Serving House Aico. A Khan Guide

  • House Aico. A house who's Insignia is a FUDGING PHOENIX!

    In this House, you have a person guarding and escorting the scary princess that is Lian. I bring you a guide for Khan.

    Also... This is a Work In Progress. Please know that.


    • Arguably the best solo targeting ult in the game that is effectively better than Drogoz Ult (since it doesn't displace you the way Dragon Punch does)
    • Good amounts of CC
    • HAS HEALING and Invulnerability in the kit. I'm guessing HiRez plans on making House Aico a House with invulnerability in their base kit for Paladins.
    • Good displacement, albeit slightly risky if not used well.
    • Great amounts of DPS
    • Reliable solo shielding.
      *From @TangAce really small head hitbox


    • Relatively low base health. Not Barik or Atlas low, but nevertheless still low at 4000 health
    • Your displacement and CC requires you to misposition yourself.
    • Easily countered by Cauterize and Wrecker (like most tanks of course), albeit you need both to take down a good Khan.
    • Relatively large hitbox, especially considering he has a 4000 base health.
    • Can be immobile if not used properly.
    • Shield only protects yourself, and is prone to blasters.

    With that out of the way, Khan is one of the STRONGEST tanks in the meta, often times being banned, especially after the harsh Torvald Nerf.

    Talent Selection

    Lian's Shield: You don't want to use this talent. Lian is a grown woman who can be invulnerable when she wants to, and she doesn't need her general protecting her anymore. (OH WAIT...) Anyway, this talent is really good on paper, but when you put down the existence of Wrecker as a consideration... This talent is bad... Another reason why it is bad is because Lian's Shield encourages you to hold down RMB but that means you cannot do other stuff other than shield yourself.

    Storm of Bullets: This is Khan's general best talent. Boosts his attacks per second, grants him more ammo, but lowers his base damage. His DPS reaches 961 with this talent, and it is really-really good because you can easily out DPS most tanks with this talent. However... I only use SoB if there are opponents who can fly, to increase my hitscan potential, and/or there are two tanks in the enemy team. But generally though, SoB is good for constant DPS.

    Vortex Grip: What I prefer to use for Khan's talent. I'm not saying this is the best, but I myself prefer this talent as an offtank. Vortex Grip is good because during 1 on 1 situations, landing your Grab is usually a death sentence for anyone lower than 2200 health, and even if they have more, you should have plenty of ammo and health to finish the kill. Now, on a teamfight, Vortex Grip requires better coordination since you would be needing to dive in and displace somebody, hopefully NOT a tank, but even then, a 3 second stun is extremely valuable, even in a teamfight.


    As a general guideline, you must know that I am rating cards based on a scale of A+. A. B and C. A+ is a staple and should be used, A is good for certain playstyles, Whilst B is very rarely usable but good on certain times, and C is reserved for the cards you should never use.

    If you ask me why is there no A-. Know that I'm Asian and A- is like getting an F to our parents... They would rather see a B+ for some reason. I really don't know why.


    Bloodthirst: B (Gain 4/4% Lifesteal)

    The lifesteal in this card is a bit too low to be of good value, but it's not entirely bull, and you can use it as a mini filler for 2 points at certain offtank decks. However note that Bloodthirst is high risk since you can use the card slot for something else that is of better value, like health, ammo, or CDR.

    Excessive Force: A (Increase your Clip Size by 2/2)

    Good ammo, but I would never put more than 2 points on Excessive Force as it is only a really good filler. You put it on ranked 1 on most decks would be enough.

    Lifetaker: A (Eliminations Reduce Your Active Cooldowns by 8%/8%)

    Some of you might be asking, why is Lifetaker not A+? Simply put, Lifetaker doesn't have enough CDR to be off good value, even for Khan. It is perfectly good to overrun people with when played and used properly, however it is not good enough to fit most Khan loadouts. Also, there is also a more reliable way to reduce cooldowns for Khan, through his Grab and Shout cards, as we shall see further below.

    Platemail: A+ (Gain 150/150 Health)

    This is easily Khan's best armor card, as it mends his low base health. If even an Ash or Nando with 4500++ base health uses this card, you should expect a Khan with 4000 base health to use this card, because... DUH!


    Hopeguard: B (While Your Bulwark is up, receive 6%/6% increased healing)

    Hopeguard is a really really good card. But it takes lots of skill and coordination to use half as good as all of Khan's other cards are. When used properly, your Zero Cooldown Bulwark (as long as there is health in it) can be raised purely to increase your healing rate. However, I don't see many people using it because they prefer upgrading other abilities and getting base health. This is a good card nevertheless, and can be used extremely situationally IMO.

    Ready For War: C (Your Bulwark charges 4/4% faster)

    This is bad for the same reason Lian's Shield is bad. Wrecker exists. Pretty simple reason if you ask me. It is rather good on paper, but the value and scaling is just bad. 4% recharge rate isn't exactly worth it in my opinion if you can get DR, Health, and CDR for its place.

    Shield Wall: C (Your Bulwark gains 2/2% health)

    See, Lian's Shield. Also see Ready for War. Bad Value and Scaling to an already bad card.

    Vigorous Defense: B (While your bulwark is up, heal 25/25 Health per second)

    You can use Hopeguard and Vigorous Defense to heal up when out of combat. It is situational but it can be good if used properly. There's just very few people who actually use that ability well enough. This is not a bad card but any means though, just somewhat underrated and used improperly.

    Battle Shout:

    Hold The Line: C (Battle Shout heals yourself for 60/60 more)

    The fact that this only boosts yourself, is countered by cauterize, and has bad scaling and value just ruins this card altogether. . Please... Don't add it to your deck.

    Into The Breach: A+ (Activating Battle Shout grants you 8/16% movement speed)

    This is a nice way to hype up Khan's relatively bad movement speed. It is staple in most decks, and it enables you to heal up and get out of a fight if you have enough points in it. I personally use 3 to 4 points in most of my Storm of Bullets decks because this just gives Khan a lot of things that he is missing. Chase potential, escape, base mobility, and so on.

    Never Surrender: A+ (Battle Shout's CD is decreased by 1/1 second)

    Khan's Battle Shout is arguably one of the best Tank abilities in the game. It just has a long ass cooldown. Never Surrender is a staple because it reduces its really long cooldown, making it possible for Khan to use it more often. Use at least 4 points. Invest in Never Surrender instead of Lifetaker as it is more reliable.

    Open Fire!: A (Activating Battle Shout grants you 4/4 ammo)

    Really good filler because usually people Battle Shout to dodge abilities and give some self healing. Only sometimes, the health you get just goes away because you need to reload. This is a must have at 1 point IMO. The best filler in all of Khan's cards because you already get some value with it even with 1 point.

    Commander's Grab:

    Chokehold: C (Heal yourself for 60/60 when landing commander's grab)

    Cauterize, bad value, and just bad scaling. Enough said.

    Close and Personal: A (Gain 8/8% DR when landing Commander's Grab)

    Essential for Vortex Grip. It enables you to survive the damage that your opponents throw at your face when you lunge and try to displace someone's butt using your Grip. While their squishy takes lotsa damage, you and your high base health plus DR from this card just tanks through their attacks. Use all 5 points when running Vortex Grip.

    Hulking Strength: A (Decrease the CD of Commander's Grab by 0.6/0.6 seconds)

    Also essential for Vortex Grip. It enables you to Grip and grab someone more often, and when used properly, you can also use your grab to get out as well as get in. Use 3-5 points when running Vortex Grip.

    Martial Law: C (Activating Commander's Grab grants you 4/4 ammo)

    Personally, I think if you want an ammo filler, use Open Fire instead of Martial Law You just would get better value through Open Fire instead of Martial Law, because of the timing and way you use both abilities. Hence, this card is at C. I don't mind if you like this though, but in my opinion, Open Fire! is just better.


    Under here are simple tips and descriptions for Khan's abilities.


    Bulwark is Khan's RMB and it's a good shield for 3 reasons.

    • Firstly, it has no CD as long as it has health
    • Infinite duration as long as you have health left
    • It sort of covers Khan's body entirely

    However... It's a bad shield and can be countered because...

    • Wrecker
    • It has a relatively low health
    • It only covers yourself.


    • Use Bulwark to retreat safely at low health
    • Use Bulwark to avoid damage from ultimates that don't go past shields
    • While boxing (in a 1 vs 1) to avoid some abilities and bullets, use Bulwark


    • Hold down RMB during a teamfight when you clearly have health to fight and do damage
    • Use Lian's Shield
    • Use Bulwark when there are ultimates that destroys shields, you can just lower the shield without worrying. Common mistake when Lex uses ult or Skye drops Time Bomb

    Battle Shout:

    IMO. Battle Shout is Khan's best ability, and the best tank ability in the game. Feel free to argue.

    It builds up Ult charge, heals yourself, and also heals allies, while giving a 1.2 second invulnerability and CC immunity which can be valuable. Additionally, it is good and valuable because it augments one of your cards, and grants you crucial movement speed.


    • Use Shout to avoid damage from ultimates or CC, or anything really. It's kind of buggy as you can be CC'ed by BK's Grumpy Bomb for some reason, but other than that, Battle Shout avoids pretty much everything.
    • Use Shout to heal allies as it builds up ultimate charge. DO BE CAREFUL THOUGH, BECAUSE YOU MIGHT NEED IT IN THE FUTURE.
    • Heal up when escaping a chase.
    • Save a single ally that is preferably not a tank while they are at low health. (no problem if they're a tank though, just know your healer's location)
    • Augment your Movement Speed bonus to chase or escape.


    • Use Battle Shout at full health and no one is around, and no high damage ultimates are coming.
    • Use Battle Shout when you can reposition yourself because honestly, you might be able to avoid a cauterize reapply and heal up back for the whole 1000 health.
    • Use when your healer is around, and a fight may be incoming. Check your enemies, are they alive, or dead? It's important really. Battle Shout has a long CD and sometimes, it's worth saving if there are enemies still alive, especially if you don't need ult charge.

    Truthfully, there aren't many ways to screw up Battle Shout, and if you somehow screw it up... Don't play Khan. Tips 2 and 3 are more advanced, and I think it's fine if you don't do that. Just don't skip the Don'ts number 1.

    Commander's Grab

    This is your CC and your movement ability. Crucial for Khan players to use this, otherwise their kit is somewhat incomplete. Because trust me, it is without this.

    It deals 600 damage. Throws someone behind you and leaving them stunned when they are grabbed. But unfortunately, this is the most unforgiving Khan ability, and it's a rather unforgiving movement ability as well. You need to be really careful to use this ability or you'll just end up humiliating yourself and you'll die.


    • Use Grab to stun a LONE ENEMY, or a crucial backline during a teamfight
    • Chase and confirm a kill through your dash, even if you don't land it.
    • Deal 600 damage to an enemy with low health, if they are alone.
    • ESCAPE A TEAMFIGHT OR CHASE This is really often forgotten by Khan players. They often forget that they can get out of fights using their Grab.


    • Use Grab during a teamfight and pick up a tank. (Unless u can throw the tank off the map)
    • Use Grab to deal 600 damage during a teamfight when you can use it to escape. The problem with dealing damage with Grab is that you would kind of have to be a sitting duck, unable to Q or Bulwark up. Unless you have Close and Personal in your deck, this is really stupid to do. Even then, it's better to use it to escape instead of engage.
    • Separate yourself from your team to land your grab. It's better to wait for your team to advance, that way you can do much better than just... kill yourself through that stupid dive.
    • Use Grab when someone still has mobility. Unless you're running Vortex Grip. If you do this, you expend your mobility when the opponent you throw still has theirs... Just... DON'T!

    Khan's Ult. I had a meme in my country that says something like, taking a walk with Khan is a nightmare. Only that it uses the word Jalan-Jalan (Indonesian for walking around) so it goes something like this...

    Jalan-Jalan sama si Khan.

    It's a nightmare. Don't.

    Overpower is a really good ult because you can displace someone, and stun them, making them a sitting duck and leaving them to your team's mercy during its duration. Used properly, you can kill a crucial target before a teamfight. Making it a 4 v 5. You can also blast that target till they hit a wall, often times, the wall is the limit of the map, hence they fall to their deaths.

    But it's really easy to misuse... so...


    • Use Overpower to displace any member of the enemy team, turning it to a 4 v 5 if your team communicates properly.
    • Throw a tank offmap.
    • Finish a kill if a target is really low and is a crucial pickoff.


    • Ult someone with a shield in front of them.
    • Throw someone with vertical mobility or teleport off-map
    • Miss your ult.
    • Ult someone with CC immunity.
    • Dive to get close and then you ult
    • Ult when your enemy team is close to you
    • Ult when your team is gone and you can't throw them off-map
    • Ult someone and try to throw them offmap... But you hit a wall


    These are some loadouts that are usable for Khan, you can use them as a starting point

    Never Surrender V - Platemail IV - Into The Breach IV - Open Fire! I - Excessive Force I

    A really simple loadout that gives you speed and movement and ammo to use with SoB. This is a really easy and simple loadout to use and make. Play like you would play a Khan regularly. Flank a bit, stick with team, deal damage, heal self and allies, ult their enemy tank or healer. Also... Do not use your grip to CC in a teamfight. You cannot sustain yourself properly because of the nonexistent DR from Close and Personal. Use Grip to escape and chase, or to CC in a box (1v1 encounter)

    Difficulty: EASY

    Vortex Grip
    Close and Personal V - Never Surrender IV - Hulking Strength III - Platemail II - Open Fire I

    A more complicated loadout that requires you to CC someone through Vortex Grip. As the name suggests, use this with Grip. It gives you CC, (a 2 second CC on a solo target) as well as some damage. This is harder to use, but the Close and Personal should be enough to sustain you when landing your grip. You can kill someone with more practicality with this, and you can CC someone (like a mini version of your ult) in a teamfight without much risk.

    Difficulty: MEDIUM

    Vortex CDR
    Close and Personal V - Never Surrender IV - Lifetaker IV - Platemail I - Open Fire I

    A more risky but more rewarding version of the Vortex Grip build, using Lifetaker for CDR on your Shout and Grip if you can actually get a kill or elimination with it. It is a really good loadout but requires more skill to use. Also, feel free to reduce one point in Lifetaker for Platemail if you feel like you need the health.

    Difficulty: Medium

    Offtank Without Health
    Never Surrender V - Into The Breach IV - Lifetaker IV - Open Fire I - Platemail I

    A version of the base loadout that gives you CDR instead of health. High Risk, High Reward. Swap Into The Breach for Close and Personal and you have the Vortex Grip version. This is for SoB.

    Point Tank
    Hopeguard V - Never Surrender IV - Platemail IV - Open Fire I - Vigorous Defense I

    This is a loadout for POINT TANK Khan. It might seem crazy and kind of odd, but trust me, it can work as long as you are in a party with one of your friends, and they are healing. It focuses on your Bulwark acting as a heal amplifier instead of as a shield. With Vigorous Defense and Hopeguard, you can regenerate 32 health every second, as well as amplifying 30% of all healing that your friend gives you. Do not EVER use your grab to catch someone, instead use it to disengage, follow up with a shout and get out of your opponents line of sight. While receiving healing, hold down your Bulwark and heal much faster than you would without it. It is risky, and kind of rewarding, but believe me, this loadout is necessary for ranked because there are idiots there who don't pick a point tank after you first pick Khan.

    Difficulty: HARD

    General Khan Tips

    This is a subsection noting pretty much every basic to complicated tip that I know about Khan. Not a lot, but enjoy some!

    • When using Bulwark, blasters can aim the top of your shield to deal some damage past you. This can be avoided by flicking Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down. Risky, but if the enemy blaster is that good, please do this. It might save your life.
    • When using Grab, you can turn around during the toss animation so you no longer have to turn while your target is stunned. This would give you around .3 to .6 seconds of time. Useful for Vortex Grip. Do note the trajectory of the turn is NOT CHANGED. They will still be thrown based on HOW you approach them in the first place.
    • If you use Grab and kill someone with it... There will be no animation after you deal damage, and you won't be a sitting duck. Useful if you use Grab to finish someone off.
    • Battle Shout blocks all forms of damage, but it does not unfortunately block out CC. When you are going to receive LOW DAMAGE but CC abilities, avoid them using Grab, and don't commit your Shout. However, when you see a King Bomb coming... Do press Q. Please seriously, press Q.
    • I noticed some (not many)issues if you Overpower and there are two or more people trapped in your crosshairs. This will cause you to miss Overpower. If there are two people close by, save your ult.

    That's all for today.

    I will update and add up more abilities when I do have the time.

    See you, and I want some more feedback of course!

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    @AzrielM said in Serving House Aico. A Khan Guide:


    • Miss your ult.

    It's a really easy ult to miss though (no really it is)... I could legit make a montage of missed Khan ults if I recorded my matches though. 🤣

  • It is indeed a really easy ultimate to fudge up @Dusklicious

    However, if you really cannot land your ultimate, then I suggest that you do what I call as the Aico Maneuver.

    You get really close to someone, through a flank route, Ult them, throw them to your team, or off-map

    If you miss up close (which I have early on) then it's probably a bug or CC immunity

  • I think this is done-ish... unless there are other things to add?

  • @AzrielM It would be nice if you wrote next to card names what those cards do. I am reading those names and I have no idea what you're refering to 80% of the time.

    Some "Starting Point" loadouts for each talent would be great too. Not necessarily your build but an easy introduction build.

  • I would edit them as soon as possible, thanks @TTraw

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    Have 3 more in the works

  • Finished all 4 loadouts I planned for Khan. Canceled one of them because it's kind of odd

  • Added general tips, guide is pretty much complete

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