Aspyx, the Ophidian deceiver

  • Lore: What can you tell about saurans? They are vicious, malicious and slithery. Like the chameleons they can change their color to escape confrontations. There’s more: their sinister gaze makes your skin crawl at fleeting glance and can significantly hurt you at long stare. The good thing – they are pretty uncommon in the Realm. The bad thing – one of them is already there. Aspyx, an ill-known suaran assassin, may be costly, but he has no equals in infiltration and eliminating targets as quiet as possible. His natural abilities make it easy for him to blend in with any crowd given, and his assassin skills assure the target’s demise. When the confrontation between the Resistance and the Magistrate arose, he stepped in, because in such conflicts there are always good money after bad.

    Appearance Aspyx is a sauran, a reptile-like creature with viper head, long coiled neck, green scales and a long flexible tail. He has four digital arms and legs, a pair of each. He wears dark assassins bodysuit with leather chest belt with pockets and a pistol holster. There are pair of fingerless gloves on his hands. He is tall, but his combat stance with spread legs and coiled neck makes him significantly shorter.

    Role - flank
    Health 2000
    Move speed 375

    [LMB] Silenced pistol – a stealthy semiautomatic weapon, that fires 500 damage bullet every 0.4s. Effective at short range. Has 8 ammo. Very quiet.

    [RMB] Terrorize – For 1.25s applies fear on single target. Doesn’t pass through shields. Cannot be used while Merger or Mimicry. Has 12s CD.

    [Q] Merger – in 0.85s copies selected enemy appearance. Attacks will break the disguise. Enemy can heal you via healing abilities, but skills that apply both damage and healing will only hurt you. While disguised enemy can’t select you with targeted abilities, like Void grip or Hunter’s mark. Enemy can still damage you. Has infinite duration, but CD starts only when Merger is canceled. Has 12s CD. Applies a dispel for both positive and negative effects upon entering and exiting the state. Your VGS remains unchanged and only allies can hear you.

    [F] Mimicry – Becomes invisible for a while. Moving during invisibility drains meter 15% per second. Meter regenerates 4% per second when you stand still. When ability is canceled it goes on 14s CD. Attacks will break the invisibility. You can use Merger without breaking Mimicry.

    [Ultimate] Basilisk’s gaze – for 4s damages for 750 damage per sec anyone, who looks at your direction (angle ~30 degrees). Damage passes through shields. This ability cancels Merger and Mimicry, and they cannot be used during it. You are slowed by 50% for the duration.
    ”Look into my eyes!”//”Sinister gaze!”

    Back stab - Pistol deals 40% more (700) damage from the back.
    Deception - Merger activates upon killing, coping appearance of victim, even if it's on CD.
    Atrocity - Terrorize applies in 20ft radius around hit location.

  • PC

    @JoeTheMoonwalker Isn’t Merger and mimicry OP a bit?

  • @a_a
    Meh, Merger doesn't allow you to do much, but moving around and picking time for attack. You still can be damaged by enemy attacks. Since there's no friendly fire in game it's easy for them to check if you are real ally or not. Mimicry last only 6s if you constantly moving. It takes 3.5 more time to regenerate the same amount of charge you use. You shall stand still during it, therefore might get detected. Also, illuminate makes you an easy target, if you try to regen your meter.