The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen V2

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    Welcome To the guide for Damba, This guide will teach you:

    • How to use each Skill
    • When to use each talent
    • What is the best items.
    • Which cards is good and which are not.
    • where to position.

    Let's get started!


    1- Spitting Cobra:

    This is the primary fire (of course) it's a good weapon for a support, 400 Damage every 0.55s, Sounds cool right?


    • Good for the short range.
    • Effected by gravity
    • Has a long reload time (2s)
    • BUT: after reloading The cobra Will be thrown as a projectile stunning enemies for 1s and deals 200 Damage.

    When to stun?

    • stun anyone who tries to outflank you.
    • you can stun to assist your ally in a fight.
    • stun the enemy frontline when he stands on the objective (To punish him/her).

    I can't explain how shoot with the spitting cobra ๐Ÿ™‚ , just remember that it's hard for medium/long ranges. so stay close as much as you can when fighting.

    alt text

    2- Mending spirits


    • 3s cooldown(very low)
    • resets cooldown if you miss (There is a solution for this, I will ask you later)
    • Heals for 65 every 0.25s for 5s.
    • Heals allies who are on crosshair (no healbot)

    How to use?

    • Focus on the frontline, or anyone who captures with him/her.
    • Heal any ally when he/she fights or when he/she goes to a fight.
    • Don't worry about cooldown management, just heal!

    download (1).jpg
    3- Gourd


    • Overall: Toss a potent alchemic gourd that explodes on the ground in a 25-unit radius for 4.8s. Allies standing inside the radius are Healed for 60 every 0.2s, while enemies are dealt 40 damage every 0.2s.
    • Projectile
    • Effected by gravity
    • Has a 10s Cooldown

    How to use?

    • Just like mending spirits, Focus on the frontline.
    • When someone outflanks you, throw it beneath you.
    • Try not to throw it in the wall, stairs, etc. Throw it in the ground.

    (You can use both gourd and mending spirits on a single ally if needed)

    download (2).jpg

    4- Slither


    • Quickly slither forward.
    • Slithers you for 54 units
    • Becoming damage immune and CC immune for the duration.

    How to use?

    • For escaping bad situations. (Like Having Low health while in the open)
    • To quickly position yourself.
    • You can use it in mid-fight to avoid enemy attacks.

    download (3).jpg

    Ultimate: Dread Serpent


    • Fires A dark vessel That explodes when it lands, or upon Reactivation.
    • Causing all opponents to become feared.
    • effects enemies in the 40 unit radius.

    How To use?

    • To fear a group of enemies in the objective/payload (Best porpose)
    • To protect yourself from flankers
    • To Help an ally in his combat (not very recommended)

    The ultimate can be used for groups or solo that is not what matters. The position of the teams is what matters. You should be using Damba Ult in the same fashion and PIP Chickens.... If no one can shoot the chickens then its a bad ult. -Shadowpuppy



    Spirits Chosen: Mending Spirits now heals allies 200 upfront.
    -Emmm not bad, maybe good if you want to heal in TDM

    alt text
    Ripend Gourd: Your Gourd no longer damages enemies, but it Heals for twice as much.
    Best Talent, This Made Damba OP

    Wekono's Wrath: Snake Toss (The attack after reload) deals an additional 500 damage, and increases Snake Toss Projectile Speed.
    Good Talent for damage damba (NOT FLANK DAMBA!) Much better with Deft hands

    Loadouts/Cards: (Click here for cards descriptions)

    My loadouts:

    #1: Survivng loadout: (To stay alive as long as possible)
    Fleeting lvl 3 (To use slither more often)
    Eerie presence lvl 4 (if you missed a heal it wont take long to cooldown)
    Incorporeal lvl 2 (To sustain)
    Possession lvl 4 (To sustain)
    Ritual Magic lvl 2 (To sustain)

    #2 Heal Talent
    Eerie presence lvl 3 (Same as above)
    Swift spirits lvl 2 (mostly for flanks, they need mobility)
    Many gourds lvl 4 (More gourds)
    Feed the spirits lvl 4 (More healing, heal the teammates with a high chance of kill to be more useful)
    Possession lvl 2 (Same as above)

    #3 Damage Damba (Must be used with wekono's wrath)
    Snake pit lvl 4 (you need more speed)
    Feed the spirits lvl 3 (To restore cooldown easily, you need to slither and throw gourd beneath your more often if you want to play damage damba)
    Eerie Presence lvl 3 (Same as above, even if you are playing as damage you have to heal)
    Ritual Magic lvl 2 (you need to survive if you want to play damage, so heal properly)
    Sustenance lvl 3 (to survive too, if you are under 50% health, throw gourd beneath you)

    Didn't like the loadouts above? so here's a tips about damba's cards:

    Eerie Presence is a must pick, don't use lvl 5, lvl 4 is good enough, even the Damba legends use it (like me)
    Swift Spirits is also a main card for him, he needs at least lvl 2
    feed the spirits is recommended to use abilities more often
    possession and corporeal, they are both good for survivability
    sustenance, throw gourds beneath yourself if you are below 50%




    as all the supports, damba needs stay behind his team to heal them and to stay safe, also try to heal while staying near the terrain, you don't have to capture the objective, if the objective is empty, wait for your tank and stay in the out of sight of the enemies, if the your teammates has killed enough enemies and trying to push them away, don't blame the tank for not capturing the objective, now it's your job to capture it and heal you allies at the same time.

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    Edited, Just the items is still not done.

  • Whole heartedly surprised about:

    1. No DR card. His DR card is pretty much better HP card in 90% of the situations.
    2. Lack of Move Speed card for allies. This card is so helpful for your tanks.
    3. Eerie presence level 5? Level 4 is enough since you go Chronos 2 ASAP. Are you not rushing it while playing?

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    @TTraw well, this as I said my main loadout, I have another one with eerie presence 4 and swift spirits 3, I made this to focus on healing.

  • @a_a Okay. What about DR?

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    @TTraw I donโ€™t know what does DR stands for.

  • @a_a Oh, I am talking about the card that gives him {4|4}% Damage Reduction after healing his allies.

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    @TTraw Ok so you meant Damage reduction with DR..

    Ok, didnโ€™t think about this ๐Ÿ˜… I will use it instead of the health boost. Thanks.

  • @a_a Yep, it's super effective assuming you have ally healed.

    If you want to know your Effective Health (as in how much damage you need to take to die while having Damage Reduction) the recipe is:

    Health/100%- {DR %}.

    With this 1 pointer your Damba's effective health is about 2291 health, which is almost double the HP card. 5 points into this card adds equivalent of 550 additional health, which is just nuts.

  • This post is deleted!

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    @TTraw Did you see this guide helpful overall?
    Because I am planning to make more guides for more champs in the future.

  • I play a bit of Damba so I mostly knew all these things, but it's probably a decent guideline for people struggling to grasp what to choose on damba if they're new.

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    @TTraw said in The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen:

    but it's probably a decent guideline for people struggling to grasp what to choose on damba if they're new.

    Yep wanted it to be for new people, because damba is difficult compared to other supports.

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    kay I'm not the best damba, and I should have written something about it a little earlier

    as this guide is great for beginners, it has several issues

    first as long as you're a healer damba, only use spirit's chosen

    doing damage is usually better than stunning, stun only if it really helps

    the gourd is great to heal somewhere you can't see, a highground higher than you are for exemple
    it's also great cause you can heal 2 places at once
    as you said throwing gourd on wall or stairs will make it bounce^^'
    the gourd is here to help with healing rotation, put it on point and go heal other people, kinda

    damba's dash is great, it avoids anything, great for avoiding any ult or huge burst

    your ult however I can't agree, it's almost never good to use it to fear a group of enemies and almost always best used to fear only one, either to save yourself or to help an ally to kill someone or to kill him faster

    in terms of loadouts

    eerie presence 5 is way overkill, 4 is the go to, some run it at 3 if they are very confident in their aim ^^ pros run it at 4 to be sure to always be able to heal even if they miss
    feed the spirits is utterly useless
    50 health is a nice filler
    many gourds is nice
    ritual magic is kinda useless
    I'd suggest to use the card increasing allies speed at lvl 3 or 5
    and to use the damage reduction card at 3-4 depending on the speed card

    then about items

    never use healing items
    some caut will always be better once you max chronos / deft hands (or 2 lvls them, depends on the game) morale boost almost always better than nimble or master riding on damba (except on huge maps like ice mines maybe) more dr with haven or blast shield is always good no matter what champ you are playing
    even bulldozer can be useful if facing annoying deployables like turrets or luna

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    @TangAce Well because I am not a native english speaker (like you maybe idk) I can't mention everything about him, So I made a guide that suits beginners better, also this loadout as I said to TTraw is for focusing on healing and cooldowns, I don't use healing items except the kill to heal item, I use feed the spirits and kill to heal because I get a lot of eliminations. also I use the ultimate for both protecting myself and fearing a group of enemies.

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    I'm not a native english
    then it's up to you, but it would be good for the guide to modify things a bit, then to maybe suggest things for brand new players, but a guide should really present the best things a champion has to offer

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    Updated! (Still cards and postioning)

  • The Ultimate is pretty versatile.

    You and TangAce are both correct and incorrect on several items.

    The ultimate can be used for groups or solo that is not what matters. The position of the teams is what matters. You should be using Damba Ult in the same fashion and PIP Chickens.... If no one can shoot the chickens then its a bad ult.

    • TangAce is correct that you can solo ult and kill pretty much anyone in the game but if you are having to do that a bunch you are already failing at positioning your healer correctly. You should not need to be burning your ult just to survive some flank attack.

    • This ult is so good vs Term, Fernando, Khan, Vivian as it will make them drop the shield. If they wait to long to shield up you ult them and they die. Ult a Vivian after she puts up her shield will get her killed and out of her ult pretty much most of the time.

    • All the talk of ulting to kill people and the one item missed is probably the most valuable.

    Counter Ulting non CC immune champs, totally screws viktor and waste most of Tyras ultimate...

    • Ulting to prevent a tank from touching point to win the cap

    • TangAce is correct that attacking is better than stunning.
      Damba generates 2.5% ultimate per hit, 10 rounds is 25% of your ultimate charge
      Mending Spirits gives 0.53 ult per second , so 2.65% per 5 seconds
      Gourd does 0.53 per second as well so 1 person is 2.65 per 5 seconds as well
      Damage Gourd gives you 1.12 so 5.6 per 5 seconds

    As you can see if you do not attack its going to take an eternity for you ultimate to generate.

    • TangAce "feed the spirits is utterly useless"
      This is just bad info, this card is not useless, it is quite good however it depends on your team to take advantage of it.
      If your healing and those people are getting kills, all your cool downs are getting chopped by allot.
      However if your team is not killing things then you are not getting value out of it. The main problem with it is you need to give up some other sustain card to use it , so if your not good at staying alive already this may not be the card for you.
      I dont think damba can afford to run it at a 5 but 3 maybe 4 is pretty good.

    The key point here is you dont have to kill anything for this card to work, only heal the correct people at the correct time to get credit for the elimination

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    @Shadowpuppy thanks for sharing information. I know that the ult is versatile, but I forgot what is the "more uses" you mentioned, I will include it in the guide.

    and I am sure that I missed some important information to include in the guide. ๐Ÿ™„

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