Graphics, maps and skin issues

  • First of all let's talk about graphics and maps

    My question is : WILL EVILMOJO CHANGE ENGINE?? If yes, will evilmojo reconsider old graphics?
    Graphics and maps two years ago were much more detailed , shiny , colorful and realistic... textures were awesome, expecialy on maps like serpent beach and jaguar falls.
    Sunbeams were shiny and bright , they made the ambient and the characters colorful and realistic.
    The animations also looked more fluid, ice walls on ice maps had high shiny phongboosts, lighting was colorful and amazing.
    Maps were also much more detailed, there were more trees, bushes, natural elements and more, they looked awesome even with low graphics.
    Invisible characters like skye and shalin had a better steath color, they weren't only transparent.
    Unfortunately beautiful maps like playload ones are gone, the others are now more empty and less detailed.
    Some were changed in terms of gameplay and now they feel awful to play in. Timber mill and frozen guard were changed in a bad way in ob68... timber mil had already problems with snipers and flank routes, why did hirez closed flank routes completely and added more cover for snipers?? This map is now hated and banned by everyone.
    Frozen guard has still problems with skybox and invisible walls... why the **** did they open ANOTHER flank route when we already have an open one??
    My issues with maps aren't only the bad changes and graphic problems.
    The maps feel so limited compared to overwatch ones, most of them are really open and poor of highground and secret spots, you should work more on them.
    Make them detailed and realistic again, fix invisible walls, add more spots and places to go. High quality maps and graphics will attract more players.

    What about skins?? Old paladins had also different skins.
    More recolors, weapon skins and accessories that could be combined with everything thanks to part and pieces that allowed you to combine different part of body (accessories, body and weapon).
    The design was simple but nice, there weren't a lot of epic skins...
    Now skins are changed but they have some problems.
    Some of them don't fit the style of maps, some of them don't look the default champion (cottontail seris is an example) and the few remaining recolors and accessories can't be combined anymore because of missing part and pieces system and other recolors removed.
    Many old players like me want more simple design skins like 2 years ago, try to please all players.
    I would be awesome to have part and pieces only on recolor skins and rare skins, they were created to make more combinations of different colors right??
    I know that part and pieces can't return for epic skins, I know that epic skins should be only a single piece.
    But please reconsider old design for skins, try to please old players too.. bring back old recolors and keep making simple skins like rare ones, try to add part and pieces where it's possible, it would improve customization a lot!

    My last problem are removed features that should comeback and new features that could make the game better.
    A lot of useful and intereting features were removed, I still don't get why because they were nice to see and they also improved the gameplay.

    Why no more shalin illusions?? There are many things that can result "confusing" for new players (like atlas shield, terminus siphon, items, some effects like CC, loadouts) but shalin illusions were absolutely fine.
    They were predictable, extericaly nice and well animated ...why did they removed them?
    There is no HP bar on them, no dmg numbers and they don't move... how can they be confusing??
    Bring them back pls, or at least during heat haze.

    Stealth bushes.
    They weren't that useful but neither confusing...
    New players were confused just because nothing was explained in the tutorial, there is only a little part that talks about them.
    So.. no stealth grass wasn't confusing.. it just needs to be mentioned in the tutorial
    It can also be more useful and "strategic" if added in better spots and maps, maybe by giving them more effects except stealth.
    Why deleting them?? The only cons they had is that they were barely used but they didn't bother anyone.
    They had potential , they just needed some work.

    Signs on enemies
    They were little adivices that told you what effect you applied on an enemy.
    If you shoot to someone and you have caut you'll see *cauterize , same thing with *stun *knockback and more.
    At least add an option that ables and disables them, they're rly useful imo.

    Why no more payload and survival?? Give them another chance, a lot of players would like to play them again instead of TDM and onsalught.
    And as I said before payload maps were awesome, it's a shame deleting them.

    Why no prerework grohk skin and cassie bow?
    Everyone received a prerework skin (skye, barik, viktor, ruckus, kinessa) but grohk and cassie didn't get anything.

    A very useful thing that I'd like to have in paladins is queue restrictions like characters bans and map selections.
    There should be an option for players that don't want to play in certain maps or against some characters.
    Add at least 2 character bans for casual, add a map selection like the tf2 one (so I can disable shattered desert lol)

    Last thing last, customizable portrait.
    I think we should be able to customize our champion's portait near the HP bar.
    So... except the default one , the one with blue blackground , we should be able to swap to a "beta" one, the one with white background.
    So add a beta portrait for every PRE OB62 champion (beta portrait should be available only for beta players)
    I would use the beta lex for sure because the actual one has a deformed face lol, but I won't never swap to beta evie because she was so ugly!
    Add also a portrait for skin owners.
    Example: if I'm using troublemaker skin I should be able to swap to a troublemaker portrait or keep the default/beta one.
    Don't add too many portraits tho, add a portrait only for old epic skins (basically the first 2 epic skins that a champion received should also get a portrait, 1 only for recent champions like koga or dredge)
    Add a customizable portrait for recolors and uncommon/rare skins(like alley cat , bravado, cangaceiro)

  • Wether or not they update the engine it would be nice if they do some heavy polishing runs on the maps and characters/skins, there's no reason to cater to potato PCs anymore, it's 2019 and if you can't run a game like this just upgrade your rig or find a less demanding game instead

  • I mostly agree with your changes. I completely despise Timber Mill ( I go afk whenever I get the map, except in Ranked), it could definitely use a rework. And I also don't understand why they removed the Sha Lin illusions. It fits really well with him, because these illusions are like mirages in a desert. And I would really appreciate if they would explain all the mechanics in the game. I've played the game a lot and I still don't know when overtime is being triggered and when it isn't. At which percentage do I need to touch the point to cause overtime?

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