Kinessa: An in-depth discussion about her strong comps and team synergies

  • Among all the main snipers in the game, Kinessa brings out the most team synergy becuz of her mobility and the utility she provides through her One shot potential with eagle eye and her ult. It is the main reason i believe Kinessa is better than strix imo. First of all, I want to list out about all of her most suitable team comps from each role in a best to ok-ish order(similar to a tier list) and discuss about how each of them synergize so well with Kinessa later on.

    • Damage:
      -Tyra(Hunting Party)>Cassie>Imani>Lian
    • Flank:
    • Tank:
      -Atlas>Makoa>Inara>Ash>Torvald(Inara and Ash in the same team can be game changing with each of their ults combined with Kinessa headshot dmg and even better with Kinessa ult depending on how many players got stunned by either ult.)
    • Support:
      -Jenos>Grover(Deep Root talent)>Stun'Damba(any talent besides Curse)>Seris>Io (Jenos and Tyra with hunting party in the same team along with Kinessa is another tide turner depending on the kinessa players aim as it re-enables her 1 shot 1 kill burst to the head and Kinessa can easily burst flanks as long as they are marked by Tyra.)
      And now that im done talking about her best comps, im gonna talk about why they are good with Kinessa besides the champs ive already talked about.
      -Cassie and Lian: They are both duelists and can deal with flanks quite well. Cassie dmg has no falloff and her burst can combo nicely with Kinessa. Her impressive burst can make bodyshotting during Kinessa ult pretty effective when the opportunity presents itself and Cassie ult can make it easy for Kinessa to pick off squishies right when they expose themselves. Besides Cassie ult, Lian can do most of the things Cassie does well with Kinessa but to a lesser extent becuz her weapon has high dmg fall off at long range.
    • Imani: In comparison with Cassie and Sha lin, She has good burst similar to both of the champs. But she cant deal with flankers so easily. Her CC with Frost Bomb somewhat compensates that drawback and Kinessa can easily headshot the players rooted by Imani.
      -Skye: Kinessa is a high priority target to the enemy flanks, so becuz of Skyes low mobility she can spend some time picking off the flanks that are trying to dive Kinessa while turning the fight to a 2v1. Other than that, Skyes tank melting burst combined with Kinessa's eagle eye talent can kill off tanks under a second due to large head hitbox with proper coordinated target prioritization.
      -Evie: Evie has the highest mobility in the entire flank class and the champ with one of the best harassing potential getting good value out of Kinessa's bodyshots. Maeve can do it better but Evie's ult more than makes up for it as it synergises really well with Kinessa making room for an easy headshot while they are slowed and crippled.
      -Maeve: The burst from her cat burglar talent in succession with a 1200 body shot can finish off the majority of the backline champs. Even without this talent she can pull off her combos with most burst characters and Kinessa is one of them. Maeves ult synergises with any character becuz they cant see u at a short distance.
    • TANK-
      -Atlas: His setback can really save kinessa when getting dived by flanks and his ult makes it much easier for her to hit headshots.
      -Makoa: Kinessa can easily kill backline or flanks hooked by him and is quite strong for an ability.
      -Torvald: He is more of a support than a tank. His shielding can save her in some situations and the nerfed version of his dmg amp talent is still good for her oneshot potential(There are better picks that outshine him but its still a nice synergy).
    • SUPPORT-
      -Grover: In smaller maps, Grover using his Deep Roots talent is a montrous pick especially with Kinessa and can make her strong even in one of her worst maps Brightmarsh. In the hands of a really good kinessa player, she can make good use of grovers talent even when resilience 2 is bought. Without Deep Roots, a good Kinessa can mostly finish backlines crippled by him but is not as effective and only works strongest in smaller maps.
      -Mal'Damba: He is one of Kinessa's best synergies becuz of his stuns and in the right hands, can be really good even when using Wekono's Wrath as long as he focuses healing more often. Kinessa can easily get value from the stuns like from most other CC heavy supports. His ult is game-changing too + any dps or tank can make good use of it.
      -Seris: At the start of a match, her healing can save Kinessa most of the time and her ult has a good synergy with her headshots+ ult depending on the number of people it pulled out. And since Seris ult is good but not as good as the ult of other supports due to specific counters, resilience wont be used as much. She is also underrated in high brackets becuz shes considered a complete healbot and is considered to be easily countered with caut. The truth is her soul collector talent turns her into a powerhouse under a min or so and can scare off flanks which gives Kinessa some space when near each other.
      -Io: The main synergy that Io has with Kinessa is Luna's stun every 15s later that gives Kinessa constant kill opportunities or burst tanks easier. Kinessa can also pick off enemies affected by Io's ult which is good as long as shes not busy getting dived or out damaged.
      Thats just about the end of the discussion about her best comps and her team synergy with other champs. I also want to say that Strix is better than Kinessa overall but in comps with decent cc, Kinessa simply outshines Strix due to how much kill potential she has when she synergises her headshot dmg or her ult with CC based ults and even with champs that have CC in their abilities aside from the ults.

  • "Kinessa simply outshines Strix due to how much kill potential she has when she synergises her headshot dmg or her ult with CC based ults and even with champs that have CC in their abilities aside from the ults."

    No, just no. Strix, having no damage fall-off + being able to quickscope + having cc + being able to MELT even tanks with unauthorized use is why Strix is definitively better than Kinessa. Nessa has to devote precious cards to make her transporter even semi-tolerable if she is to have her damage talents, whereas strix just has cards to make what's broken even more absurd.

  • Sorry, but you clearly have never faced a good Strix player yet. Strix is just straight up better, he has more fast burst, he can quick scope which allows him to react to flanking attempts better. The stealth is very useful, on long range illuminate doesn't help them what so ever, and on short range they'll eat the 2400 flare and balanced combo. In sniper duels Strix will always win due to the invisibility. Strix literally counters the entire flank class, generally Strix counters every champion in the game besides maybe Ash. Ash can easily flank him with her 5k HP, her braindead 90% DR and her auto win ultimate.

  • PC

    I pretty much stopped after the first sentence.

    This seems like utter gibberish to be quite frank. Kinessa better than Strix? lol? Strix is straight up better in pretty much every single possible way aside from mobility.

  • To all of you that replied about Strix being better than Kinessa, its true. I didnt say Kinessa is like BETTER than Strix but more like she can do better than him in certain comps that have good CC. The part on Strix and Kinessa was just my opinion. The first sentence regarding strix and kinessa was a bit too direct and misunderstood(mistake on my part). Now i just want to clear out my point on why I think she can do better than Strix in those comps(And yes Strix is much better than Kinessa overall). Take a look at a few of my examples. For instance,

    1. You are going to be dived by a flank and are in trouble. A good Damba player can stun him and the both of you together can finish him off easily or force him to use his escape. He can also stun others like tanks. Thats a team synergy and also helps her out to deal with her main issue that is, she is easy to flank.
    2. The enemy team is on the cap and the Inara used her ult in your presence and stunned 4 people on point. You can follow up using your own ult and pick off atleast 3 people easily while they are stunned by doing headshots. That would be half of their team dead and the other 2 people can easily be dealt with by your team or force them to retreat. Thats game-changing and also another really good team synergy with Kinessa.
      Kinessa can only do better than Strix when fitted to the right compositions like Inara, Damba, Cassie etc in the same team. Strix is better than her overall and doesnt need all that teamplay to be so effective and needs a hard nerf.
      @Heartstrife I dont have much to say to you but that by the words "simply outshines" i meant she can do much better than Strix at that specific situation where a player uses his ult and you take advantage or also combo that with your own ult if he got more than 2 players I didnt say She is better. Strix is better than Kinessa overall.
      @schachmaty Like I said Kinessa is not better than strix at all but only comes close with the right compositions. One thing that Kinessa does better than Strix is she can escape getting dived completely even at low health and even against 2 players, Strix cant do that and also can only fight 1v1s at full health. Its up to the dmg dealer to leave him vulnerable for flanks to finish him. Kinessa should never duel Strix. The one exception is when your flanker is ready to dive him. Just let him bodyshot you as you do the same to him and the flanker can do the rest. Also the best way to deal with him is to pick him off when he is not dueling you. This makes it easy to 1 hit him or follow-up on a half charged shot giving him less time to react. One shotting him when he is not dueling you is usually not too hard for good players but even if u cant, he will still have a hard time taking aggressive angles which gives flanks more opportunities to flank him without getting bursted down completely.
      Lastly, I dont think Kinessa is better than Strix(she is not). I think Kinessa can do much better than him ONLY when she is playing with her best team comps.

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