - Watch live on Mixer
    Weekend Event:
    Goes live at 4AM ET on Friday and lasts until Sunday!

  • What are the Halloween rewards?

  • Moderator

    @AzrielM They will release information about it on the 17th.

  • Ok then! I'll be sure to wait

    I have my birthday on the 19th anyway

  • Where is the chest of halloween? it's not supposed to be on game today?

  • Moderator

    Halloween chest will be back soon to shop. They have some problems with this Chest (double items). You must be patient amigo!

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