Issues, Quandaries, and Travesties

  • Though I don't really understand why I bother posting here at this point--the Paladins mods at reddit just dance around these issues. And who even knows where the devs are, twiddling their thumbs? I digress. This game has issues. Like the various invisible walls that shouldn't exist, the lag on ranked vs the (general) lack of on casual, the lack of dev's responding to feedback that has been given repeatedly for the past 5 years... again, I must digress. This game could be great--for a while it was; but recurring issues must be addressed if this game is to be made fun again. Though, to be clear, this is not a rage thread, and marking it as such would be inappropriate. Because this is a conversation that needs to happen. To put it bluntly: Paladins is riddled with issues, quandaries, and travesties. And here we must begin

    • Ying lacks sufficient in-combat healing, which is why the community generally despises ying as a mono-support. Shatter itself is inherently the worst offender in her kit, as it allows toxic players to cut off healing from their teams when it is needed most.
    • Kinessa is an abomination. It should be a general rule that no ability for any character should be inherently bad without cards, yet her transporter is just that--awful. She is incapable of dealing with flanks like strix due to the charge up of her sniper mode--which would be acceptable if her transporter wasn't so slow. It's so awful that against flanks, us Kinessa mains have to either lock in with reposition or invest in Beam Me Up--wasting precious cards and talents.
    • Vivian lacks real skill--this has been brought up multiple times, yet the devs seem hesitant to nerf her (I suspect due to her being a 60,000 champion)
    • Strix's quickscope to flare (unauthorized use) is ridiculous, as even the best of flanks are incapable of dealing with the a decent Strix. In addition, he has one of the most powerful close-combat sidearms in the game... as a sniper. Pre-nerf Kinessa anyone?
    • Evie. Where do I begin. This character makes me sad. Her whole gimmick is being a glass cannon, yet she lacks the speed that comes with it. The pre-cast on her blink is most blatant offender--this has been known for years to be an issue, as Evie's hitbox persists for 0.2 seconds while her visual display is already relocated--combined with even a smidgen of lag and she becomes a burden even to herself. Trying to blink after iceblock is even worse--as it just doesn't seem to accept the input of blink immediately after iceblock ends. To a Strix--not even a team this matter--iceblock is an Evie giving up. At 1800 health, a slow, buggy flank that has to be up-close to hit her shots due to their slow projectile speed (lets not even put defensive items or cards in the equation; it gets worse) just isn't good. Because of her lack of health and escape options, players are forced to choose wormhole to even have a chance against the enemy team if they have hitscans (which, let's be real, they will). I heavily suggest removing the delay on blink and incorporating over the moon directly into her kit, because her current play style is pigeonholed into be overly-defensive... as a flank... Yikes.
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