The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen

  • @a_a Okay. What about DR?

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    @TTraw I don’t know what does DR stands for.

  • @a_a Oh, I am talking about the card that gives him {4|4}% Damage Reduction after healing his allies.

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    @TTraw Ok so you meant Damage reduction with DR..

    Ok, didn’t think about this 😅 I will use it instead of the health boost. Thanks.

  • @a_a Yep, it's super effective assuming you have ally healed.

    If you want to know your Effective Health (as in how much damage you need to take to die while having Damage Reduction) the recipe is:

    Health/100%- {DR %}.

    With this 1 pointer your Damba's effective health is about 2291 health, which is almost double the HP card. 5 points into this card adds equivalent of 550 additional health, which is just nuts.

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    @TTraw Did you see this guide helpful overall?
    Because I am planning to make more guides for more champs in the future.

  • I play a bit of Damba so I mostly knew all these things, but it's probably a decent guideline for people struggling to grasp what to choose on damba if they're new.

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    @TTraw said in The Guide to The Wekono's Chosen:

    but it's probably a decent guideline for people struggling to grasp what to choose on damba if they're new.

    Yep wanted it to be for new people, because damba is difficult compared to other supports.

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    kay I'm not the best damba, and I should have written something about it a little earlier

    as this guide is great for beginners, it has several issues

    first as long as you're a healer damba, only use spirit's chosen

    doing damage is usually better than stunning, stun only if it really helps

    the gourd is great to heal somewhere you can't see, a highground higher than you are for exemple
    it's also great cause you can heal 2 places at once
    as you said throwing gourd on wall or stairs will make it bounce^^'
    the gourd is here to help with healing rotation, put it on point and go heal other people, kinda

    damba's dash is great, it avoids anything, great for avoiding any ult or huge burst

    your ult however I can't agree, it's almost never good to use it to fear a group of enemies and almost always best used to fear only one, either to save yourself or to help an ally to kill someone or to kill him faster

    in terms of loadouts

    eerie presence 5 is way overkill, 4 is the go to, some run it at 3 if they are very confident in their aim ^^ pros run it at 4 to be sure to always be able to heal even if they miss
    feed the spirits is utterly useless
    50 health is a nice filler
    many gourds is nice
    ritual magic is kinda useless
    I'd suggest to use the card increasing allies speed at lvl 3 or 5
    and to use the damage reduction card at 3-4 depending on the speed card

    then about items

    never use healing items
    some caut will always be better once you max chronos / deft hands (or 2 lvls them, depends on the game) morale boost almost always better than nimble or master riding on damba (except on huge maps like ice mines maybe) more dr with haven or blast shield is always good no matter what champ you are playing
    even bulldozer can be useful if facing annoying deployables like turrets or luna

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    @TangAce Well because I am not a native english speaker (like you maybe idk) I can't mention everything about him, So I made a guide that suits beginners better, also this loadout as I said to TTraw is for focusing on healing and cooldowns, I don't use healing items except the kill to heal item, I use feed the spirits and kill to heal because I get a lot of eliminations. also I use the ultimate for both protecting myself and fearing a group of enemies.

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    I'm not a native english
    then it's up to you, but it would be good for the guide to modify things a bit, then to maybe suggest things for brand new players, but a guide should really present the best things a champion has to offer

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