A questions about some settings

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    Can someone please answer these questions?

    • What is the D3D11
    • What is Anti-Aliasing
    • What is Vertical SYNC
      I hope someone can answer me these, since I downloaded paladins on PC these settings still mysterious to me.

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    First: Direct X Version 11. Direct X is a multimedia API. BTW, Windows 10 is actually DX 12. Some people claim they have to disable it for crash issues. I have it enabled on my Win 10 PC with no issues.

    Second: It's a smoothing/blending technique to reduce jagged edges. I prefer it off or lowest setting as I don't like the effect that much. Use the lowest setting that is pleasing to you - lower will have less FPS impact as well.

    Third: This is supposed to Sync the frame rate with the refresh rate of your monitor. The purpose is to reduce or eliminate artifacts/tearing. If your monitor doesn't have this ability or not compatible version with your video card then turn it off. There are two types that I know of: Free-Sync and Nvidia's Adaptive VSync(G-Sync). The video card and monitor both have to support the same type for it to work. I have a Nvidia card and a Free-Sync monitor. That combo does not work together so I have Vertical SYNC turned off. There is also a possibility that enabling that option can cause some extra input delay. Tbh, I rarely experience artifacts or tearing on my PC so I don't care. I believe the tearing/artifact issues are more noticeable if your frame rate is below 100 FPS or varies excessively.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks @DaddyOoker, you even explained when to use them 😄

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