Champion Overview: Ghrok

  • Hi!
    I follow Jay Flare, who was speaking about Ghrok needs a rework, and devs agree about it. Let me show what I see about him!
    I think he too much depends on cards, because his base kit is realy weak. At most is escape and heal ability. I would buff his base kit and make his best cards weaker for him.
    -The 1s duration of Ghost Walk is too low. Maybe the old 2s was OP, but halve it was a too hard nerf. He can't escape from bad situation with it. I suggest to buff the duration of Ghost Walk to 1.5s.
    -He mostly don't even have the escape skill when he needs it, because his best card, Gale needs to consume this skill in order to heal much more often. He should heal more often by default and make the card weaker, but not forcing to waste his only skill what can save him. I suggest to decrease the cooldown of Healing Totem from 15s to 12, halve the bonus of Gale, and make it just reduce the cd without of the need to activate Ghost Walk.
    -So the lower Healing Totem cd would buff his dmg style as well what absolutly relies on the cards of Shock Pulse. These cards are useless without Maelstorm (because of the long cd), but OP with it (because this talent can reduce the cd of the skill too much). So we need a weaker Maelstorm (becuase of the more Healing Totem), and we have to balance the cards of Shock Pulse in order o be useful with each talents but not be must picks with Maelstorm. I suggest to reduce the cd of Shock Pulse from 6s to 3s (in order to make the cards of Shock Pulse useful with the other talents) and rework Maelstrom to something what doesn't give him more Shock Pulse bounches: Maelstorm: Bounches of Shock Pulse deal 100 more dmg.
    -I personanly don't like to simply shoot allies for heal, it is a slave job. I loved his old, shielder talent much more.

  • Grohk as a whole does need a rework to some extent, with that being said I'm going to give my thoughts. Grohk is a decent healer, he's not OP, he's not great, he's decent. The biggest frustration I have with Grohk is his totem placement. There are times that I die in a fight, or a team mate dies, because of the buggy placement icon not wanting to snap to the correct area. Often times I am forced to drop it where ever instead of strategically out of fear of not being able to place it fast enough.

    His Ghost Walk should never be used as an escape, unless purposely spec'd for it, but more so as a evasion. Terminus is using his ulti and you can't run, Ghost walk. Tyra throws a perfect fire bomb on top of you, Ghost walk...etc...It can also be used to drop Caut as well. I do feel like it ghost walk needs a default speed increase, just because I often find myself using it to avoid kill shots from flanks. It seems silly having 3 cards that make Grohk a safe pick, it's almost like they should be semi-baseline in his kit to begin with. Maybe give ghost walk a massive speed buff when first used, but as the duration ends, the speed would lower down a bit.

    His totem as a whole is frustrating, when you pick Totemic Ward, almost everyone focuses his totem and it makes Grohk completely useless. Totemic Ward is good against high CC teams, but often times I find myself never picking it, just because it forces you to hold your heals off for a CC that is coming up. I do also feel like his totem should get some sort of range/health buff. AoE picks off his totem almost instantly at times and it's frustrating. I'll get flamed sometimes for "no heals" when the enemy team has a Drogoz and a Willow. The totem is gone after anyone really coughs on it, maybe allow Totemic Ward to also allow him to replace/refresh the duration of his totem on a Legendary Card.

    Grohk as a DPS is perfectly fine, Maelstrom is in a very good spot at the moment. If I position right and the enemy comp is decent enough, I can easily break 100,000 damage without really trying hard.

    Grohk's ultimate, while his reworked ultimate is greatly appreciated, I do feel like Grohk should be immune to damage during it. It makes him extremely vulnerable during his ultimate, often times I find that his ultimate should be a lot wider or allow his ultimate to work through walls (Yes i can see how this can be abused but Grohk as a whole isn't very popular to begin with).

  • Ghostwalk
    Nerfed due to is power as an escape, bide, debuff and caut cleanse, personally I think 2s is an ample time and it was its max duration was something troublesome, but the state it is in now is despiteful considering seris
    Like Pre Nerf Zhin, this was somewhat too good to constantly stay safe in this state and sustain healing when healing is abundant.
    Ghostwalk synergy with other healing mechanics and can allow Grohk to have some awesome staying power, however the duration reduction from 2s to 1s severly reduced the base window he can receive his own healing, forcing too much reactive awareness of the other players...
    The 1s duration is so breif that projectile healing takes too long to set up and instant healing with a prefire delay may miss the exact time window needed to heal unles your reaction time and window of exposure is long enough, thus creating a perfect heal time frame that only a handfull of supports can work...
    Widening this time by a fraction would allow greater self sustain healing while in damage immunity state.

    Shock Orb...
    As I have stated perviously since the old fourms. This ability is the bane of grohks base kit.
    Too long CD to be used as a regular ability, combined with fact that it does not bring much to the table as an ability other then a potential team dismount and stave off some out of combat healing around corners. At base it is too inconsistant for reliable
    Shaving the CD to 3s and rescaling mealstrom values would only be a quality of life improvement to the base kit, as the ability itself sees best use as area suppression when its CD is amplified
    Honestly it could merit bouncing off allies in some shape or form for some element of healing + (%15) weak base ally speed boost + enemy slow as area support and enemy suppression in order to use allies to reliably farm for ult... but this is all just jargon reinforcing the fact that shock orb is indeed lacking.... TO USE AN ABILITY AND FIND MYSELF WANTING MOAR... is an understatement of how I feel about base shock orb.

    Personally I feel it has needed a slight area rescale, %15-%30 larger at base for an effective ability for a team to work off without being countered too hard by any area anti heal...
    Currently stacking multiple people in its base area gets psudo countered by dynamics such as Deadzone being on a similar CD, with the potential to reset off elims. Whereas I feel like cramming 3-5 points into totem area allows allies to somewhat hold on the outer edges of and around these anti heal zones.
    Considering Totem is counterable-ish dynamic, with a huge CD, not much to reset it other then ability rotation.
    (Which was screwed around due to reduction of the Ghostwalk duration which made Grohk exposed for longer then normal.)
    So a -2s CD buff on totem could be pretty viable-ish here to conteract the exposure brought by Ghostwalk Dutation reduction and a boost to reactive team healing.
    As well as a UI timer dynamic for allies to see the remaining active time of the damn thing...
    Move with on the payload and other dynamics...

    Just small value changes on a few things would be helpful for quality of life.
    At the end of the day he needs a good reactive support ability in base kit...
    I still feel meh about staff healing unless it can arc to enemies near allies.

  • If for the next season cauterize is nerf, increase the duration of GhostWalk will be not a problem and increase the movement speed too, maybe 20% to 30% during GhostWalk.

    For the Healing Totem if you reduce the cd, I think you need to reduce the duration of the Totem too 6s to 5s which is enought to heal a damage or flanc. And it would be good if the Totem stay on the ground when Grohk die.

    For Shock Pulse reduce the cd to 3s is not possible because it may prevent the auto regen maybe 5s but not lower. Rework Maelstorm is not a bad idea because at the end of the game Grohk finish with a lot of damage but few kill only, which is a bit useless even if he have his ultimate faster.

    The last Talent is bad, you just heal and never deal damage...

  • Grohk attracts a lot of extreme people, which is why it's hard for the devs to seriously balance him. You have one group of people saying that he's a trash tier support and only good for damage. Then when you suggest buffs for his healing, like buffing totemic ward and his totem, you get another group of people saying that Grohk is already OP with Totemic Ward and has a high winrate, a buff would break him even more. Who's right and who's wrong? The stats are in favor of people saying that buffing him will make him busted, but then you have people who say Grohk is a trash tier healer. The devs do make dumb decision about balance, like making flanks less mobile and turning them into damage dealers. cough Lex cough However, in the case of Grohk, I can't blame them for being confused when the community is divided among him; is Grohk a trash tier support that desperately needs a buff to be viable in ranked, or is he OP and broken and his winrate proves it?

    That aside, I personally think Grohk needs a buff on his healer side, his base kit, and his cards. He needs CC in his base kit. Like his shock pulses provide a 50% slow, except with Maelstrom. His totem needs 3,000 base hp, and nerf bulldozer to 50%/75%/100% increased damage to deployables. That way Strix/Kinessa would need bulldozer 3 in order to 2 shot his deployable.

    Totemic Ward needs to deploy 2 totems at once and give 40% increased healing. Spirits Domain could have his shock pulses heal in order to give Grohk a long ranged AOE heal.

    Get rid of the reduce overheat with shock pulse and ghost walk lasts longer cards, and replace them with something that encourages synergy with them. This will buff the new Spirits Domain talent. Ghost walk reduces the cool down of shock pulse by {.5|.5}s and shock pulse reduces the cool down of ghost walk by {1|1)s. These cards will synergize well much like Furia's Wings of Wrath and Pyre Strix cards that go hand in hand.

  • PC

    ghrok is ok his lighting ball need aim once you miss your totally dead also his heal is ok cause it can get destroyed also his ult can deal small dmg and heal but they need to slightly nerf the speed boost on team cause it can increase BK and andro ult movement even though their CC immune.

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