Greetings from Spain!

  • Hello there, I'm Dany!

    Since the game was released I've been playing quite long but some patches shutted down my account twice, so my profile is not very "experimented" and I've not been playing like 1 year, but... HEERE I AM hehe 😄

    So as a little introduction, I can say I'm very fan of MMORPG games, shooters and adventure games. Starting with the N64 with Ocarine of Time and Turok, next titles have been changing, but the spirit keeps.

    So in this game (and pretty much others) I usually play healer/support and tank characters, also some damage but with no-direct damage (like pulse damage, conditions or something similar, you know)
    I started with Pip and Fernando, who brings me a nice point of view about movility and jumping into battle.
    Nowadays I mean healer. Best as damba (cause is soooo versatile) Ying (copies well used is kind of headache) Grover (cause the axe RULES and plays like if you were Spiderman) or Pip, who is able to tank, support and damage all in same match (not often ok... almost I try 😉 ) so you can see, all old-school healers, cause the movement it's something important into the strategy of matches.

    As tank, Fernando as main, Inara as secondary option (really interesting vs a good Bombking, Drogoz, Meave or Evie) and Torvald, wich makes a great support with a good tank.

    So not more to say than I enjoy participating with community, with translation or role investigations, so I hope you to see me writing here and sorry about my english!
    As tank,

  • PC

    @Pimpollitoo Hello bud, I main Damba Too.
    Greetings from KSA

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