Shattered Essence affected by cauterize? (Raum)

  • Raum's card Shattered Essence (Soul Fragment gathered Heals you for {20|20}). Is it affected by caut or not? It's not clear enough if it stacks to Raum's base or secondary health. While testing it the training ground it gave me 300 hp for each soul collected, but in game it is not working properly I think. I've seen weird numbers for each soul collected, from basic 200, 210 (with only caut 1 and 2 in enemy team) to some weird numbers, and sometimes 300 as it should be.

  • @cunga13 210 health sounds right for caut 1.

    I heard his bonus hp is uncauterizable, in that case, my guess is that it works as follows:

    if you drop below Soul Health (or whatever it's called) this card is affected by caut, if you go above your normal health and move into soul health this card is uncauterizable.

    At least that's what I think it is. I never played him, just applying human logic here.

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