Champion Overview: Sha Lin

  • I think his talents are almost balanced, I just find Desert Shadow a little bit underpowered and I don't understand why should all of his talents give dmg bonus, while this talent was a great sealth buffer. He is among the weakest champions in the game and nerf ing his oP card would touch him very hard, so he also needs a base kit buff. His intresting skills has incredible long cooldowns: reduce them would be a cool buff and make funnier to use, not just shoot all the time...

    Desert Shadow has 250dmg bonus in each 15s. At most a little bit more often if you have cd reducer cards in the loadout. It's still few. I suggest to remove the dmg bonus and add some other kind of bonuses to the skill: Deser Shadow: Withdraw has 2s longer sealth and 50% longer leap distance.

    Watch, Lian has a card, called Highborn what gives {3|3}% permanent speed bonus. Ppl use it. Why Sha Lin has the same card with {5|5}%?? I just can't find any reason why is the speed boost as worse for Sha as he would need such higher bonus as he has. All of the permanent speed bonus cards should have {3|3}% bonus what works for Lian: ppl use it but not everyone, and not on max level all the time.

    Sha Lin is the champion who just simply shoots all the time, because his skills has so high cooldowns. He is an intresting champion coz of his skills and could be more intresting if he hadn't get such higher cooldwon times than the other champions. I suggest to reduce the cd of Withdraw and Planted by 3s.

    Lastly his Planted is a realy risky skill, coz it roots him. Standing still make you predictable, ez to get cover against and even more easier to shot down. I think this is why Imani's Pyre got a base speed bonus... Sha Lin's Long Blow shots deal 1000dmg. Why Planted deals just 800/hit? If it dealt 1000/hit too, it would be strong enaugh.

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    @KicsitCsicska Fully agreed, Sha lin needs a serious buff, He is very easy to kill.

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    @a_a Though Anyone can easily take his kill
    (lol I mentioned myself)

  • I might be alone on this, but I am afraid on any Sha Lin buffs they give him. Dude has access to most bull stun mechanic in the game, invisibility, and really strong burst.

    Making him popular will only make my in-game experience so much worse.

    That being said, I don't like him being in this underpowered state he is. He has both low winrate AND pickrate, which suggests me he is pretty much garbage character right now.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind Recurve going into base kit. It's such a little bonus to his DPS anyway, while not really doing anything to make him feel more interesting. His F has a stupidly long cooldown too, maybe cut 2 or 3 s off his escape. Then I think he'll be fine.

    Now, to replace his Recurve, I was thinking about a talent that let's him spawn his Mirages back, but this time give them bulldozerable HP so that they can take a hit for Sha Lin. Now that's an interesting talent.

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    I don't think Sha'Lin needs all too much of a buff. I think giving Withdraw an actually decent cooldown (12 seconds?) and maybe increasing his health to 2200 should be enough. Also the FPS drops are a problem.

  • Tbh imo...
    Just fixing his HP to be balenced and withdrawl CD be slightly more reactive would be a minor change to put him back in line after the stealth nerf.
    Sha should at least have the Similar HP as Cassie... He's the second lowest hp male champion aside from Talus...What does that make Sha some sort of sissy manlet... In the current hitscan environment I would expect Sha to take brutal ranged damage compared to the champion environment a while ago, which would cause more pressure on planted as his only dominant team fight tool A small amount of HP would just provide a tad more player durability, and remove some of the player lethality while fighting others who perform well at long range.

    Imo.. Sha's team fight potential is pretty garbage, his current kit design and talents posess no real utility other then building a kit for an ability that is focused around single target damage burst. Talents should be viable cases to hault and hinder enemy synergy and implore the enemy to change tactics as a team... not sha's talents just make it a bitch to fight sha lin if you do not get an advantage as a squishy.

    Sha has some pretty jank abilities.. impale... has its jank... the stun itself can be retarded... the knockback... totally wonk in certain cases... this is the poster child for one of the most buggy abilities in a game with latancy... its cries out to be reworked to something that effects the enemy in a similar way, but can work on a team synergy level...
    Something like single target Cripple or Root CC effect to combo off extended enemy exposure... or his Explosive Arrows Burn Targets within blast area for a duration of time to combo with Planted DPS as well as provide a window of Burning DoT Reveal to fight around terrain, suppressing enemy self healing, adding utility to pressure enemies holding up around terrain more then it does now as an additonal single target burst ability.

    Aside from all of that, sha can still hold up as a worthy champion, he just needs a fresh coat of paint so he can rain hammers on his foes once more, thats my thoughts anyway...

  • Sha Lin definitely needs buff, without recurve his DPS is too low, only a 1000 every 1,5 seconds. Strix deals 1200 in pretty much the same time, when he is a hitscan and he deals more damage in general. They should at least buff his health to 2200, and put Recurve into his base kit. AT least this. Because currently Sha Lin is a bad version of Strix and Cassie. You need to hit every single shot or you'll be too ineffective. He is high skil mediocre reward, whereas characters like Willo or Strix are low skill
    extremely high reward. There is no reaosn whatsoever to pick Sha Lin if you can just pick Strix or Cassie, he is easily countered by illuminate, and unless you are hugging walls all game you shouldn't be stunned too often.

  • His speed card is definitly OP, but based on Strix is better in every aspects maybe the movement speed could be the only thing what Sha is better in. Lower speed could make him even worse.
    What about just nerf that card and add 20% speed boost into his base kit?

  • Sha needs something that won't make him a worse version of Strix, that's the 1st thing, secondly I think that Sha needs a base DPS increase. Without recurve it's a 1000 damage every 1.5 seconds, which is very poor, considering it's a projectile that isn't trivially easy to hit. With recurve it's a 1000 damage every 1.275 seconds, which still isn't a lot, considering Strix deals a 1200 hitscan every about 1.2 -1.5 seconds (depending on how fast you scope in). I'd increase his fire rate by 10%, so it's a 1000 damage every 1.35 seconds. This would already be a big increase in quality of life for Sha. With Recurve it'd be a 1000 every 1.1475 seconds, which is pretty acceptable if you compare it to Strix. This would be really nice of a buff, or put poise 5 in his base kit. The slow is a bit annoying, he feels a bit slowish. Apart from that I like Sha, a character that requires good aim (strafing and tracking skill) and isn't as braindeadly op and basic as Willo or Strix

  • @schachmaty I absolutly agree and watch the thing from the same viewpoint! Strix has better dmg in each range, he can melt flankers as well easily. I didn't write overview about him (and vik), but I think if he has such good close range dmg and almost double fire rate than Kinessa (with max charge of course), than Strix' sniper dmg should be reduced to 1000 and Sha Lin's should be buffed to 1100 in order to keep the balance between these chamions.

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    sha lin is ok on a good sniper but his hitbox scan on his arrow can hit any player on any corner even their not even popping out.

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