Halloween chamipon concept (Spooky halloween btw)

  • Pumpkin Jack The Headless Reaper (It's kinda joke one)

    Lore: During the longest night he appeares to reap some souls. He travels through the Realm, looking for those, who walks alone and gathering their heads, severed them with his scythe. When the night finally yields to the light of the day, he vanishes with his harvest until next year. Beware of him, don't wander alone during the longest night, or he'll find you and fulfill his dire collection with yet another head - yours...
    Nah, don't worry, that's just a legend. But remeber this, every legend is only partially a legend...

    Apearence: Looks roughly like Headless Horseman with pumpkin instead of a head, but uses a scythe instead of a sword or an axe.

    Role - Flank
    Health - 2000
    Movespeed - 380

    [LMB] Reaper's scythe - every 0.7s launches a whirling slash, that travels for up to 70ft forward and then stops, whirling on a place for 2s within 10ft radius. Slash deals 500 damage when travels and 400 damage per second when stops. Slash also stops when collides an enemy. Has ammo count of 6.

    [RMB] Cold feet - for 4s curses an enemy to be slowed for 10% per every 250 health lost during the curse. If slow power reaches 100% target is rooted for the rest of the duration. Has 14s CD.

    [Q] Night cowl - Creates a 800 health shield around you for 3s. Shield copies and returns damage recieved back to the attacker. Has 14s CD.

    [F] Head start - Throws his pumpkin head and teleports on its final location. Head travels in ark and can roll for some time. Teleportation occurs after 1.5s or upon reactivation. While head is disjointed, body disappeares. Teleport can be activated midair, but only 0.5s after initial activation. Has 10s CD.

    [Ultimate] Harvest - Within 1.2s summons and takes a ride on his Ghastly horse. While horse is active it adds 6000 health as armor. When armor is depleted the horse disappears. Horse tramples enemies for up to 800 damage, based on its speed, and pushes them aside. You are CC immune, but you cannot attack or use abilities for the duration. The Ghastly horse recieves speed buff from Master rider, while trample damage adjusts accordingly.
    "Greet the reaper!"//"Harvest time!"

    Dire shield - Night cowl accumulates damage taken instead of original effect. It explodes for damage accumulated in 35ft radius upon being destroyed or expiring.
    Pumpkin head guy - Head start creates a 800 damage explosion in 30ft radius upon teleport activation.
    Wild ride - All your horses moves 20% faster and Harvest horse deals 15% more damage.

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker I'd like to work with you on further implementation of this character, as well as possible changes. I do like people's ideas that could be going somewhere.

  • @fishlover01
    Go on, then, suggest the changes

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker Cold feet's description is really confusing. I'd like you to clarify what you mean. You are building this character too much like a Zhin, and I believe his scythe should be more akin to Terminus. A swing speed between the two that does more damage but doesn't have range. A shield seems a bit strong for a flank, just look what happens with a Torvald-Androxus team-up. Might I suggest perhaps changing it to a 1-1.5 seconds immunity like Ghrok? And will head start allow you to teleport into mid-air or must it contact a surface first? And for the ultimate, might I suggest tuning it down to 1.5s, with the possibility of cards to affect overall stun time and damage, or put that as a talent where it takes off more health and fears longer?

  • @fishlover01
    Zhin's inferno blade has range of 70ft as well. It's a bit faster, but deals less damage with first two swipes. It might be better to decrease base scythe damage down to 500 though. But range shall be decent, definitely not melee.

    Cold feet is a slowing debuff, that grows in strength as target takes damage. That's pretty much it.

    Invulnerability is not an option. Shield capacity can be tuned down a bit (to, say, 800), but the idea shall remain. Otherwise you won't have enough damage. Also, invulnerability is just boring, IMO.

    About Head start, what do you think is better and why?

    As for ultimate, I'd like to change it entirely, tbh. It's just weird with awkward mechanics and strange purposes.

    At last, it might be my worst idea presented on the forum. You may check out and give your ideas about my other concepts as well.

  • @fishlover01
    I reworked ultimate complitely and adjust a bit other abilities to make them more balanced, What do you think of that?

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker Well I do feel it makes more sense, especially since it's based off the Headless Horseman, but what's the duration of the ult, taht way I can figure what his health should be. And will he generate that health as he is winding up the ult, or will it appear as soon as the horse does? As for the pumpkin head guy talent, will it cause the explosion at the head or where he is teleporting from? I say you should be able to explode it whenever, so say someone is around the corner you can ricochet off a wall and attack. LMB can have cards for either increased range or decreased based on where you want the whirlwind to stop. If slow reaches 100%, I feel it should root them and not be a stun.

  • @fishlover01
    I thought about infinite duration of Harvest, based only on armor granted. Armor is not health and cannot be healed. Health appears with horse as well as ultimate charge resets.

    PHG creates an explosion around your destination point (head).

    IDK about talent for primary attack. It stops upon hitting an enemy and it has a decent base range.

    Good idea with root!

  • Maybe gibe the ult a time lomit and less health, I can think of many situations to use this in. Or make the rider and horse have seperate healths. It sounds like itd be possible to cirner a champion and trample them repeatedly.

    PHG should do 200 more dmg for its cooldown
    Maybe for a talent it shoukd do less damage but should be able to pull in people, stronger when its closer.

    Thx you

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker by talent i mean for the lmb main atk those were supposed to be two seperate paragraphs

  • @fishlover01
    You hardly can corner someone to deal massive damage, since trample damage depends on your speed and you need time to gain it.

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker How far would the knockback be? And will it be possible to knock someone if done correctly?

  • @fishlover01
    About 1000 up and 500 aside, I think. Raum has 900 up in Juggernaut. This way you almost certainly push enemy away from the corner

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker Yeah i feel like that would be a fairly healthy amount, though whats the distance required for a full dmg trample

  • @fishlover01
    About 1.5s from full halt maybe. What's the distance standard horse can travel in this time?

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker Will it do less damage or will it do none and just have a lesser knockback if it isnt fully wound up