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  • ngl I suck, I have like 1000 hours in this game but I still suck a** 😢 For the past couple months or so, I've been paired against players who are way out of my league and have even been pitted against pro esport players so I was just wondering is the matchmaking based on player lvl and play hours? Cause I can't aim for the life of me and I have a hard time getting gold rank yet I'm still going against players who are way better than me and it ruins the fun of the game especially when teammates start getting toxic and I can't say anything cause I know most times it's me dragging the team down :((

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    You can find everything about matchmaking here.

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    matchmaking sucks and mostly tries to make both team's average lvl equal

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    @hoely frankly speaking I think the game Having a far lower player base than before is just gonna eventually lead to this for any game...

    Remember that a very small % of a player base is always gonna play ranked so because of that, the matchmaker compensates the lack of players by broadening the elo rating which leads to incredibly skewed matches and paired up divisions which have completely different views, picks and bans to each other, which is frankly what leads to said toxicity...

    The biggest issue with the matchmaker being affected by a small player base is that there is really nothing the Dev team can do to fix it outside of pray the game picks back up, as trying to make it so that people are more likely to get other players within their range will result in a spike on Q times since there are always less higher rank players than Lower rank...

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    There's more going on than just player count. Something was changed with the MM. I'd say around the time cross play was introduced.

    I haven't played ranked this split so I don't know how it's acting currently but last split I was getting ranked matches in less than 20 seconds yet still getting the player disparity you are talking about. Prior to the "change", it used to be about 2 minutes to get a ranked match and the quality of the teams were much better.

    Same thing happens in quick play. It used to always take ~2:40 to get a match. Now it's usually only 10-30 seconds.

    There seems to be no effort being made by the MM to make teams that are more closely matched anymore.

    PS: I'm on PC with cross play off.

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    @DaddyOoker I play with cross play enabled in NA Region, tho tbh I frankly don’t think that ranked is affected by cross play because most of the people I’ve had games with type in chat...

    That being said, I am still having lots of games where I am match made with silvers and gold as a plat player, and I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when we lose a game because someone decided to pick a very bad champ for the comp and effectively throws the game...

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    Ranked is not affected by the cross play setting as it's locked to the input type - correct. I have seen an Xbox here and there but they have KB/mouse so that's fine. I haven't seen a problem with that.

    I'm saying that since cross play was implemented a change to the MM was also made, either intentionally or not, that has affected the MM's ability to make fair teams.

    Prior to the "change" it was obvious when the MM was struggling to find players. Now it no longer waits for more closer to your level players to Q but instead just throws a pile of whatever in to fill slots.

    Obviously this is just my opinion of what I think it's doing.

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