Info from KresnikTV stream about game future (Q&A with Adanas and Srixis)

  • @Dusklicious said in Info from KresnikTV stream about game future (Q&A with Adanas and Srixis):

    I don't have all that much faith in EM to fix their own game anyways,

    yeah, they also mentioned not making melee champs, and not going back on ob64 sometimes it's nice that they don't mean what they say, but sometimes it sucks.

    because most of the issues now, are things they caused in the past with some change late in the beta or even after that.

    yeah, erez and the old gang were not very helpful.

  • @Dusklicious in Jay's video he said EM wants to rework him, but with all the work they have to prepare for ss3, Torv will only be granted a temporary change so he will not be OP with Wrecker change, which I believe is the static change mentioned in this discussion. The ability rework will only happen later in the first half of ss3.

  • Interesting. Caut new scale might be 25% per level, maximum will be same as the old caut loadout cards. I'm concerned about the healing nerf though. If they make healing too weak, players will find it less fun to play supports.
    No champion similar to Evie, but in what sense? However, as long as they can make champion like Atlas, that's enough for me.

    • Cauterize and healing will also have nerf, so it is possible that healers will heal less and cauterization will no longer be a "must have" choice

    or they fucked it up completely making support not viable cause the healing output is useless.
    Nerf the fucking BURST FFS get higher DR! that would make caut no longer must have item

  • I know some players often go frontline but end up flanking, but making them weaker both in damage and in protection will only kill them, even if Wrecker is reduced why go with a weak champ that can only use spit for attacking when you have Vivian shield, Moji/Andro/Zhin barriers, Shielding Furia, and so many movement abilities with dmg reduction cards?

    Also less healing? I... can only agree as long as it doesn't makes the class useless, playing support already requires focusing too much on the healing and just a bit on the dmg/ccing, but the focus on healing comes mostly from how needed it is to sustain a fight, if the game had higher ttk and the healing a bit longer cooldowns I would be fine. I would also be glad if they get rid of healing talents and just add them to base kits/get rid of them completely, so at least the supports can focus on secondary ways to help (more cc, more dmg, more group control, etc.)

    Torvald I already lost hope of him being useful, had to be nerfed but current Torvald can barely hold himself in anything by himself (and Fernando too is weaker than other frontlines).

    What exactly they won't be taking from Evie? high damage and slow proyectiles, high skill ceiling, teleport and free flight...

    Overall although some changes seem promising others seem horrible in paper and only detailed stats can convince me that next season won't be about making all champions just a variant of Viktor with different outfits and 1-2 different abilities.

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    cassie not op....mmmmmhhh yeah why not, only a champ you always have struggle dealing with no matter what champ you are cause she's simply not op af weak af and easily counterable

    seriously, she can duel flankers, dmg, 1v1 tanks and ofc kill supports without a chill
    I'm not even near to being good with cassie but when I play her, I just feel broken cause she's not op yeah sure

    no more champs like evie...evie isn't even the hardest champ to play
    sure we need more champs like dredge and viktor, shall be easy enough for new players

    impressive how they don't care about what the actual players want, only care about future new players

    years we asking for matchmaking changes, for bot removal, ranked changes
    yet...we never hear em talking about that stuff

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    To address the whole breadth of what was discussed on the stream:

    Really looking forward to next update. Hopefully they don't pull an OB54 again. Seriously, that would be really bad.

    Evie was such a unique character though... ๐Ÿ˜ž

    I guess on the map thing that's sort of a good thing, though it will also likely mean that we won't get as many maps as often. Which I guess isn't bad either. Maybe they could actually "fix" this game.

    OK... Bulldozer's been in need of a nerf since about the time Imani came out, so that's good. Also the shield thing could be a good thing, it doesn't seem like it will make all that much of a difference really.

    Caut and healing are getting nerfed? That is one thing it sounds like they're getting right... ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ Of course that's as long as they don't screw it up...

    His abilities MUST change for him to be a viable point tank at this point though... His Q is downright unhealthy for the game and absolutely needs a rework. But hopefully in time they do the right thing.

    Those Ruckus changes... Are $#!+ and totally don't address his actual problems in any way whatsoever. ๐Ÿ‘Ž ๐Ÿ‘Ž

    Wormhole in Evie's base kit would be absolute cancer, so good on them.

    Cassie? Well-balanced? ๐Ÿคฃ She's literally the strongest damage character in the entire game by a long shot after Lian and Willo's nerfs, and probably the second strongest champion in the game on PC... ๐Ÿ‘Ž ๐Ÿ‘Ž

    Skye's abilities are definitely outdated so that's a good plan. Hopefully they give her actual verticality and some sort of ability that gives her durability like Andro Reversal, Zhin Counter (AND BILLOW), or Evie's Ice Block.

  • I would rewrite that Evie bit. It was moreso that the game would become overwhelming to deal with hypermobility with 10 Evie's flying around even on PC. So there might still come good mobility similar to Evie, Maeve and Koga.

    Edit: Skye also wouldn't want to be reworked, but rather buffed/power shifted. They don't want to take away beloved playstyles, but make the champions more diverse

    Other stuff to note from the stream:

    โ€ข A long section about Strix, why he's picked so much in PPL and why he's so good recently. Kresnik brought up that the stealth "nerf" (according to Adanas) is throwing people off and making it harder to hit him without fast rate shooting. The 2400 UU burst being too much and the feel of being shot without seeing him was mentioned. For nerfs the pistol is being looked at since it has the highest dps in the game.

    โ€ข Ways to nerf Lian Eminence, for example, making the width of the Presence the same as the left click.

    โ€ข Cassie not being nerfed with a lockout in her Q ability since it feels bad to play. Makes sense, she never needed it before. She and Lian are supposed to excel at long range so they might be made weaker against flanks. They're there to prevent deathball meta if I got that right.

    โ€ข Every champion will get something: The list is god damn huge. Took them about 10s just to scroll through the supports section. This is balance that will give everyone something like new cards and longer durations on effects like personal shields. Something everyone can get excited about for their main.

    โ€ข Tank shields will be killable without Wrecker more easily while also still being a good defensive too that doesn't evaporate in seconds with Wrecker. Goats is also going to be prevented. This will change a lot to find the right spot.

  • Lots of people here clearly do not play Torvald. Honest to god a buff to his health and shield would be enough to bring up his usefulness. Perhaps more ammo too. He can consistently gets the squishier classes to low health before having to reload. The guy is not in as worse shape as everyone claims he is.

  • @Goldentoad100 Yeah, he's okay as he is but just a bad support now. They even could increase the dmg dropoff since it was supposed to scale off from 200 instead of 180. They could easily buff what you said, buff Direct Current or Nullify, put his two shield talents into one, give him a better mobility card, remove Vital Grasp since it doesn't work and voila: Point tank!

    Also am I the only one that likes the healing output nerf? It's been OP in theory if no one buys cauterize. You almost never even fully get to use the healing since caut is always first picked.

  • @a_a Its also a nerf to cauterise so supports do need a nerf to their healing to compensate except for Ying's base kit. So healing would be more consistent rather than op and healbot playstyles will no longer be dominant in high elos(hopefully).

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    Honestly, that Cauterize and Wrecker nerf have been FAR TOO LONG overdue... that being said... nerfing the survivability of frontlines as well as the healers ability to sustain a fight may very well make the Burst meta even more prevalent than it already is...

    We wonโ€™t 100% know for sure until the changes are here and we can play with em for ourselves but I really hope the game doesnโ€™t devolve into mindless hold forward until the team that doesnโ€™t explode first wins, as that would frankly kill the game for me...

  • It's actually a myth that Evie is hard to play, she's actually really easy once you develop some aim and get the hang out of the playstyle. With Evie you won't be punished for bad positioning because you have enough mobility to escape any dangerous situation. With characters like Strix or Tyra you need to be very aware of your positioning so you don't get run into by Makoa, Khan, Atlas, Ash, etc.. Literally any other flank is harder to play (because Evie and Maeve are the only playable flanks at the moment, all the others have no range and get destroyed by Cassie, Lian, Strix, any tank, and no mobility)

  • @Lukash369 so they're nerfing healing and shields but they're NOT nerfing burst meta abominations like strix/lian/cassie? So basically we'll still die in 1 second to eminence shot + 2 auto aim or instant 2k damage from strix or 3 shots from big game cassie, but now we have even less time to recover in early game and even less time is given to us by shields.
    If they're not decreasing ALL damage (flanks and damages also) then nerfing healers and shields is ridiculously stupid decision.

  • And also the fact that they're not planning to add more mobile champs like evie or maeve for me means that they don't care about the game anymore and only care about casual players which is, to be honest, makes me really sad.
    Paladins used to be skill-dependant game with a lot of mobility, fast champions and fun matches, now the average game is all about hiding behind the walls, because if you're not hiding โ€” you getting bursted in 1 second. The game lost its fun, at least for me, if they're not changing the amounts of burst but just passively buffing it by nerfing shields and heals โ€” then this'll be the end of paladins for me.
    Well, now we can only wait, what "changes" will lian and strix see.

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    @Nero-di-seppia said in Info from KresnikTV stream about game future (Q&A with Adanas and Srixis):

    Oh god they really want their game to die!

    It's dying right now, but slowly

  • @Nero-di-seppia said in Info from KresnikTV stream about game future (Q&A with Adanas and Srixis):

    @schachmaty said in Info from KresnikTV stream about game future (Q&A with Adanas and Srixis):

    It's actually a myth that Evie is hard to play, she's actually really easy once you develop some aim and get the hang out of the playstyle. With Evie you won't be punished for bad positioning because you have enough mobility to escape any dangerous situation. With characters like Strix or Tyra you need to be very aware of your positioning so you don't get run into by Makoa, Khan, Atlas, Ash, etc.. Literally any other flank is harder to play (because Evie and Maeve are the only playable flanks at the moment, all the others have no range and get destroyed by Cassie, Lian, Strix, any tank, and no mobility)

    Evie mains:
    REEEEEEEEE , HoW DaRe yOu OfFeNd mY cUtE WaIfU...

    Like ...shut the f*** up, the wormhole spam is cancerous and close to braindead and the shots aren't even that hard to land.

    Btw, yes, flankers like CR androxus or talus are way harder to play

    True, I'm sick of Evie one trick ponys who think they're good. They should go ahead and try to make Androxus work in today's meta, which is next to impossible unless you hit every single shot and every single reversal and have 100% perfect positioning and decision making.

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    @schachmaty why do you think Androxus is low/mid tier at best... itโ€™s not entirely because he is bad... he is just like a lot of Mobility neutered flankers, high risk, low reward...

    Itโ€™s just better to play as a comps that can focus fire and blow up champs quickly over anything that takes any sort of semblance of skill/positioning to make a difference in a team fight...

  • Will these changes come in January? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • The next update is to be the largest update in the history of Paladins. There will be something for ALL CHAMPIONS!

    I am not confident if I am happy, or scared, that everyone will get touched. Something tells me those changes can be more of a miss than a hit. I actually like the balance of most champions, so hopefully nothing moves them from balanced to "broken". Most just need some internal balance changes so that they have more talents and cards that are used.

    • No champions similar to Evie will be created because they are too difficult to master and may affect the number of players.

    I am not sure how I feel about this. I don't think difficulty of a champion affects their pickrate. I think they think about it that way because Atlas got released and noone plays him. But it's not because of his difficulty, but how clunky his kit is and how mediocre his design is. He's still a tank after all.

    Io is one of the hardest supports in the game and they literally told us she is one of the most popular champions.

    I think one important thing to note is that they didn't mean never release super mobile champions. They meant releasing super difficult champions.


    • Shields will have less health, plus there will be changes to the wrecker and bulldozer.
    • Cauterize and healing will also have nerf, so it is possible that healers will heal less and cauterization will no longer be a "must have" choice

    Mixed feeling here. From what I've heard from interview, I assume they go very radical in this regard. I expect them to cut shield health by ~33% and make Wrecker go 10|20|30% or something.

    Most people got super excited and happy about it, but honestly? I don't really like the sound of it. Shooting shields is fking dreadful. Noone likes shields unless they are the shield wielders. I hate them will all my heart. In Overwatch I literally main character whose job is to deal with high amount of shield and it is STILL painful to just deal with the neverending shield spam that is Barrierwatch. One of reasons why I prefer Paladins more. I am scared that if shield counterplay that exists currently is almost completely removed, it will be Overwatch all over again, a.k.a not fun.

    They might just reduce it a little, like from 75% per level to 50% per level and I will be fine with it. I barely see people who pick wrecker 3 because wrecker 2 is almost always enough so that might end up being a good change. I am so worried tho...

    As for heal/caut nerfs. I know people on the forums/reddit/yt etc. got super happy after hearing it, but I am not. They mentioned that they will nerf healing by increasing cooldowns. Nope. I am not a part of this idea. I remember playing seris with 3cd cooldown heal in OB64 and it was just fking awful. Another idea their thrown was that the healing will keep their cooldowns but be reduced in half. In fking half. If I will need to babysit my low health Makoa with 4 casts of Mortal fking Reach Seris heals just to make him full health then I think I am done with this game.

    They said they want to change it because it is a must pick item. But how's nerfing the values gonna change it? You pick an item to counter something. If enemy has stealth you pick illu. If enemy team has CC you pick Resilence. If they have shields you buy Wrecker. Then why do they expect us to not pick Cauterize, no matter what numbers, when enemy has heals? The main difference between Caut and all those items mentioned is that you must have Healer on your team 100% of the time to have good time winning (because you don't have to wait 4s just to recover your health), with CC and Stealth not so much. Obviously, if healing is tied to one corresponding must-have role on the team, then of course it will be picked more than items that are tied to specific characters...

    There's a chance that it will not be as bad at it sounds, but as it currently stands, it feels like they either will turn our healing abilities into once-per-year abilities, which is just dreadful, or they will give us consistent healing abilities that are almost uncounterable by items.

    The second option is actually something that already exists in other games. In Overwatch your healing abilities are very weak but have no cooldown and 90% of the time they're tied to your weapon or your passive. And let me tell you that, this is the least fun class in the game hands down, coming from someone who has > 600h on Supports in Paladins. They're just dull, slow and boring. All they do is babysit people who took 1hp dmg and have no time to enjoy the game by themselves. And their healing doesn't feel any impactful at al. And because there's no counterplay to this healing, healing stacking is one of the most op things in the game.

    Obviously, there's a chance that this change will be healthy for the game, but I am super worried that it will affect the feel of Support class as a whole. Like, they could at least bring back old support health if they want to nerf their heals in literal half.

    I am scared because for the very first time in this game, supports can actually become 100% uptime healbots that feel like they achieve nothing. Please, handle it smartly...

    • Tanks will deal less damage (not all)

    Actually a good change. Tanks simply deal too much damage for their health values. Raum has 8k health and is supposedly doing 900dps, which is just ridiculous logic no matter how balanced he might be.

    • Torvald changes and an attempt to make him a point tank will not be a abilitys rework. Only numbers will probably change.

    I can't imagine how you can make him a point tank with only numerical changes, but whatever. But hey, at least people who play torvald won't feel thrown away in the corner by the rework who would change the way they play him. This is why I like that they try to help character first before reworking them. As a Symmetra Main in OW, I know how it feels when you lose your fav character forever.

    • Evie Talent - Wormhole never will be added to champion base kit

    I am fine with it. But maybe they should make base Blink CD 3 s and make Wormhole 4s CD, so that other talents can compete with it.

    • According to Adanas, Cassie is currently well balanced or in tier with the "Strong" champions, but certainly not OP as many players think.

    For the last time. JUST REDUCE HER BURST. Noone likes being killed in quarter of a second, doesn't matter if character is balanced or not. People ask for her nerfs because of the "fun against" factor, that is her burst damage. You can revert all her given nerfs for as much as you like, as long as her ttk is reduced. It's just not fun.

    The main problem now is, they nerfed everything EXCEPT her burst, that if they nerf her burst she will be thrown into trash compactor. Was it really so difficult to change her dmg so people can enjoy the game a little bit more, and keep everything else in her kit strong so that she can still compete? What a joke.

    • Skye abilities can be reworked in the future

    She doesn't need much of reworking. Rebalancing is the word I would like to see here. Just something that will make her not useless with illuminate. For example, buff her speed in hidden so that this ability still has some value even after illu 3 comes in. With other characters, even with illu 3 their abilities have value. Seris can't be damaged so illu 3 isn't as deadly for her, Sha Lin jumps backwards so his ability is still useful with illu, strix has 50% move speed card, etc...

    Overall. Not super thrilled for the season 3 balance changes, but I would love to be proved wrong... When it is actually coming?

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