November Rage Thread

  • 3 flank comp is the best comp! (Every Southeast Asia player ever,)

    Suck it noobs

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    Khan in the match I just had: "NEED HEALING NEED HEALING NEED HEALING!"
    Also Khan: Spent THE ENTIRE GAME in the enemy team's backline
    Oh and let us not forget HE TOLD ME TO ULT AT THE END OF A ROUND. (I was playing Grover). Seriously, What the f--- is wrong with this moron?

    Also Ash in the match I just had: "Why do you use that talent (playing Deep Roots Grover)"
    Me in my head: "Umm, that's actually the META talent for Grover... ๐Ÿ˜†"
    (No, seriously, it is. Rampant Blooming is situational at best (because Caut) and Ferocity is terrible in every situation period)

    Way to end a Ranked winstreak with toxic teammates who have no place being in a match with anybody above Bronze, because there's no POSSIBLE way you can win a game by ALLOWING your healer to constantly die (because you know THE ENEMY VIVIAN WAS IN OUR BACKLINE), COMPLAIN about healing WHILE YOUR HEALER IS DEAD OR RIGHT AFTER YOU JUST GOT HEALED. Or of course, WHEN YOU'RE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE F---ING MAP. Was about to post how I'm pretty much one promotion away from being back in Platinum (was split before last), but this BS happened, so... ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • @Dusklicious said in November Rage Thread:


    Try telling Silver players that. lol. We got a good comp going so far. I have Barik, our healer is Jenos, we have Tyra/Willo as point control damage, and Lian as our poke/hit scan damage. The enemy has Inara, Ash, Viktor, Bomb King, and Ying. A solid comp on the enemy team, and our comp is looking good. This is the perfect situation for a 3-4 or 4-3. All you have to do is pick a tank, an off tank. You can be an aggressive tank. You can be a flanking tank. Please for the love of God at least be like the basic Viktor players whose only tanks over level 10 are Khan and Ruckus; at least be THAT.

    no no, i pick flank.jpg

    All hope is lost. We lose 0-4, or we sweat to lose 2-4.

  • Not that my comp above is the only comp. I personally like a double tank, one support, a point control dps, and a solid hit scan dps for a comp, but other comps work as well. Inara is a good solo tank, so long as a flank is involved to watch the flank routes and go into the backline. Even a triple damage comp with Jenos is good if Barik is the solo tank, you also need a flank to watch those flank routes.

    But please stop trying to solo tank with Ruckus/Khan. Ruckus/Khan are not a good duo at all, please stop. Inara and Barik aren't a good duo at all, stop it. Lian, unless going against a squishy comp, which means the enemy team has a bad comp, is not a good solo damage. Stop going double flank with her, or going double support and double tank with her (unless Grohk is a damage support because he has decent point control with his Maelstrom area damage pressure). Please don't go double flank in general. Flanks rely on people making openings for them, if there isn't a good blast damager to make an opening for them, flanks will fail (unless it's something like a diamond or above Maeve/Evie against platinum and below players).

  • I mean. wtf are we meant to do when your teamamtes go with default loadouts and dont buy items!!! Can they not be automaticaaly banned for failing to buy items? Stupid, stupid noobs! Also, can anyone using 'kek' as a comment on anything be banned for life, fundamentally because alt-right (a group of far-right white supremacists) have adopted it as a means to spread their hate?

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    Now I have understood why I have a low winrate, ITโ€™S MY TEAM! Or The MM by other mean....

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    "Cassie is balanced" - Adanas. Tell that to the literally everything she shreds. Seriously though, she's legit FAR above most other Damage champions in terms of DPS... Almost like Drogoz used to be when he was broken. ๐Ÿ˜’

    I have to deal with that while I try to figure out how to make Imani, a mid-tier at best character, actually work. Heck the experience I just had makes me almost want to say she's down there with Tyra and Dredge.

    Of course she's not Sha'Lin or Kinessa weak, but still quite weak, because of a combination of absurd cooldowns and the fact she's just overall lackluster. Only thing saving her from B tier on my list is her ult, but even then apparently Drogoz can Dragon Punch it and Big Game boosts work on it, so maybe not.

    Edit: Somebody downvoted this for some reason, and the level of childishness that must be demonstrated to do so for the reason I think it was, is just simply mind-boggling. ๐Ÿ˜’

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    @Dusklicious Please don't namecall the devs on here. It's fine to disagree with them, but there's no need for insults.

  • I sincerely dislike anyone who flanks... (sometimes myself included XD)

    I really mean it...

    Asian flanks don't behave like Asian overachiever geeks... HOW THE FUCK DOES A MAEVE MAIN WITH THE OF BLADES TITLE DEAL 12k damage in a 13 minute game? THANK GOD I WAS IN A 4 MAN PARTY SO I STILL WON THE RANKED GAME!!!

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    Talus is f***ing annoying. His burst is absurd, and he's so fast and small that he can actually be pretty hard to hit. Of course though he's not really good as he has very counterable mobility, relies on cooldowns that aren't consistent, has a pretty mediocre at best ult, and lacks sustain even for a flank, but nonetheless he's irritating.

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    Can't you guys fix this? Happens way too often.


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    Crap... Power glitched and the UPS didn't hold - POS.. Started another match - internet went out at second 0. I got a white screen instead of what I captured - shown below. I had to end task. By the time I got back in the match was screwed - sorry.


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    I don't believe it ... another Agony Seris... @_(#&$@_(&#$ Stomped to death while my team is fighting in the chat... I'm done for today.

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    So I just got a match with a whole PARTY (Anyone could tell by all of their names being very similar) of trolling int feeders who spammed VHS while walking straight into the enemy Willo's Dead Zones and Q's, while literally going as far as possible away from me, and while they all just ignored it when I was getting flanked almost the entire match (I was playing a healer, because I had no other option essentially). Also they all instalocked $#!+, OF COURSE!

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    I'm not sure if whiny dumb@$$es complaining about Raum are more inclined to make me laugh or more inclined to make me p!$$ed off because they act like Raum is somehow blatantly broken and simultaneously forget his boatload of counters, and that he's the ONLY frontline IN THE GAME with NO way to avoid CC, and also that his soul armor mechanic makes him the most vulnerable tank to %HP damage in the entire game...

    Of course, sometimes I wonder if they actually know these things and they're actually just trolling and whining because they know they have no idea how to play this game, and are just trying to get attention instead.

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    Where the F*** did my rep go? Somebody seems to be just downvoting posts I make for reasons I certainly can't make sense of.

    All you are is a petulant child, whoever you are.

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    @Dusklicious This also happens to me IRL, Some people hate me for no reason, Maybe I will try to forgive 10 - 20 years guys, but I canโ€™t stand a teacher To hate me for no reason, it doesnโ€™t make sense!! He is about 35 old!

    Small brain IMO

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    @DambaKing said in November Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious This also happens to me IRL, Some people hate me for no reason, Maybe I will try to forgive 10 - 20 years guys, but I canโ€™t stand a teacher To hate me for no reason, it doesnโ€™t make sense!! He is about 35 old!

    Small brain IMO

    Small brains is right ๐Ÿ˜

    Have somebody attacking me over an unpopular opinion about a movie... Apparently talking bad about Avengers films is a big no-no that will offend people. ๐Ÿ˜†

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    I've really been getting a lot of rage worthy $#!+ thrown at me lately. Like this ranked match:

    Report Ruckus and Talus.png

    Seriously, trying to point at all (let alone with Ash) in this situation is a f***ing nightmare. My off picked RUCKUS (and played him EXTREMELY bad), I had the most useless Talus I've ever seen, and I was crippled every single time I made any attempt to escape instant death. Luckily the Furia and Kinessa were competent enough to somehow make this a 2-4 loss instead of 0-4 like I was fully expecting.

    EDIT: Stop banning Willo. Seriously, you do realize that she got nerfed. ๐Ÿ˜† Also, I just realized their Inara was a BOT. Seriously, people. Shame on the feeding moron off-tank and flank.

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    @Dusklicious A good Willo is still a huge PITA.

    Prior to the prior buffs Willo was banned I'd say about 50% of the time in my matches.
    Then 100% post buff.
    Seeing how she is still better than before I can still see her as a valid ban choice.

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