Ghadah, Prisoner of the Abyss

  • Switch


    Prisoner of the Abyss
    Flank, 2000 HP
    Base Speed 400

    (The prisoner or spirit when not in use are bots can capture objectives and be healed).

    LMB: “Spirit Slash/Thief’s Pistol”
    (Your normal attack and you spirit forms) Spirit Slash is a close range strike that hits 15 units in front of you and deals 500 damage every 0.5 seconds. Your normal attack and you spirit forms
    (The prisoners weapon) Thief’s Pistol is a close to medium range pistol that fires a shot doing 250 damage every .25 seconds. 16 ammo

    RMB: “Soul Split”
    Split yourself from the prisoner you are manifesting and become two entities with 1000 HP each if you die you become the other one if still alive. 10 second Cooldown

    Q: “Soul Swap/Spirit Shard”
    (If split) swap to the other. No Cooldown
    (If not split) fire a quick soul shard at an enemy dealing 1000 damage over 5 seconds hits all enemies within 15 units of the orb. 20 second Cooldown

    F: “Soul Stun/Makeshift Stun Gun/Soul Blast”
    (When combined) make a 30 unit explosion around you that does 500 damage and stuns all enemies for 1 second.
    (Thief’s ability) stun an enemy in front of you for 1 second.
    (Spirits ability) create an explosion that deals 500 damage in a 30 unit radius.

    E: “Release The Beast”
    Transform into an otherworldly beast for 10 seconds increasing you health to 4000 and dealing 200 more damage every attack.
    “You can now feel my pain” self/enemy
    “Let the beast run wild” ally

    “Prisons Teaching” Have a 25% Damage reduction when split.
    “Spirits Luck” gain an extra 50 credits when killing an opponent with higher base health then you.
    “Otherworldly Armor” your split stages have and extra 500 health each.

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