Champion overview: Kinessa

  • Her main problem is that her Opression Mines are realy weak. If the mines dealt double damage these would be fine.

    Tthe Card Generator combinated with Well Stocked can garant her endless ammo and these would worth to use with the balanced Opression Mines. So I suggest to nerf Generator's sclaing from {1.225|1.225}s to {0.8|0.8}s for prevent this combo.

    Power Supply garants ammo only for kills, what makes it realy weak. I was also considering to buff her sniper shot charge rate, but I found the Opression Mine buff enaugh. Even this charge bonus could be cool to gain sometimes, so I suggest to add this for the mentioned card: Power Supply: Kills garant {10|10}% faster charge rate for 5s.

  • @KicsitCsicska
    Kinessa is really a though one to balance.

    She is a sniper which means that on one hand, in competent hands, she can completely demolish. On the other hand, I feel like there's just too much effort needed for her to be performing at least averagely well. I thought I was **** at snipers because of how low my Kinessa's stats were after each map. But once upon a time I decided to give Strix a go and god, I was shocked how I managed get great stats with him almost every match. So I wasn't bad with snipers, I was bad with Kinessa, which suggests me she is a lot more difficult to play. But if Strix can be easy as a sniper, why can't Nessa?

    I personally don't know what we can buff in her kit to make her decent without overpowering her immediately. Faster scope, faster tp, more ammo... I can imagine these would be either too good or too weak.

    Mines buff is actually not that bad of an idea. Personally I would prefer she coud deploy and have 3 at the same time. That would make this ability a little bit more interactive.

    Another issue I have with her is her talents choices. More damage, More damage, and Faster Teleporter. I am fine with Repositioner, but does she need to have talents that increase her damage if she is accurate? Headshots and continuous shots already deal more damage by their nature. Making them deal more-more damage just isn't going to change the way she plays in any way or form.

    I had a few ideas on how to replace these 2 talents.

    There was this talent for Kinessa in Paladins Strike, where her Opressor Mines were in Stealth permamently after deploy. I would actually be interested to see that talent for PC version, as that would open some crazy Mine builds and force enemies to go Illuminate to counter Kinessa :).

    Another interesting talent would be allowing her to have different scope zooms. For example, a talent that lets her have 3 different zoom options: x3, x6, x9, which could be switched at one's convenience by pressing Ability 1 to zoom in and Ability 2 to zoom out while Scoping.

    Just bunch of ideas.

  • @KicsitCsicska Doubling the dmg on Oppressor mines is good. I also want to suggest a buff to her eagle eye talent without reworking it.
    Eagle Eye: Headshots deal 25% increased dmg and Hitting a fully charged shot to the upper half of an enemy grants 25% increased ult charge(it means u get 10% ult charge instead of 8% for a fully charged shot).
    Imo it fits the theme of her ult and also provides a benefit besides headshot dmg that isnt so easy to hit all the time.

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