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    Raum is our newest Front Line coming in Patch 2.11 along with the Damned Frontier Battle Pass (whose skins I like in general, though there are some... issues I have with some of them, and the Tyra skin straight up sucks). He brings the Soul Armor mechanic to the table, giving him the ability to take massive amounts of damage. He has fairly good sustained damage with his Gatling Gun, and he has probably the best burst of mobility in the class with Juggernaut.

    So, how is he? My answer, at the moment: A little above average. He's a very powerful character yes, but he has a lot of counters. But I am worried in the future that this character without buffs might become rather weak (yes, BUFFS to RAUM? A character that most people thought was OP initially? Shocking I know). I'm mostly worried that more and more counters will be discovered and more ways to counterplay him will be as well, and it will make him into a lower tier character over time. I think his strengths and weaknesses deserve a good going over.

    I pretty much went over most of his strengths already. He has good sustained damage output, He's got the largest potential health/armor pool in the game, and his burst mobility is insanely good. I will also mention that Raum has the fastest charging ult in the front line class.

    Now to his also quite devastating weaknesses. Hard CC absolutely DESTROYS Raum. Grabs, stuns, roots make Raum a sitting duck as he has no way to block them because he also doesn't have a shield or barrier in his kit whatsoever. %HP damage is horrible for Raum as well, as Armor counts towards that sort of damage. Raum also lacks sustained mobility as his weapon has a noticeable self-slow and Juggernaut has a long cooldown. He also has by and far the largest hurtbox in the game, and it's absurdly easy to hit him particularly with AoE damage.

    What do I suggest?

    Well, in 2.12 I suggest there needs to be a change to the workings of armor where it doesn't count as health in terms of %HP damage (Sorry Tyra and Skye, but I don't believe that you're meant to literally melt a 9k health tank without a shield when part of that "health" isn't health). As for later on down the line, a couple of QoL CD reductions to some of his longer cooldowns may be in order. He still should be weak to CC in my opinion because it gives him counterplay, and his hurtbox still needs to be large to make him easy to hit, but his obvious weaknesses are too numerous, and that needs fixing...

    Overall Placement in Tank Class: 6th out of 11. Tier in Guru list: A+

    Probably should be moved to "Gameplay & Balance Feedback" 😓

  • Just to be clear...

    Which tanks are above him?

    Khan, Makoa, Atlas, Inara who else?

    Also, I've seen some Raum gameplay and I think he's more of a fun but not really good kinda tank, because of how easy it is to CC him and interrupt his movement ability, and also to just avoid his slow weapon damage

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    @AzrielM said in My Take on Raum:

    Just to be clear...

    Which tanks are above him?

    Khan, Makoa, Atlas, Inara who else?

    IMO: Makoa, Atlas, Barik, Ash, and Khan. Inara is not on here because she lacks mobility and the wall is definitely on the worse end of defensive abilities if I'm being honest. She'd be just behind Raum in 7th out of 11. (Then Fernando and Terminus who are lower mid-tier characters at this point, and Torvald, and Ruckus who are just total garbage).

  • Ash is above Raum? How is that possible? I mean I get Inara not being top tier, but still? I know Ash can counter Raum and all... But seriously?

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    @AzrielM said in My Take on Raum:

    Ash is above Raum? How is that possible? I mean I get Inara not being top tier, but still? I know Ash can counter Raum and all... But seriously?

    Yes, seriously she is better than Raum. She's harder to counter than Raum, has plenty of CC (which Raum has some, but it's not all that consistent), and her ultimate, while having a slower charge rate, is loads better with plenty of uses.

    Inara is nowhere even close to top tier... At low skill levels she is really good, but she's also got a serious problem with mobility that can easily be exploited. It also doesn't help that she is the worst off-tank pick in the game, and not even the best at point tanking. I consider her decent, though because of her ability to tank a lot of damage and gain CC immunity frequently (countering BK, etc). She will maybe be better than I think next patch due to Willo's nerfs though, not sure on that one.

  • i'm not going to argue against buffs/nerfs that people put up, but can we make his dash unstoppable?

    people have found out grabs, makoa chains, anything that slows (eg evie utls) INSTANTLY stop his dash making his dash useless

    infact high level khans won't just grab to stop it but it'll also stun him, at this point his unplayable when people unleash counters, you try getting grabbed/chained REPEATEDLY stun then REGARDLESS if you dash, then you raum a tank with HUGE hp pool instantly go from unkillable to dead in a manner of seconds

  • @Dusklicious
    Does his Soul Armor count as shields, i.e. can Wrecker be used against it?

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    @FriendlyShep said in My Take on Raum:

    Does his Soul Armor count as shields, i.e. can Wrecker be used against it?

    Nope, it doesn't. But armor does have it's own distinct cons over shields, like charging ultimates, and counting towards damage totals (so you can get credits from the "damage dealer" bonus from it).

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    as you said, raum is pretty good but has a lot of counters, and can't work with any support as well

    I'm not sure if he's better played as offtank or point lmao, probably point but his dash is really good, could be offtank but doesn't have any shield 😕 and his I don't care about caut is probably best for point
    as a point tank I feel like barik and inara are still better option, especially barik as he's more flexible, I also think raum can be a great counter to nara
    I think he'll take the role of the counter pick, he'll counter tanks with low damage a great deal while struggling against tanks with higher damage

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    @TangAce said in My Take on Raum:

    and can't work with any support as well

    Care to explain this?

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    for exemple he wouldn't work with jenos very well, he'd prefer burst healing because of his armor mechanic, like you can ignore healing him when his armor is on
    so burst healing is way better
    might work with damba tho because speed boost and he's very slow
    but like grover is a big no too

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    @TangAce Hold on a second.. I'm still a relative Raum noob not having comboed with many different supports so maybe IDK what I'm talking about.

    When the armor is on and his health is relatively low, a Jenos Mark or other slow heal should bring his base health back by the time the armor is lost.

    At that point, Raum can go ignition and get the card based DR again. It should still work well enough even with a Jenos. Besides, Raum has quite a few self sustain cards. Also he can use juggernaut as an escape if need be.

    I don't see it as a serious issue.

    Edit: Using Guru I looked up what support I was playing Raum with.

    These are on my main.
    Damba(Wekono's curse) (Catalyst Pip) - Win
    Seris(MR) - Loss
    Grover(Rampant) - Loss
    Jenos(Luminary) - Win
    Furia(Cherish) - Loss - One AFK
    Damba(Spirit's chosen) - Loss
    IO(Godess Blessing) - Win
    There is one more win but it's missing from Guru. I think it was a Seris support.

    Other account.
    Seris(Agony) - loss
    Furia(Cherish) - Win
    Damba(Spirit's Chosen) - Win
    Grover(Rampant) - loss
    Damba(Spirit's Chosen) (Maelstrom Grohk) - Win
    Seris(MR) Furia(Cherish) - Loss
    Jenos(Binary Star) - Win
    Jenos(Luminary) - Loss
    No Support - Loss - two damages went AFK so dead match.
    Seris(MR) - Win
    Furia(Solar Bless) (Maelstrom Grohk) - Win (I asked her to use SB)
    IO(Sacrifice) (Catalyst Pip) - Loss

    My Son played 3 or 4 Raum matches with me and I went Seris(MR) every time - won them all.

    There are 3 Jenos support matches there - 2 wins one loss. The Binary Star is surprising.

    Out of these only Grover has no wins.

    Need a lot more samples to make any valid conclusion out of it.

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    he doesn't benefit much from luminary cause of his low damage output, grover isn't really good with him cause raum is only good at close range fight, and he's slow af, and grover isn't burst heal

    damba might work cause speed boost

    pip would be awesome for raum because of armor
    I mean like he has something saying no caut on me every x second, so burst heal will always work better

    seris well is seris xD
    furia is great and would do pretty nicely with raum, her ult is kinda wasted on raum tho

    Io + raum is just cheating at this point, well anyway considering how op Io is simply cause of dr lmao (only 80-90% ish winrate during pwc -.-)

    weirdly I think some weird comps with totemic ward grohk + raum might work against teams reallying on cc (cause raum is really weak to cc)

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    @TangAce Grover does a 900 burst... Yeah it's got cooldown and not nearly as large a burst as a Mega Pip. Still it might be enough to work with. The two Grover's I got were probably noobs or maybe I lost due to my own mistakes or mistakes of teammates.

    I was thinking the same with Totemic Ward but I haven't seen anything but Maelestrom Grohk for a quite some time. Maybe it will get used in ranked.

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    grohk probably won't be used ^^' maybe in premade it could be a thing but I don't think so

    grover isn't a burst healer and you know that^^' raum takes a lot of damage, like inara, grover isn't made to sustain that, well with inara it's okay because of built in rejuv, but barik will always be better for sustained heal because he has the mobility for it to work

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