Champion Concept: Kaes - Judge of Souls

  • Alrighty, the first on the list of "Operation: Concept Transportation" was infact the latest of champions I conceptualized. So here we go.

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    The inevitability of death lingers all souls, and only few find ways to evade the fate that is destined for all mortals. And upon ones death they will find their souls at the mercy of the Judge of Souls, Kaes.

    Kaes presences has been around for as long as history has recorded, however while he is feared by many as the personification of death, he is not inherently evil. Once deceased Kaes will judge your soul not by the actions you have done, but the reasons behind said actions. Those who have done things for pure or good reasons will find themselves absolved of guilt and ascend to the world beyond. Those whose purposes were for cruelty or evil will find themselves damned to fates worse then their own death.

    However... Something has happened, something that has made Kaes step out of the shadow of spirits and to become visible to all mortals. The inevitability Kaes had once known of has become, uncertain, by forces outside of his domain. And after judging the leaders of both sides of this ongoing war, has made himself ally with the Magistrate in hopes of correcting this uncertainty this conflict has brought forth and returning this back to as things have been.

    "You are aware of why you truly commit your sins. And I know as well."

    Role: Support
    Health: 2300

    Weapon: Scepter of Judgement - A Powerful Staff that fires blasts of powers from beyond the grave. Dealing 500 Direct Damage every 0.7 seconds
    Ammo: 6
    Reload: 2.5 seconds

    Alt-Fire: Purifying Mercy - Absolve an ally's soul, healing them for 1000 health and cleansing them of all current and future CC for 3 seconds.
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    Talent - Beyond the Veil: Purifying Mercy now has a 2nd charge and gives allies 20% damage reduction while cleansed.

    Q: Spiritual Eye - Summon a magical eye that reveals all enemies near it for 3 seconds, afterwards the duration it will explode, dealing 400 area damage.
    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    Talent - Lingering Guilt: Enemies damaged by Spiritual Eye are slowed by 30% and continued to be revealed for 3 seconds.

    F: Looming Presence - Teleport to an ally or enemy, allies are healed for 400 while enemies deal 30% less damage. You cannot teleport to the same target for 15 seconds
    Cooldown: 5 seconds

    Talent - Omnipresence: Looming Presence now affects all allies AND enemies nearby when used.

    Ultimate: Final Judgement - Summon Spirits long since passed for every nearby ally/enemy every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. When the spirits touch an ally, they mercifully heal them for 500, when the spirits touch an enemy, they tear away at their spirits and deal 350 area damage.

    Killing Enemies with Spiritual Eye:

    *(Note: Take alot of these with a grain of salt, I mostly did these for some flavor and their canon to the actual lore of the game may or may not be accurate :V)

    Cassie: "She thought she was cursed, never realizing she was protected"
    Drogoz: "His dragonic blood blinds him, unable to truly fly freely"
    Androxus: "His Body? Cursed. His Mind? Twisted. His Soul? Liberated."
    Lex: "In truth, he wanted his friend back. In reality, he chose a path of poison"
    Talus: "So many Ska'drins I've judged for their cowardice, at least this one took up the call."
    Terminus: "A broken soul, only in his momentary deaths does he remember the truth."
    Skye: "She knew of her sins and revealed in them, never blinking at the futures she'd snuffed."
    Barik: "He built the tools that would bring a brighter future, it instead brought forth a war."
    Io: "Broken, she hid from the mortals. But it was infact the mortals that were truly broken."
    Atlas: "I cannot judge a soul that does not exist yet... I must keep an eye on this one."
    Bomb King: "They built him to destroy, he chose to instead become royalty.... And also destroy."
    Khan: "He fights for House Aico, but what does House Aico truly fight for?"
    Viktor: "You again? We need to discuss your poor fortune one of these days."
    Grover: "That's strange, a two different pasts are mingled inside this soul."
    Furia: "She tries to purify the darkness in peoples souls, never looking inside her own."
    Seris: "Desiring to set up the chessboard, she never realized she was but another piece in said game."
    Inara: "Revenge and grief fuel her reason to fight, but she lies to herself that it is only the latter."
    Ruckus: "There is not much of to say with this goblin, but tell me of the golem..."
    Makoa: "He is worshiped by the Ska'Drins who are left, but none speak of the ones who were right."
    Zhin: "He was cheated from his empire, so he built his own on top on a foundations of corpses."
    Sha Lin: "His is a candle that burns bright, and will inevitably be the first to burn out."
    Vivian: "Her ultimate goal is that of an anarchist, so she wears the facade of a tactician."

    (Some Bonus ones for my concepts because why not?)

    Trainmageddon: "He has hear rumors of the third survivor, but none are aware of the fourth that survived"
    Franken: "Fueled by curiosity, he has been labeled a monster despite his discoveries."
    Salas: "I have tried to judge this one several times, but he has always denied fate."
    Gummag: "His vision is for peace, despite how twisted his method for it is."
    Zephi: "She danced with a devil, but it is the devil that needs her."
    Crang: "Outside forced test his rage, he now tests the world in battle."
    Akane: "He found questions in the war, he finds purpose in the destruction."
    Urop'Tharid: "He fights for the light, not because he wants to, but because he was deceived into doing so."
    Vergil: "He find both profit and pleasure in the shattering of minds, but is a slave to his own soul."
    Vrack: "A lost beast, only knowing of a bottomless hunger it tries to hopelessly end."
    Samudra: "He gave his comrades the gift to live, they gave him the gift of betrayal"
    Zamaa: "He finds joy in the twisting of other's pasts, but never looked at his own future."
    Kaes: "I already knew that."

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