Understanding how/where to report.

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    I would like to understand something about spamming, toxicity and false reporting, and maybe harassing.


    • I was Ruckus;
    • Siege Game;
    • A game with only a tank, an off-tank, Ruckus.
    • it seems that for certain players, Ruckus should start the game in the middle straight away and stay there;
    • a player: "report this ***** Ruckus"
    • spamming and cursing goes on from two players primarily;
    • never said I would never step in the middle, and so I did eventually;
    • lots more of spamming;
    • ends with certain player commanding to his colleagues to "report Ruckus" in the end-game lobby.

    I am cold blooded enough to let anyone sink in their own sh*tness. I think I'm getting to old to argue like this, it's just too boring for me. I get too tired...

    The only thing I've allowed me to say was: "if you think Ruckus is a middle tank, we have nothing to talk about".

    I'm from the brazilian server, but I'm sure it happens anywhere, and I think it might be clear on how to proceed about it, so we have a greater community.

    How to proceed on report matters?

    Thank you.

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    There are report buttons the end of match scoreboard for each user. You can also access that after the match ends through Profile>History. Otherwise, you can submit a support ticket at https://hirezstudios.com/support

  • People who do not play your champion or role, tell you how to play your champion...
    People are always quick to blame others for their own issues in game...
    And that supports childish tit for tat bs that ought to stay the fuck out of our team games...

    The current report system can be psudo abused by team reporting the same person every game until they are just unable to play.
    Even if they are not cheating, feeding or anything, people can still report you for just choosing a champion or talent they disfavour.
    Even if the endgame performance stats dictate that you out performed your allies, they still have the option to make your life a misery due to what you wanted to play as...

    At the end of the day it just exists as a thing to try and identify feeders, abusive people, and cheaters.

    But after playing at a gaming cafe with 8 other people.... these people just would report things like, skye with dibilitate, wyrm jets drogoz, anyone who played viktor, jenos, torvald...
    Which would cause more player abuse in my eyes then what it was intended to prevent....

    While I agree that there should be better methods of reporting.
    I would prefer the lowest level of the playerbase to be better at playing the game, as they are one of the main reason for wanting to report a player for feedimg.