Using This Subforum

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    Hello Champions! 👋 This is a rundown of the most important things to keep in mind when using the Gameplay & Strategy subforum.

    This subforum allows users to share and discuss strategies, tips, tricks, and more! If you want to share a guide, counter, or ask a question, etc. this subforum will allow you to do it!

    Allowed Topics
    We allow any topics related to improving the gameplay of a user. Please note that this is not a feedback subforum (you can find the Gameplay & Balance Feedback subforum by clicking here)

    This subforum has three pinned post (excluding this one).

    This subforum is all about improving in the game! If you're a very experienced player, go ahead and share your knowledge. If you're a newer player, find some information here and ask some questions. If you're just in the middle, there's still lots that this subforum can offer for you. No matter where you lie on the spectrum, we hope to see you trying to improve and sharing your knowledge. 🙂

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