Algos, the copycat

  • Switch

    The Copycat
    Flank, 2200HP
    Base speed 375

    LMB: “Copy Blade”
    Attacks the enemy with a sharp blade that absorbs enemy’s power every hit increases its damage by 5 until death 75 damage every .1 second no reload 15 unit range

    RMB: “Copy Cloud”
    Create a cloud that will mimic all damage it absorb and send it back to the enemy that sent it 15 second Cooldown

    Q: “Clone Creation”
    Create a clone of the first enemy you hit after activation the clone is a bot that will fight on you team as if player has half the amount of health off the original cannot capture objective or be healed 7 second Cooldown

    F: “Clone Copy”
    Copies all clones you have making another clone with half health of the clone has the same properties of the clone otherwise 7 second cooldown

    E: “Ultimate Clone”
    When an enemy uses an ult you can choose to copy that ult and use it as your ult
    “What a surprise” enemy/self
    “Wonder what I get this time” ally

    “Master Cloning” clones have the same health as the original
    “Rapid Cloning” you create 2 clones instead of just 1
    “Clone Cloud” any enemy that steps into your copy cloud has a clone made of them

  • Switch

    Damn,I wanted to make a copy champion!
    You did a Really GOd JOb

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