Arcale, of the Cleric order

  • Lore: Clerics always were devoted to the Eternal Pyre. They belive, that petience and purity of will can make you a blessed one with powers enough to save souls.
    Though Arcale is young and still have much to learn, he had shown a great possesion with the Eternal pyre, that answered by giving him abilities inaccesible even to order's elders. The clerics counsel decided to test Arcale's limits and end the sanctimony of the abyss in the Realm. They sent the acolyte to fight in conflict between the Resistance and the Magistrate with only one simple quest - seek and destroy any abyssal manifistation.

    While Arcale is a cleric, he appears a bit vile. He wears a dark triangle leather hat, with black belt, long dark cape, a lightweight leather armor with chest belts, where all his flasks are, a dark throusers and a leather boots. He has pretty long dark hair. There's a hook-sling on his left arm, therefore his left sleeve is shorter.

    Role - support
    Health - 2200
    Move speed - 360

    [LMB] Cleric's blaster - a specific crossbow-like weapon, that launches flasks with blessed water every 0.9s. Flask either deal 650 damage or applies 400 heal to an enemy or ally respectivly. Has ammo count of 6 and 1.5 reload time.

    [RMB] Purification - throws a flask with holy water, that grants CC immunity for allies and slows enemies by 20% in 30ft area. Lasts 2s. Has 12s CD.

    [Q] Holy sigil - shows an Eternal pyre's symbol to silence an enemy for 2s or increase healing recieved by an ally by 40% for 4s. Has 14s CD.

    [F] Hook-sling - launches a hook from the sling. It drags Arcale toward the champion it hit, allied or enemy up to 50ft away. Enemy recieves 1s stun and 400 damage. Has 15s CD.

    [Ultimate] Penitence - for 3s Arcale creates a 50ft aura around himself, that turns damage taken by allies into healing for them. That healing doesn't affected by healing reduction effects, but it appies after all damage reductions. Arcale himself is CC immune for the duration, but cannot attack or use abilities.
    "A testimony of fate!"//"Eternal pyre blessed us!"

    Clarity - Purification also heals allies for 600 health.
    Discipline action - Holy sigil also increases damage by 20% dealt by ally or to enemy affected.
    Blessed reload - your attacks, that heal allies restore 1 ammo to the clip (effectively don't consume ammo).

  • PC

    @JoeTheMoonwalker so you made an eternal pyre member 😕 I want a new a idea for my concept...

  • @a_a
    That's my second Eternal pyre member btw. Noone disallow you to make your own, it's just a concept, not real champion 🙂