Drathon the sworn protector

  • Lore: after another god joined the Resistance, Karne realised, that the Magistrate is about to lose control. People gladly help the one they praise, however unjust their cause may be. The Grand Magister sent his best men to seek for anything, that can raise moral of soldiers and make Realm's people loyal. They found it - a long forgotten sanctuary of Realm's sworn defender, a god of sun and fire, Drathon. Eon ago the gave an oath to protect the Realm from threats. Now he's summoned again and allied with the Magistrate to protect the Realm once again... This time from itself.

    Drathon is a huge man with black long mane, short beard and moustaches. He has severe facials, though he smiles a lot. He wears no armor, except a right scale shoulder guard, length down to his elbow. He has a half-skirt and a short mantle-like cape. There are sandals on his legs. He uses a buckler and Daybreak as weapons.

    He remembers Io and have warm feelings to her
    Killing Io:
    "I... I'm sorry, my dear"
    "A bitter success..."
    Meeting Io:
    "Io! Long time no see! Howdy?"

    He doesn't like Jenos, since he wasn't the part of the pantheon at a time Drathon appeared in last time
    Killing Jenos:
    "Bah, anyone can call himself a god theese days!"

    Drathon taunts some of his own ranks as well
    Killing Lian:
    "Kneel? Ahahaha!.. No."
    Killing Khan:

    Overall, he enjoyes the whirlwind of a fight, often laughing and taunting in process.

    Has 4500 health and 360 move speed

    [LMB] Daybreak - a flaming spear, that deals 450 damage every 0.85s to first enemy hit. Each spear impales an enemy it hit for 5s increases damage taken by next spear by 100 up to 750.

    [RMB] Impact - throws his mighty buckler to bounce between enemies in 50ft range, dealing 400 damage. Upon returning gains 15% damage reduction per every unique champion or deployable hit. Stacks up to 5 times and lasts 5s. Has 14s CD.

    [Q] Retaliate - for 4s copies and returns all damage taken back to attacker. Damage return before all reduction. Damage type stays the same. Has 15s CD.

    [F] Collision - after a brief 0.8 s delay, charges shield forward, stunning and dragging along all enemies on the way. Deals 400 damage. Has 16s CD and range of 60ft.

    [Ultimate] Skirmish - for 4s makes enemies within 35ft around you to stop and attack you. This effect is an aura around you, rather than a debuff on enemies. Enemies can be affected or lose the effect once they enter or leave taunt radius.
    I challenge you! // Care to dance?!

    Sun blaze - Daybreak explodes in small radius
    Ready, willing and able - you receive 30% more healing during Retaliate
    Pinpoint - Collision stuns enemies for 2s more