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    The Magic Mathematician
    Frontline, 3800 HP
    Base speed 360

    LMB: “Subtraction Shot”
    Deals 200 damage every .3 seconds no drop off 24 ammo

    RMB: “Division Demise”
    Spit one enemy’s health in half 20 second Cooldown

    Q: “Multiplying Menace”
    Make two copies of yourself with 5000 health each in front of you expires after 15 seconds or until used again goes on Cooldown after they are defeated or expire 10 second Cooldown

    F: “Addition Appraisal”
    Give a teammate your health as a shield 15 second Cooldown

    E: “Math Mayhem”
    divide all enemy’s health in half and multiply your ally's health by 2
    “Pop quiz” enemy/self
    “Did they do there lesson” ally

    “Fast Learner” division demise now holds 2 charges
    “Teacher’s Pet” when you use multiplication menace there are now 4 copies
    “Wrong Answer” reduce all your Cooldown by 5 seconds

  • @Miniiwolf This feels like it would work better as a support character, as long as you reduced the health, damage, and range, as well as give it a potential to allow a temp overheal, then I could see this as a more viable alternative, as the abilities do not appear to be that of a tank.

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