The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2

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    @TTraw said in The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen:

    but it's probably a decent guideline for people struggling to grasp what to choose on damba if they're new.

    Yep wanted it to be for new people, because damba is difficult compared to other supports.

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    kay I'm not the best damba, and I should have written something about it a little earlier

    as this guide is great for beginners, it has several issues

    first as long as you're a healer damba, only use spirit's chosen

    doing damage is usually better than stunning, stun only if it really helps

    the gourd is great to heal somewhere you can't see, a highground higher than you are for exemple
    it's also great cause you can heal 2 places at once
    as you said throwing gourd on wall or stairs will make it bounce^^'
    the gourd is here to help with healing rotation, put it on point and go heal other people, kinda

    damba's dash is great, it avoids anything, great for avoiding any ult or huge burst

    your ult however I can't agree, it's almost never good to use it to fear a group of enemies and almost always best used to fear only one, either to save yourself or to help an ally to kill someone or to kill him faster

    in terms of loadouts

    eerie presence 5 is way overkill, 4 is the go to, some run it at 3 if they are very confident in their aim ^^ pros run it at 4 to be sure to always be able to heal even if they miss
    feed the spirits is utterly useless
    50 health is a nice filler
    many gourds is nice
    ritual magic is kinda useless
    I'd suggest to use the card increasing allies speed at lvl 3 or 5
    and to use the damage reduction card at 3-4 depending on the speed card

    then about items

    never use healing items
    some caut will always be better once you max chronos / deft hands (or 2 lvls them, depends on the game) morale boost almost always better than nimble or master riding on damba (except on huge maps like ice mines maybe) more dr with haven or blast shield is always good no matter what champ you are playing
    even bulldozer can be useful if facing annoying deployables like turrets or luna

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    @TangAce Well because I am not a native english speaker (like you maybe idk) I can't mention everything about him, So I made a guide that suits beginners better, also this loadout as I said to TTraw is for focusing on healing and cooldowns, I don't use healing items except the kill to heal item, I use feed the spirits and kill to heal because I get a lot of eliminations. also I use the ultimate for both protecting myself and fearing a group of enemies.

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    I'm not a native english
    then it's up to you, but it would be good for the guide to modify things a bit, then to maybe suggest things for brand new players, but a guide should really present the best things a champion has to offer

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    Updated! (Still cards and postioning)

  • The Ultimate is pretty versatile.

    You and TangAce are both correct and incorrect on several items.

    The ultimate can be used for groups or solo that is not what matters. The position of the teams is what matters. You should be using Damba Ult in the same fashion and PIP Chickens.... If no one can shoot the chickens then its a bad ult.

    • TangAce is correct that you can solo ult and kill pretty much anyone in the game but if you are having to do that a bunch you are already failing at positioning your healer correctly. You should not need to be burning your ult just to survive some flank attack.

    • This ult is so good vs Term, Fernando, Khan, Vivian as it will make them drop the shield. If they wait to long to shield up you ult them and they die. Ult a Vivian after she puts up her shield will get her killed and out of her ult pretty much most of the time.

    • All the talk of ulting to kill people and the one item missed is probably the most valuable.

    Counter Ulting non CC immune champs, totally screws viktor and waste most of Tyras ultimate...

    • Ulting to prevent a tank from touching point to win the cap

    • TangAce is correct that attacking is better than stunning.
      Damba generates 2.5% ultimate per hit, 10 rounds is 25% of your ultimate charge
      Mending Spirits gives 0.53 ult per second , so 2.65% per 5 seconds
      Gourd does 0.53 per second as well so 1 person is 2.65 per 5 seconds as well
      Damage Gourd gives you 1.12 so 5.6 per 5 seconds

    As you can see if you do not attack its going to take an eternity for you ultimate to generate.

    • TangAce "feed the spirits is utterly useless"
      This is just bad info, this card is not useless, it is quite good however it depends on your team to take advantage of it.
      If your healing and those people are getting kills, all your cool downs are getting chopped by allot.
      However if your team is not killing things then you are not getting value out of it. The main problem with it is you need to give up some other sustain card to use it , so if your not good at staying alive already this may not be the card for you.
      I dont think damba can afford to run it at a 5 but 3 maybe 4 is pretty good.

    The key point here is you dont have to kill anything for this card to work, only heal the correct people at the correct time to get credit for the elimination

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    @Shadowpuppy thanks for sharing information. I know that the ult is versatile, but I forgot what is the "more uses" you mentioned, I will include it in the guide.

    and I am sure that I missed some important information to include in the guide. 🙄

  • @DambaKing No problem , any time... Let me know when it ready to be added to the guides list.

  • I look up sometimes for checking tagging/notifications and I follow you, so I found it 🙂
    Life Rip is terrible, especially for supporters. Damba has the least weapon damage. He has low dmg overall and many of them are even from Gourd or Snake Toss, what aren't effected by Lifesteal. So Damba is the worst Life Rip user. Use still put this item into the 'useful' categroy...

    Anyways I don't like and never understood this 'recommened item' listing for champions. All of them are depends on the situations and on the actual balance changes on other stuffs, like Master Riding has been buffed, so its useful for everyone.

    Snake pit doesn't help damage Damba, at most on lvl 4, since its bonus has been changed quarter of a year ago.

    I don't wanna hurt you deeply, but I think guide writing is for realy good palyers like @TTraw or @TangAce. They are master with their champions, not just funs of them.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2:

    Snake pit doesn't help damage Damba, at most on lvl 4, since its bonus has been changed quarter of a year ago.

    I know using snake pit seems stupid, and some points in the whole guide seems Weird, This guide is based on my opinion and my play style, I don’t use certain talents and cards the way meta use, I have my own play style, and it works well with me.

    @KicsitCsicska said in The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2:

    I don't wanna hurt you deeply, but I think guide writing is for realy good palyers like @TTraw or @TangAce. They are master with their champions, not just funs of them.

    This doesn’t hurt me, I know that my guide is not perfect, and I know that an early damba main can write better than me, it doesn’t matter.

  • @KicsitCsicska


    We have unlimited space for guides, if you believe that you can write a better one, feel free to spend the time writing it.
    I will gladly post it. These are to help those who want to take the time to read them.
    As of now DambaKing is the only one to provide anything for this champ.

    I would add that no one plays Lian the way i do but it works and it works well, so you might what to think about not following the meta. Following the meta is only helpful if you are a pro and you play at pro level. I cant play Androxus like a pro so using the meta loadouts doesnt work for shit for me.

    Pro's are not reading these guides, these are for new people.

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    following the meta is good also for people aiming to reach top level yaknow, even if they are new

    also there can be guides for both new and veteran players
    for exemple after thousands of hours there are still champs that I almost never played and a guide could be helpful
    or for returning players for exemple
    and new players still need quality guides, not noobi guides, if they are looking at a guide they want to improve, telling them how to win in noobi elo won't help them much, is more important improving than winning in low elo

    everyone plays however he wants to, but meta is a thing, sure some people will be good enough to actually make offmeta things work and eventually it'll become meta, but these are very experienced players
    And keep in mind that among every player that I've played with or against that were playing their own non meta thingy, very very few were playing good, how many times I've met someone telling me to play a champ this way or this way because dude said "no one does it but it works well" and in the end it of course couldn't work and I could utterly crush em, and I'm not even a good player, just someone who can use his brain a bit

    Other than that you can write as many guides as you want as long as it's a good quality

  • @TangAce Once again if you know so much, write a better damba guide. If it is in fact a better guide then i will post it above DambaKings as the best guides will always be at the top of the list... Your opinion is valuable, place it in a guide.
    All guides are is opinion based theory on what a player believes to be good. Players can read it and try it and make their own opinion on its value.

    I encourage people to add value to the guides section and i do not want this to be a place where people are afraid to add anything because someone like you wants to try and tear them down based on your biased opinion on their ideas.

    There can be multiple ideas! Without the need to destroy the other one.

    Feel free to checkout my Lian guide on Precision

  • If a noob spands his/her time to read a guide about a champion, and you write outdated (Snake Pit 4) and dumb (life steal) things to him/her, you do the dirty on him/her. It's not honest.
    It's like when @Dusklicious wrote a card tier to Barik, and but his most OP card (Duble Time) onto a realy low tier, while it was clearly his best card, and it recived the deserved hardest nerf in his kit.
    I'm not a fun of guides tbh, I rather watch a pro gameplay. Guides can help in slow games, but its realy hard to use a read knowladge in realy time shooting situations.
    I read only one stunning guide in my life, and it was @TTraw 's about Seris. I played as her houndred of hours, but I still found there new and tricky things, like reload animation cut methode(s!!!), wall jump heal, Wormhole Evie counterplay...

    You should had wrote about:

    -If you are a healer Damba don't rush, get covered, stay alive and heal. Look around! Sometimes a low HP ally hides behind you, you should notice him/her and heal asap!
    -Use Mending Spirit as much as passible. Also use Eerie Presence on high level, coz you will miss.
    -His ult counters all self buff ults without cc immunity bonus, e.g. Tyra's and Buck's.
    -His ult can be exploded in the air by press E again! It gives him much more good situations than if you could just activate it on surfices. E.g. Use it on the round start on the highground on Stone Keep. Above the stairs where they hide.
    -He can start the reload process after healing, so if he suprise attacked he can stun soon, coz he already started to reload.
    -Wekono's Wrath garants an aditional bonus what you cannot find anywhere: it makes his reload able to shot a normal pit just after it! It doesn't work with his other talents. So he has literally 1100 burst dmg! Two of them are enaugh for kill the most champions.
    -Stun damba should never have full magazine! Waste one venom orb for let yourself relaod whenever. Reload is a better combat start than the basic venom orb as a Deft Hands 3 stun Damba.
    -Stun Damba still can be top healer: Play defensively, stay with your team, use Possession V and heal allies all the time for the 20% DR.
    -Stun cancels the shields what the tank have to hold (Fernando's, Makoa's without halfshell), so you can destroy them easily with a stun, what needs a good positioning. It can be dangerous to turn around the sield, so it depends on the situations.
    -Stun isn't big deal alone, its good with allies how can attack the stunned enemy. So stay with your team. If they all rush too far ask the damage dealer to defend you. You can follow them to but not to anywhere, be carfule. The healer's life is the most important.
    -You can stun shielded khan with a perfect aimed toss, coz it has a projectile trajectory, so it can fall onto his head!
    -His self heal card is trash, so better to keep Gourd for yourself, except when you are defended with full HP and the tank need more heal than the Mending Spirit.
    -Watch the enemies' items. Prefer to stun/ult enemies without Resillance!
    -Slither can't help your mobility too much, but it garants instant dmg and cc immunity, so you can use it against tons of things (like Drogoz ult, Seris ult, Lian ult, Term ult...)

    Just a short one, what can be useful. I still recommend to watch pros and see it in the real fight actions.

  • @KicsitCsicska

    I understand, your not going to write a guide only complain about other peoples work.

    -If you are a healer Damba don't rush, get covered, stay alive and heal. Look around! Sometimes a low HP ally hides behind you, you should notice him/her and heal asap! This is some real advanced stuff your talking

    -Use Mending Spirit as much as passible. Also use Eerie Presence on high level, coz you will miss. You mean to tell me a healer should be using his healing skill as much as possible, utterly ground breaking news !

    50% of this just looks like fluff that you spent no time thinking about. Some of this is in the guide and a small portion would be good in the guide.

    • Reload Cancelling

    • Dropping a snake over khan shield

    • -Wekono's Wrath garants an aditional bonus what you cannot find anywhere: it makes his reload able to shot a normal pit just after it! It doesn't work with his other talents. So he has literally 1100 burst dmg! Two of them are enaugh for kill the most champions. How the fuck is someone just going to know this if

    Like i stated before, anyone can create a guide, if you dont like it don't read it. If you would like to present something better be my guest, however if your just here to complain about other people doing work then i have no time for you.

  • @Shadowpuppy It's not a guide, just some ideas. I didn't think about them so much. I can complain and write true things without write a single guide, sorry.
    These are tips for noobs. I see many players how doesn't do those two things you are jibing on. You also know those players. Bad teachers doesn't tell the most important, simpliest truths, coz they don't even know someone doesn't know them. I listed them.

    Guides isn't like 'if you dont like it don't read it.'
    It is like you don't know sht, you puts effort to learn and you belive to your source. And when it lies it's disgusting.

    I don't attack DambaKing, his guide isn't that bad. I just generally wrote about guide mistakes.

    Some more advices about his basic attack:
    -It has a falling trajectory and a slow projectile speed too, so its realy bad on range. It can spam at most... Try it out on shooting range on many ranges. It's first part of the trajectory has no fall. Shoot Viktors' foot. When you misses your shot just a little bit, it wont deal dmg so you can notice fall amount. It's important mostly on higher ranges. You also can do this trajectory learning methode with the reload stuff: snake toss. It has much straighter curve than his venom orb, and the Wekonos' Wrath's snake toss is also different by a little bit from the venom orb's! It can make your stun Damba long shots half-misses! Learn to hit with both of them on long range with stun Damba for the beautiful long range stuns!
    -It's hard to hit with his projectiles, he spends many time for heal allies, coz he has two separte healing abilities, so he can't even attack all the time. These are why Cauterize is a bad item for him. He is the worst cauterizer.
    -Many Damba and Seris players doesn't even use their attack skills coz of how bad these are on range. It's a huge mistake. You should spam attacksall the time when you can (you aren't healing, you have enaugh HP, and you don't have to face alone many enemies by attack them. Shot as much as you can without lower your healing output!
    His shot is hard to aim, but he still should deal dmg too for being as useful as possible, so I recommend to attack the enemy tanks as him: they are big and slow targets, Damba can shot them without many misses.
    +I recommend to jump before you try to stun a shielded Khan for the better angle. You have to learn to time your jump based on the level of Deft Hands. It isn't that ez, but worth.

  • I am also not so sure if a guide can be really effective to improve. I changed my Fernando style cause of the "sexy Nando" guide. A while ago KamiVS made his Coach-Kami videos but I didn't learn anything from those. I learned from a Jayflare trainer video about Nando though. The only vid ever that improved my playstyle.

    I think written guides are mostly tips&tricks and ideas what to try out. When I started playing Pip I played him as every other healer spamming my healing potions as fast as possible. Then I've read about internal cooldown, avoid cauterize, etc. and my healing outpout improved.

    But something like:
    When to stun?
    stun anyone who tries to outflank you.
    you can stun to assist your ally in a fight.
    stun the enemy frontline when he stands on the objective (To punish him/her).

    I stun everyone I can of course, I mean, why wouldn't I?

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    first I'm a very very very bad damba as I almost never play him
    sure I know how he works and stuff but I'm not used to him at all
    second I have currently stopped with guides and competitive things in paladins for now, and I think everyone on this forum knows why

    as I've said there can be many ideas, but there will always one that'll be above the others, only geniuses will do better with weird out of meta stuff
    meta is called meta for a reason!

    of course meta can change and so some people playing differently might be onto something better

    anyway I won't do anything more than saying that

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 You are not going to read a guide and just perform everything in that guide as explained... It only gives your the concepts so you know what you are trying to learn.

    Reading this will not magicly make you a good flanker but it might help you understand where your going wrong or how you can work to impove.

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