Champion Overview: Strix

  • Strix has everything: hugh dmg on long range, melting dmg on close range against flankers, sealth, and also has mobility with a cool card. It's too much. So is literally the strongest champion in the game. His card kit is perfectly balanced in my opinion, both of the cards are all often used and have the power, but not too much. His problem is is too strong base kit.
    I like that he has sealth, it shouldn't be nerfed. He has way better close range dmg than Kinessa, it is also exceptable. It is his specialty. But he has also much better long range dmg than the other sniper: Kinessa has 1200dmg /1.4s, while Strix has 1200dmg/1s!!! This difference is significant. I suggest to nerf his sniper dmg from 1200 to 1000 in order to not make him perfect in every aspect.

    EDIT: Thanks for the commenters we can extend the post with the Talent balance:
    Despite I see about same amount of Crack Shot and Nocturnal Strix, Nocturnal is weaker in theory. But Nocturnal will be better after the Illuminate nerf, so this will be solved without need to touch...
    But the most used talent is Unauthorial Use, what even though removes his reveal gives him tons of damage bonus (can be used on all range) with a realy low cooldown. If it was reduced from 800 to 600 he would be something we can kill as a flanker. And remove the 10cd reduction...
    Maybe these changes seems to be too radical, but consider Illuminate will be nerfed what will also buff Strix who is basicly too strong... The amount of votes also represents the community's agreement about the problem.

  • @Nero-di-seppia What about remove the 10s cd reduction from Unauthorized Use? It wouldn't be a huge nerf, he doesn't have to use it every 5s...
    Nocturnal maybe could also have 50% faster sealth bar regeneration 🙂

  • @Nero-di-seppia He has burst but it's a talent's bonus and he lose reveal, what is the best thing for snipers. Less burst will make him weaker. 15s is enaugh for the flanker to retreat, wait for self reg and go back. Strix won't have burst again, not like now.

  • He needs to be nerfed into the ground, just straight up kill the character. Nobody likes playing against it. Why can it kill almost everyone both at long on short range? Why can't flanks actually FLANK him, considering he is a sniper (snipers are supposed to be strong at long range but weak at close range)?

  • Just nerf UU, and that'll solve the problem with him. Nerfing everything else will kill him and make Kinessa clearly superior since she does more damage than him with headhunter and steady aim, has more mobility, and has a more damaging ult.

    Maybe do like Grover where the his damage scales, so up close headshots are 1600 and body shots are 1000, but at mid-long range, his damage is back to normal for his base kit. Then give him a talent that gives him up to 2000 headshots and 1400 body shots the further away you are. That'll nerf him so he isn't frustrating for flanks, while also allowing him to compete with Kinessa.

  • PC

    strix so broken imagine a stealth sniper with a reveal flare and his handgun can deal more dmg than rapid fire champ. while skye got a hard time going CQC.....why theirs not a single nerf on strix per patch they only fix his animation but not his dmg or kit nerf.

  • I like the fact, that he is a sniper who has cool close range dmg too and he has much quicklier shots than Kinessa has and also has quick scope. These are the things what make him dinamical, you know. I would rather reduce his sniper damage, cuz it has too high dps. Also the minimal Flare cooldown time on unauthorized use makes him crazy. Just don't give him 800 burst in each 5s...

  • Ok, maybe UU needs a low damage nerf, maybe to 600... But I'm still sure about we shouldn't overnerf his charactersitic: good close range damage, quick scoping and sealth.

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