The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2

  • @KicsitCsicska

    I understand, your not going to write a guide only complain about other peoples work.

    -If you are a healer Damba don't rush, get covered, stay alive and heal. Look around! Sometimes a low HP ally hides behind you, you should notice him/her and heal asap! This is some real advanced stuff your talking

    -Use Mending Spirit as much as passible. Also use Eerie Presence on high level, coz you will miss. You mean to tell me a healer should be using his healing skill as much as possible, utterly ground breaking news !

    50% of this just looks like fluff that you spent no time thinking about. Some of this is in the guide and a small portion would be good in the guide.

    • Reload Cancelling

    • Dropping a snake over khan shield

    • -Wekono's Wrath garants an aditional bonus what you cannot find anywhere: it makes his reload able to shot a normal pit just after it! It doesn't work with his other talents. So he has literally 1100 burst dmg! Two of them are enaugh for kill the most champions. How the fuck is someone just going to know this if

    Like i stated before, anyone can create a guide, if you dont like it don't read it. If you would like to present something better be my guest, however if your just here to complain about other people doing work then i have no time for you.

  • @Shadowpuppy It's not a guide, just some ideas. I didn't think about them so much. I can complain and write true things without write a single guide, sorry.
    These are tips for noobs. I see many players how doesn't do those two things you are jibing on. You also know those players. Bad teachers doesn't tell the most important, simpliest truths, coz they don't even know someone doesn't know them. I listed them.

    Guides isn't like 'if you dont like it don't read it.'
    It is like you don't know sht, you puts effort to learn and you belive to your source. And when it lies it's disgusting.

    I don't attack DambaKing, his guide isn't that bad. I just generally wrote about guide mistakes.

    Some more advices about his basic attack:
    -It has a falling trajectory and a slow projectile speed too, so its realy bad on range. It can spam at most... Try it out on shooting range on many ranges. It's first part of the trajectory has no fall. Shoot Viktors' foot. When you misses your shot just a little bit, it wont deal dmg so you can notice fall amount. It's important mostly on higher ranges. You also can do this trajectory learning methode with the reload stuff: snake toss. It has much straighter curve than his venom orb, and the Wekonos' Wrath's snake toss is also different by a little bit from the venom orb's! It can make your stun Damba long shots half-misses! Learn to hit with both of them on long range with stun Damba for the beautiful long range stuns!
    -It's hard to hit with his projectiles, he spends many time for heal allies, coz he has two separte healing abilities, so he can't even attack all the time. These are why Cauterize is a bad item for him. He is the worst cauterizer.
    -Many Damba and Seris players doesn't even use their attack skills coz of how bad these are on range. It's a huge mistake. You should spam attacksall the time when you can (you aren't healing, you have enaugh HP, and you don't have to face alone many enemies by attack them. Shot as much as you can without lower your healing output!
    His shot is hard to aim, but he still should deal dmg too for being as useful as possible, so I recommend to attack the enemy tanks as him: they are big and slow targets, Damba can shot them without many misses.
    +I recommend to jump before you try to stun a shielded Khan for the better angle. You have to learn to time your jump based on the level of Deft Hands. It isn't that ez, but worth.

  • I am also not so sure if a guide can be really effective to improve. I changed my Fernando style cause of the "sexy Nando" guide. A while ago KamiVS made his Coach-Kami videos but I didn't learn anything from those. I learned from a Jayflare trainer video about Nando though. The only vid ever that improved my playstyle.

    I think written guides are mostly tips&tricks and ideas what to try out. When I started playing Pip I played him as every other healer spamming my healing potions as fast as possible. Then I've read about internal cooldown, avoid cauterize, etc. and my healing outpout improved.

    But something like:
    When to stun?
    stun anyone who tries to outflank you.
    you can stun to assist your ally in a fight.
    stun the enemy frontline when he stands on the objective (To punish him/her).

    I stun everyone I can of course, I mean, why wouldn't I?

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    first I'm a very very very bad damba as I almost never play him
    sure I know how he works and stuff but I'm not used to him at all
    second I have currently stopped with guides and competitive things in paladins for now, and I think everyone on this forum knows why

    as I've said there can be many ideas, but there will always one that'll be above the others, only geniuses will do better with weird out of meta stuff
    meta is called meta for a reason!

    of course meta can change and so some people playing differently might be onto something better

    anyway I won't do anything more than saying that

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 You are not going to read a guide and just perform everything in that guide as explained... It only gives your the concepts so you know what you are trying to learn.

    Reading this will not magicly make you a good flanker but it might help you understand where your going wrong or how you can work to impove.

  • @TangAce The meta would never change if everyone thought this way. It only holds you back from discoving fun new things. The best part of this game is the exploring nrw ideas.

    I would not be at 1700 hours of paladins playing the meta.. Maybe you would have more fun if you explored new things with an open mind.

  • @Shadowpuppy said in The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2:

    Reading this will not magicly make you a good flanker but it might help you understand where your going wrong or how you can work to impove.

    Not really. A good flank is jumping/hoping around with hyper-speed and doing lots of kills like Maeve, Evie or Tiberius. Flanks who can't do this like Moji, Skye, Lex, are played as damage, healer or shit.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 said in The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2:

    Not really. A good flank is jumping/hoping around with hyper-speed and doing lots of kills like Maeve, Evie or Tiberius. Flanks who can't do this like Moji, Skye, Lex, are played as damage, healer or shit.

    😂 lol, i can only assume you do not play Maeve or Evie if you think thats what they are doing. There is so much more to being a good flank.

    Talus is a great flank and i do not jump around or play him as damage.

    If you actually tried to play Maeve Evie or Androxus you woulld find out quickly that jumping around and being fast is not going to help you.

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    I've played over 3000 hours
    I've played off meta 90% of the time
    I have been banned multiple times because I was playing off meta
    and in the end, if you wanna be in high elo you need to be a meta slave, always play with a duo babysitting you, and pray your team isn't complete garbage

    you can ask anyone here on forum, they all know that I never liked playing meta

    but now I've given up, there is no way for me to go in higher level no matter what I play, matchmaking is garbage, I don't have duo, and I play with 40fps
    so no I don't have fun losing because my team can't do anything even tho I carry with 40fps, and no matter what I'll play this won't change

  • @TangAce Why even play the game if its not fun, being at a certain rank means nothing if its not fun any more. It is a game people, if it does not provide fun then wtf are you doing. We are not getting paid to play this. You dont get anything from being rated Masters...

    I play off meta in ranked and when i lose a match its not because of me performing poorly, that is all i can do. People take shit about Triple Nade Tyra or Precision Lian and its always the same. Match score shows me doing allot of work while all the people crying about my loadout selection did half of my numbers.

    The only place where meta lives as a main stay you cant change it, is healers, you can play off talent healer it just doesn't work unless there are two viable healing talents which most good healers dont have.

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    that is why I stopped playing
    also, I wanted to join the pro league yaknow

    match score doesn't mean shit, I've seen people with 200k dmg who were utterly useless

    you can play off meta healer yaknow, if your team knows what they are supposed to do, you can even go triple tank or whatever as long as the team knows what they are doing

  • @TangAce Lol, have you ever been banned just coz you played off meta?

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    multiple times yes, autoban was a thing, people got mad in ranked because of my picks, if you lose it's your fault if you win it's your team carried, so people reported me like mad
    I played skye years ago when she was considered total garbage for exemple, I had 80% winrate with her, I was getting reported almost every game

    and I know it's because of that

    I once got banned a week after I got unbanned, I didn't used chat at all during that week because I was in voice chat with my duo, only played ranked, got banned after one week of playing, and no matter how much I think of a reason I can't find one

  • @TangAce So me - as hybrid Seris main - should have been permabanned 😁 😁
    I didn't use any other champion until I reached diamond...
    Did they reported you for feeding?

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    you never played nearly has much as me so no chance for you to get banned, the autoban was number of reports per week, and by just thinking a bit one can see the problem
    I was playing around 100 hours per week, even playing meta I'd get banned just because of random reports, people always need to have someone to blame for a lose, fortunately the autoban got lighter I think, but I still see plenty of people getting banned some of them maybe for nothing

  • @TangAce You played just 300h more than me 🙂
    Yes, there are dumb rage reports, but still I haven't been banned ever somehow fortunatly.

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    it's not about total hour count but hours per week

    it's been 6months I'm playing less and less but when I was playing 100 hours per week...

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