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  • Hey everyone, I recently mained Maeve, I’ve practically mastered the fundamental mechanics and have 8/10 accuracy. And got pretty decent with her, and now I’m looking for some help to improve my gameplay, so what I use as a load out now, is rogue’s gambit, lvl 3 cut and run, lvl 3 predation, lvl 2 shred, lvl 4 street runner and lvl 3 chase, with generally something like kill to heal, nimble, cauterize and haven/rejuvenate and this will vary depending on our team comp and the other team’s comp. If I understand correctly, Maeve is very reliant on always being on the move, and a cut and run play style. I’ve caught myself being grounded a lot (by that I mean not up in the air) and I’ve seen lots of high level gameplay and there always airborne, should I be doing that as well, or leave that until I master Maeve?
    All reply’s are appreciated, wether it’d be to criticize me, give me tips, or blatantly say “git gud m8”.
    PS. Sorry if I ever ghost any of you, I have a busy schedule and will most likely forget my sign in at one point or another...

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  • Rouges gambit definitely is that hardest talent Maeve has to offer. As for always being airborne, those are just clips and don't happen all the time. I would recommend cat burglar first. Or street justice if there are 2 frontlines. The build i use for cat burglar, Walk It Off Lvl 5, Street Runner Lvl 5, Chase Lvl 3, Patch Up Lvl 1, On Edge Lvl 1. I find this build good because it allows healing through prowl, along with duration, which makes it good for getting places to attack or run away while keeping at good hp. For rouges gambit i use, Scamper Lvl 5, Sixth Sense Lvl 5, Street Cred lvl 2, Patch Up lvl 2, Scar Tissue Lvl 1. Allows damage reduction along with speed boost after the pounce. For cat burglar, Play smart, don't pick fights you cant win, have good reaction time, be aware of your surroundings. Don't let people get the jump on you because 80% of the time that could cost your life. Always make sure you have your abilities ready. For rouges gambit. If you pick Rouges Gambit, use pounce as a movement ability or if you know you can kill with with a pounce do it. Don't stop moving and re positioning, this goes for all talents. Once you master rouges gambit, you will be a nightmare to target, and even worse to fight against. Don't be afraid to use Nine Lives to reset the pounce cooldown, it is most likely necessary to keep yourself in the air. Don't engage a group of people with full hp thinking you can fly around like in clips. Be smart and learn when is the best time to strike. Don't double jump to dodge bullets from a distance, as being in the air decreases your movement speed and turning. Jump once to dodge people from medium range and jump twice when in close range. Pick off the low hp targets which will reset the cooldown of pounce, Always target the people with the lowest hp. And remember you dont need to get the kill for the cooldown to reset, just an assist. Try to be a distraction at times, draw fire to you so your front lines/ low hp teammates have time to set up. I wont go on anymore, just keep playing Maeve and you will get her down eventually.

  • The build I find really strong for Maeve (and what Simsiloo, one of the best Maeve players uses) is Street Cred 5, Sixth Sense 5, Chase 3, Walk it Off 1 and one filler card, like Featherlite or On Edge. It's all about being tanky. I've seen some people having Street Cred and Sixth Sense at 4 and Walk It Off at 3, it's personal preference I guess. And Cat Burglar is her meta talent at the moment, at least all the pros use that. Rogue's Gambit may not be bad, but it's much harder to pull off than the other two. The most important thing on Maeve is probably just good aim for her daggers, if you hit them you should be doing well.

  • Thanks a bunch! I love the first load out maeveinator said, the walk it off is much better than I imagined it being, and the load out fits the cat burglar style much better. And I also like the deck schachmaty put in, I like to use it when I’m having an off day when I can’t hit my shots, or when their are more tankier champions on the other team. So when you use cat burglar or street justice, should pounce be used for mobility, or attacking like with rogue’s gambit?

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