New Player Here, liking it so far.

  • Hey everyone, I'm a new player. I used to play Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard, but when I decided to join #BoycottBlizzard for their censorship of players I found myself looking for a new game. I'm a "Support" Main. My faves in OW were Ana and Zenyatta. First Hero I bought was Barik , because he's awesome and I have a lot of transferable skills from OW and TF2 , but Mal'Damba and Grover are very much my kind of supports. Don't have a fave Attack / Flank yet ... 'cause Barik seems to be great at those anyways. The card buying system or what have you is still pretty new and confusing to me. I think I should turn auto buy back on for a while. Item buying was always a pet peeve of mine with MOBAs, which is why I liked Heroes' talent tree system, I haven't even read most of the options yet. Anyways, I just thought I'd say hi and if anyone has any tips or advice I'd like to hear it. GL:HF everyone.

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    @JackXombi Hi; Welcome.

    Please learn the items. They're important. If in doubt get cauterize.

    There are guides here:

    I suggest you read at least the mechanics guide.

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    @JackXombi As a Rule of thumb for items, Cauterize is pretty much useful/mandatory for pretty much all champs as it drastically lessens the effect of self heals/heals received for 1.5 seconds to the enemy team which feels like an eternity in a teamfight, and allows you to bruteforce your DPS through any healing by mid/late game.

    -If you're a Frontline, Rejuvinate is a must
    -If there are enemies that can stealth, illiuminate helps deal with them
    -if the enemy has 2 shield FLs or is Tourvald, go Wrecker
    -if the enemy has too much CC, then go Resilience
    -if you're using a champ with a slow reload or reload attack, deft hands all the way

    The rest of the items are frankly situational and you'll get used to takin them as needed on a per champion basis... It's really not that hard as there are 16 to choose from and you can only ever have a total of 4 (not to mention I pointed out 6 of the most commom/picked items in the game). Also, Welcome to Paladins :3 !

    I frankly like it more than OW as it is much more fast paced and a bit less asymmetrical, tho it does unfortunately also have a significantly smaller playerbase, so once you get high enough you'll be seeing a lot of the same peopleses :x . That being said, always look up builds in Paladins Guru for reference if you're confused, and don't be afraid to ask around for help as people are generally nice here.

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    @JackXombi Support main?
    I recommend you to try Mal’damba, he needs a skill to play with, if you find him hard to play, I recommend furia, they are both fun to play.

    Edit: I just read that you like mal'damba 🙂

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