Fan Champion Concept - Klaw, The Tyrant's Right Hand

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    I attempted to make a melee Champion concept.

    Here it is...

    Lore Warning: He somehow (kinda) became an obsessive Yandere-style character.

    Klaw, The Tyrant’s Right Hand

    Class: Flank

    Health: 1900

    Movement speed: 362

    Faction: The Thousand Hands

    Born as the love child of a Tigron and an elf, Klaw was unplanned; an accident. Forced to live a life of complete social isolation by his resentful mother, he was slowly driven to madness. Due to his increasingly vivid hallucinations, he taught himself a deadly style of combat using a pair of gloves with retractable iron claws in each finger. He had completely lost his mind when he wandered to Zhin’s doorstep and was taken in by the Tyrant himself.

    Like many guild members, Klaw was loyal to Zhin. But something in his crippled mind took his loyalty to the extreme. He grew obsessively devoted to his lord and began threatening those who stood in his way between him and Zhin— whom he fondly referred to as “master”. Zhin noticed this and decided to use this knowledge to his advantage, sending Klaw on assassination after assassination. With each assignment, Klaw returned victorious and more blood-soaked every time. The Tyrant was impressed by his skill, making him one of him close confidantes and right hand men.

    As war rages across the Realm, Klaw gladly joins the Resistance, undercover on Zhin’s orders with a new mission: to kill The Lost Hand once and for all.

    LMB: Claws
    Dash at a single enemy, attaching yourself to them for 1s and dealing 550 damage in 3 quick melee claw slashes. At the end of the duration, you will throw yourself backwards a short distance. Your attack will be cancelled if your target renders themselves ethereal.


    • Has a maximum range of 30ft.

    • Your reticle must be lined directly at an enemy or else you will not attack.

    RMB: Flying Claw (8s cooldown)
    Throw a claw on a rope in any direction and pull yourself towards it if it latches on to a surface. Can be used to throw yourself into the air if no surface is hit.

    Has a range limit of 80ft and lasts over a duration of 4s. You cannot attack or use abilities during the duration.

    F: Claw Snare (10s cooldown)
    Throw out your flying claw to ensnare enemies, dealing 350 damage.


    • Has a range limit of 60ft.

    Q: Bite (15s cooldown)
    Launch yourself at a nearby enemy and bite them, slowing them for 4s and dealing 700 damage.


    • Has a range limit of 30ft.

    E (Ultimate): Lacerate
    Fly at an opponent and claw them, dealing 1600 damage over 2s. If there are 2 other players within 30ft of your first opponent, you will consecutively dash at them and attack, dealing the same damage over 4s for both targets. You have CC immunity for the duration.

    Cat On Hot Bricks:
    The maximum range of your primary fire is increased by 20ft and you attack 50% faster, but deal 40% less damage.

    Bite now stuns for 2 seconds and deals 500 damage.

    Cold Steel:
    Claw Snare now instead stuns enemies for 2s but has a 12s cooldown.

    Voice Lines:
    Champion Selection:

    “10 cats come out to play. 9 die and leave one to cry. The end.”
    “So many victims! Their blood will be my bathwater after this!”

    Mounting Up:
    “Ooh! Another kill order!”

    Claw Snare:
    "You have been snared!"

    "(Sound of bones snapping)"

    Lacerate (Ultimate):
    "HAHAHAHAHAHAA!" (Enemy)
    "Look up." (Ally/self)

    Status related:
    Attempting to use ability on cooldown:
    “No, no... bad kitten!”
    “Fear his punishment!”

    Taking Damage:
    “Bleeding? Me?”

    Stunned or frozen:

    Set on fire:
    “Oh, how it burns!”

    Leaving combat with low health:
    “Need a... drink...”

    Being Healed:
    “Ah! I can continue!”
    “I’ll kill you later.”

    “No... this cannot be true!”
    “I cannot breathe...”
    “I’ll return for your head...!” (Koga)
    “I will not fail. Not yet!” (Koga)
    “Master... Why...?” (Zhin)
    “I am on your side, Master! Please!” (Zhin)
    “I will not die by your hands.” (Maeve)

    Match End:
    “The Thousand Hands will never be defeated!”
    “I have clinched this victory between my claws!”

    “Grrr... I will return... with friends next time!”
    “I will never surrender!”

    Kills Related:
    First Blood:
    “Their flesh is fresh!”

    Kill Assist:
    “Give them ALL to me!”
    “They’re mine, fool!”

    Kill Streak:
    “Such small numbers that can grow!”
    "Miniscule amounts..."

    Kill Taunt:
    “What a pretty face! Too bad I must slash it!” (Maeve)
    “Your magic jacket can only take you so far, little whiskers!” (Maeve)
    “Goodbye... traitor.” (Sha Lin)
    “Hah! A child, no less!” (Talus)
    “My lord shall be pleased!” (Koga)
    “At last, Lost Hand! You die!” (Koga)
    “I shan’t miss you!” (Koga)
    “I am sorry, Master...” (Zhin)
    “I will never forgive myself!” (Zhin)

    “Come here! Let me pick my teeth with your bones!”
    “Too slow! Let me speed up your death!”


    Match Start:
    “It’s playtime!”

    Top Play:
    “Step aside. Let me carve my name into your faces!”
    “Remember me! But keep this in memory. Or I’ll make your head my souvenir!”

    Spawn Chatter:
    “Poor unfortunate souls! I help them by sending them to Hell!” (Seris)
    “You are small. Are you like me?” (Maeve)
    “Maybe we’re not so different, you and I...” (Maeve)
    “How about a... partnership? One cat to another?” (Maeve)
    “Is that a rival I smell?” (Koga)
    “You will die first. I’ll make sure of it!” (Koga)
    “Do you require any assignment reports, my lord?” (Zhin)
    “Why must you appear so sullen, Master?” (Zhin)
    “I will eliminate anyone who threatens you!” (Zhin)
    “I stand with you today, Master! I am on your side!” (Zhin)


    Thanks for reading! This is a draft concept so I'm very open to ways I can improve this concept or balance things out.

  • @GirlFLASH13
    Bite has way to small distance. Maeve's ultimate reduces your vision down to 30ft
    Imagine 1/3 of that radius as range of your ability. It's literally nothing. I suggest increase it at least up to 30ft. Also, 50ft for primary attack is just too far, I suggest to decrease it to 30ft. This way you'll have more comfortable range to deal with or against.

  • PC

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll make the changes!

  • @GirlFLASH13
    I also just noticed 4s stuns in talents. 4s is bit too long. For such fast-paced game it's almost an eternity. Resilience should be bought and upped first, and for early game this is too strong. 2s stun for both talents would be much better in terms of balance.

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