Skall, the stone giant

  • Lore: many people know about stagalla - the Realm defenders, made of stones and mind gems. Few know, that mind gem can be made not by man, but by nature itself. When the occasion happen, rocks forms around it into a sentient being, and a stone giant is born. Though Skall is hundreds years old, he's still considered as young one. He restlessly travels around the Realm, searching for his kin, sometimes using his brute strength and stout appearance in occasional brawls, that smaller creatures consider as major conflicts.

    Skall looks like a bunch of stones built together roughly in a shape of human body with big arms and small legs. He stands hunched over, leaning on his left arm, while his right one is directed forward. He walks using his both legs and left arm, but unlike Grover, Skall uses all three in rotation, actually walking, rather than hopping.

    Role - front line
    Health - 4000
    Move speed - 355

    [Passive] Craggy coating - some of your abilities appliy Craggy marks on enemies for 6s. Once there are 3 marks on single enemy, you collect them to gain Craggy coating stack. Each stack increases your max heath by 250. Stacks up to 10 times. Stacks disappear upon death.

    [LMB] Golem fist - launch your stone fist forward, dealing 550 damage every 0.9s. Applies Craggy mark. Has 6 ammo.
    Visually looks like your right fist, made of stones, hovers Infront of your arm in blue glow. Between attacks the fist reassembles from stones beneath you.

    [RMB] Earthquake - shakes the earth, dealing 450 damage and reducing their damage by 30% for 4s within 40ft around. Applies Craggy mark to all enemies affected. Has 14s CD.

    [Q] Avalanche - rises a wave of stones, 20ft wide, that travels for 35ft ahead, dealing 500 damage to all enemies, stunning them for 0.5s and slowing by 30% for 3s after. Applies Craggy mark. Has 14s CD.

    [F] Stampede - rushes forward for 40ft ahead, dealing 400 damage to all enemies on the way and launching them upwards. Applies Craggy mark. Has 12s CD.

    [Ultimate] Rolling boulder - in 1.3s transforms into a CC immune boulder, that rolls forward with speed of 500. Boulder is partially-controllable with camera movements (similar to King Bomb) and it can jump. Colliding with an enemy stuns them for 1.5s and applies 500 base damage + 30 damage per Craggy coating stack. While enemy is stunned by Rolling boulder they cannot be stunned and damaged again via this ability. Lasts 8s.
    "Let's rock and roll!"//"Rolling in, rolling out"

    Peaked - Craggy coating increases your healing received by 3% per stack.
    Rocky road - Rolling boulder grants you 75% damage resistance.
    Rock and stone - Craggy marks increase damage taken by marked enemy by 7% per stack.

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    @JoeTheMoonwalker They should replace this with raum

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    Do you mean replace Raum's abilities with this?
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    @JoeTheMoonwalker Sorry I meant: They should replace him with raum.
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