The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2

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    Not really. A good flank is jumping/hoping around with hyper-speed and doing lots of kills like Maeve, Evie or Tiberius. Flanks who can't do this like Moji, Skye, Lex, are played as damage, healer or shit.

    😂 lol, i can only assume you do not play Maeve or Evie if you think thats what they are doing. There is so much more to being a good flank.

    Talus is a great flank and i do not jump around or play him as damage.

    If you actually tried to play Maeve Evie or Androxus you woulld find out quickly that jumping around and being fast is not going to help you.

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    I've played over 3000 hours
    I've played off meta 90% of the time
    I have been banned multiple times because I was playing off meta
    and in the end, if you wanna be in high elo you need to be a meta slave, always play with a duo babysitting you, and pray your team isn't complete garbage

    you can ask anyone here on forum, they all know that I never liked playing meta

    but now I've given up, there is no way for me to go in higher level no matter what I play, matchmaking is garbage, I don't have duo, and I play with 40fps
    so no I don't have fun losing because my team can't do anything even tho I carry with 40fps, and no matter what I'll play this won't change

  • @TangAce Why even play the game if its not fun, being at a certain rank means nothing if its not fun any more. It is a game people, if it does not provide fun then wtf are you doing. We are not getting paid to play this. You dont get anything from being rated Masters...

    I play off meta in ranked and when i lose a match its not because of me performing poorly, that is all i can do. People take shit about Triple Nade Tyra or Precision Lian and its always the same. Match score shows me doing allot of work while all the people crying about my loadout selection did half of my numbers.

    The only place where meta lives as a main stay you cant change it, is healers, you can play off talent healer it just doesn't work unless there are two viable healing talents which most good healers dont have.

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    that is why I stopped playing
    also, I wanted to join the pro league yaknow

    match score doesn't mean shit, I've seen people with 200k dmg who were utterly useless

    you can play off meta healer yaknow, if your team knows what they are supposed to do, you can even go triple tank or whatever as long as the team knows what they are doing

  • @TangAce Lol, have you ever been banned just coz you played off meta?

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    multiple times yes, autoban was a thing, people got mad in ranked because of my picks, if you lose it's your fault if you win it's your team carried, so people reported me like mad
    I played skye years ago when she was considered total garbage for exemple, I had 80% winrate with her, I was getting reported almost every game

    and I know it's because of that

    I once got banned a week after I got unbanned, I didn't used chat at all during that week because I was in voice chat with my duo, only played ranked, got banned after one week of playing, and no matter how much I think of a reason I can't find one

  • @TangAce So me - as hybrid Seris main - should have been permabanned 😁 😁
    I didn't use any other champion until I reached diamond...
    Did they reported you for feeding?

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    you never played nearly has much as me so no chance for you to get banned, the autoban was number of reports per week, and by just thinking a bit one can see the problem
    I was playing around 100 hours per week, even playing meta I'd get banned just because of random reports, people always need to have someone to blame for a lose, fortunately the autoban got lighter I think, but I still see plenty of people getting banned some of them maybe for nothing

  • @TangAce You played just 300h more than me 🙂
    Yes, there are dumb rage reports, but still I haven't been banned ever somehow fortunatly.

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    it's not about total hour count but hours per week

    it's been 6months I'm playing less and less but when I was playing 100 hours per week...

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