November Rage Thread

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    So I played with the most braindead mastery 80+ Tyra on this entire f***ing planet. Against an Inara, RUNS HUNTING PARTY, Fire Bombed point a total of 5 times during an entire 16 MINUTE GAME. And then this $#!+head had the AUDACITY to say "GG Team Trash."

    No, it was THIS PO$ that was trash. Wrecker into a Khan/Inara Front with an IO support... Wow. Just wow. Bulldozer could hardly have been any more obvious of an item choice over Wrecker here... 😆 How am I supposed to believe THIS is a gold DPS main? It feels like a BRONZE V DPS MAIN. 😠

  • Pretty tired of players calling me or other players racial slurs, saying "report", AFKing, spamming VGS, all because of the choice of who I or some other player chooses. Okay yes, so report those people... yeah report is garbage because the guy calling me and someone else nasty names sure was online playing the next day. If there is no frontline or support, I got it covered, no issues. However.... this 2 frontline bs, if I dont want to I am not. There should be an abuse report system, how is reporting a person because of who they choose allowable? I mean, I hear after so many reports it can affect you no matter why. Can there just be an option to mute EVERYONE? This whole community based bs and communication is good is garbage when people saying nasty stuff.

  • @HeartQueen ok so you obviously didn't read properly. On my team 2 people had cauterize, 1 rank 1 and 1 rank 2. The enemy team had 4 people, 3 with cauterize 3 and 1 with caut 2. So... you cannot tell me I did bad taking into account the uphill battle I had.

  • I miss HiRez Alyssa, the Happy thread reminded me of her...

    OH, and that traitor Raynday too! I can't believe my friend is still using his announcer pack!


    He literally 1v5'd us TWICE during overtime and didn't die until his team arrived... We did everything in our fucking power to kill him... I can't believe it...

  • @Demigod I also have to agree Raum is ridiculously hard to kill, I've dumped over a hundred rounds into his head as Vivian with ult and opportunity in chaos at medium range and took about fifteen seconds to finally kill. If that ain't broken i don't know what is. Im diamond 4 btw and this happened in ranked. We as a team barely managed to kill Raum 3 times. We had a nice comp, term inara jenos viv and tyra. We never came close to capping point. Raum is broken af. Im not even gonna play anymore until this is fixed because that was infuriating.

  • Raum's not broken, it's just my comp has no non ult CC apart from Ash to deal with him properly XD

    We need lots of control to deal with him

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    @Demigod said in November Rage Thread:

    Raum's not broken, it's just my comp has no non ult CC apart from Ash to deal with him properly XD

    We need lots of control to deal with him

    He can be really oppressive if you have no counters to him, but unfortunately his list of counters includes like half of the champions in the game.

  • The egoism in ranked is just sad. Then the rank shaming is even more sad. I had a person, Diamond 3, just pick Tyra and assumed people would trade with them (They wanted Kinessa or Lian). Another person picked Moji and another person picked Terminus against a Khan (the Khan drafted first, so this guy knowingly went Terminus against Khan). Then they had the nerve to shame me for my rank. Umm?? Am I missing something?

    • Mr/Ms/Mrs Diamond 3 picked Tyra, even though she didn't want to play Tyra.

    • Genius Diamond 5 Moji went Moji against a Khan/Barik/Shalin. The Moji threw because they wanted Koga and was mad that the other team had him. Side Note: why do people want Koga so bad? Even on console he sucks. Yet everyone and their mom wants this guy. I don't get it.

    • The other platinum went Jenos and Terminus against a Khan, and it was gg from there. I had to decide on which tank sucks the least because ALL options were bad. Ruckus is just not viable, Inara sucks with Jenos, Ash and Fernando against Khan is problem part 2, I suck with Makoa, Torvald hasn't been viable in a long time (and it was Splitstone Quarry).

    • I went with Atlas and we still lost because Moji fed 6-14 and Tyra went 6-11. Then Tyra had the nerve to call the team, Moji specifically, trash.

    Is this what I have to look forward to in Diamond. I could tell that we were going to lose from a mile away, yet apparently the Diamonds didn't see the signs and drafted that embarrassing comp.

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    Oh I absolutely LOVE it when DPS players accuse their healers of somehow trying to get them killed, and not healing them, when THEY ARE SO FAR OUT OF POSITION IT IS D@MN HILARIOUS. Seriously, my Sha last game was CONSTANTLY dying, because HE WAS AVOIDING ME, and then spamming Need Healing and accusing me of not trying to heal him and I kept telling him the fact that, you know, MY HEAL WAS ON COOLDOWN. And of course, the moron DPS player, they won't believe you because you're a healer right?

    "Waiting for 10 years"
    You were literally there for a fraction of a f***ing second, I watched you, liar.

  • @Dusklicious

    DPS players that don't come from other roles don't notice how hard it is to tank or heal man...

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    @Demigod said in November Rage Thread:


    DPS players that don't come from other roles don't notice how hard it is to tank or heal man...

    Yeah it's like all they seem to think is that you just have to be a meat shield to play tank and hold the heal ability on a healer to play their roles. 😆

    Frankly, Support is probably one of the harder roles to play in this game...

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    So I had a verified teammate last game (by the way, it was a streamer), that was quite obviously trolling and inting. Running RIGHT INTO A WILLO'S FACE PLAYING BURST VIK AND THEN JUST DYING, I mean seriously. How the f*** does anyone like that have a TWITCH FOLLOWING OR A CHECK MARK? I say it needs to be gone... 😒 He definitely DOES NOT deserve it. There's a reason why a few players I won't name don't have and should NEVER get verified. It's because they do this, and in one particular case it's because they constantly whine and moan and verbally attack Hi-Rez over seemingly nothing because they just love stirring up a ruckus ([edited by mod]...).

    Also had a healer that was avoiding me, a Ruckus off, and a not surprisingly bad instalock Bomb King that all conspired together to make my life a f***ing nightmare.

    All reported, hope I don't run into any of them again.

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    @Dusklicious Please don't post names of people to shame them,

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    December came guys

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