Champion Overview: Willo

  • Willo's only viable talent is Blastflower. Scorn can work against tanks, but Nightshade (what used to be OP) got too hard nerf, so it's already trash. I suggest to buff Nightshade's dmg from 500 to 700 and Scorn's from 350 to 400. Let's make all of her talents viable 😉

    Card: She's got two OP cards and many weak ones.
    She has blast dmg so she can have tons of eliminations. This is why Just Believe! is realy stong for her. I suggest to reduce its scaling from {10|10}% to {8|8}%.
    If you can use flutter before dmg taken, Spritely is OP in your hands. I suggest to nerf its scaling from {5|5}% to {4|4}%, cuz this is what everybody just uses...
    Nectar just has too low healing compared by Seedlings long cooldown time. It would be worth to use with a {100|100} scaling.
    The same for Hijinks. The {75|75} scaling would be balanced to this. Heal card are often underpowered, just because cauterize exists. These aren't help you in combat, and you can be healed, or can wait for selfreg out of combat. 50 heal/point realy doesn't changes anything.
    Antics as a low reload speed scaling: If you need more ammo just use Hummingbird... Antics could be a viable concurent card with {7|7}% scaling.
    Fauna: Flutter can reposite you out of combat. The speed doesn't make much sense, cuz Willo isn't a flanker, she doesn't have to go too far. But this card could be still viable with a higher bonus: {12|12}%.
    And at last here are the stand-inside-deadzone card. Waste your deadzone for yourself isn't a great idea. If you do it, you need high bonus for compensate the loss. This is why these kind of card can be useful only on max level. These lvl1 form makes no sense, cuz 10% speed bonus but lose the deadzoning is just worst than use the Deadzone for heal preventing. The selfheal type card makes no sense even on lvl5. So I suggest to change their scaling and buff the heal-in-deadzone card:
    Shenanigans: Change the scaling from {10|10}% to {16|8}%.
    Pixie Dust: Buff the scaling: {50|50} -> {120|60}

  • Simple elim reset and max DR card user players came here for downvote 😂 😂

  • @Nero-di-seppia Less DR and less cd reset realy makes her overbuffed? Or nerf her unused weak talents would make her overbuffed? After the renerfs came up in the next patch? Let's face the facts:

    She will get renerf on her dmg fall off and mobility. these are hard nerfs.
    I suggested to nerf both of her meta cards!! It's also a decent nerf.
    And buff the ununsed talents. Do not complain about her force anymore, she was underpowered for ages. She is the easiest conterable champion by flankers anyways.

    Willo is a damage dealer champion with 500dmg/0.75s. It is reidiculously low. SHE DOES NEED TALENTS WITH DMG BUFFS.

    And what about cards you never used. Like Pixie Dust? Don't you think it needs a buff? Why everybody complaining only about the meta and don't give a *** about the whole kit? I answer myself: Many players just don't wanna face against OP things, but do not care about the variety, the wide of the viable tools. Balance means the later, not the earlier definition.

    If you guys, 3 downvoters realy care about her balance lets talk about how often do you use Pixie Dust, Nectar or Fauna. And why don't use them more often 😄

  • @KicsitCsicska
    Just Believe! is one of the most important cards that makes nightshade( and maybe scorn) more viable. Reducing its scaling is a nerf to them as well and your 700 dmg buff to nightshade basically makes it similar to old nightshade when it was op while also making it a flank buster having a potential of 2200 burst dmg when doing a combo. She shouldnt have that much burst for a dmg thats supposed to be weak against flanks. I wouldnt mind a nerf to her dr on flutter but shes gonna be nerfed and touching it now is not the best idea.

  • @SNIper-poTAto Who could have burst dmg if not the damage dealers? You said that the Just Believe! will also nerf it a little bit too. The old OP form had 800 dmg, the 500 dmg is trash. The blaanced form is somewhere between them.
    And Flutter should be used for fly, not for be tanky.

    Scorn and NightShade should be viable just because the bonus these have, not bec she use a card on high level for buff the talent... Cuz it keeps the card OP.
    OP things shouldn't be kept for balance underpowered things. Because it decreases the viable combinations. You have to use Just Believe!. Underpowered things have to be buffed, and the OP things have to be nerfed. This is what I suggested to do.

  • @KicsitCsicska
    flanks, off-tanks and hybrid supports can have some forms of burst dmg with talents as well. I dont have much to say but i want to mention that the 500 dmg from the current nightshade has fall-off based on whether the player was a bit more further away from the blast radius capping near 200 dmg and based on number of people hit due to how jarring the effect of deadzone is applied which is absurd. It should not have dmg fall-off based on radius. Removing that fall-off will make it more consistent.

  • It doesn't feel right to give Willo any kind of buff honestly. She is the champion with the highest winrate by far (around 60%) and I mostly see people pick Scorn not Blastflower. I just want to see her toned down a little bit.

    downvotes 😛

  • @Mubher I suggested to nerf both of her best cards what keeps her strong. I see, you just do not understand the thread.

  • @KicsitCsicska Well, I thought that was obvious. I have zero experience with Willo, which is why I don't have a strong opinion on the matter. What I'm saying that, based on the numbers, the suggested nerf to the cards seem to be insignificant enough to warrant a direct damage buff to her most used talent in exchange. The nerf itself does seem ok.

  • @Mubher As you know, buffing useless things to be viable doesn't buff the champion until you don't overbuff the thing. (Just increases the number of the viable loadout combinatios) But nerf the most used, OP cards will directly nerf the champion, becuase it nerfs the meta style what everybody uses.
    On high elo matches everybody uses Believe! and Spritely. I suggested to nerf them. But I didn't give too hard buffs for anything, so muc suggestion is a balance+meta nerf suggestion. It will make her weaker! But it will also make her equally 'weak' with the other cards not much more weaker.

  • So after the nerfs to her how do you feel about them? IMO I haven't played her enough to notice much about the falloff buff before the nerf but I do feel like her flutter was nerfed a bit too much. Ik before the nerf, the range on it was HUGE but now I feel like they might have over nerfed it a bit.

    At least she kept some of her other small buffs here but I still think she needs a buff to her ult since she can still be shot down easily by any hitscan champs. Im thinking of something like increased flight speed so she is harder to track and maybe a small dmg taken reduction to help counter the easy burst she can take by hitscan.

    Other than that though yea I think she really needs her other talents and cards viable just like many other champs that way we aren't stuck in the same boring meta cards for so long.

  • @TheNightBeyond I haven't tried her yet, but I saw a video about her. I also found her Flutter too short. To be honest I didn't suggest to nerf it at all: mobility is a good thing in a shooting game. Her damage fall off increasing makes more reason.
    But my suggestion is about balance her cards and talents. These haven't been changed and still unbalanced.

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