November Rage Thread

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    @TangAce said in November Rage Thread:

    oh yeah casual so fun, playing vs pros and such every game, them playing willo and other broken champs, my team? noobs playing lex and other low tier champs

    how many elo I lose every time? damn balanced

    casual supposed to be for fun...well it's not

    I played Moji and won three in a row. Play Moji - lol.

  • I'm heartsick.

    The worst since I was born.

    This has affected my paladins gameplay so damn badly. I just managed to deal nothing but 30k damage as Nando in Stone Keep

    an alltime personal low.

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    So I just had a match where I had legit no damage or healer at all... I basically had to be a 1 person team and everyone knows how that works... 😠

    Top damage, 2nd best KDA (to a useless trolling Cardio Vik), and the healer had only 20k f***ing healing...

    Also, I just noticed my Barik SR on Guru has gone down by a whole 100 over the past few days thanks to feeders... 😡 Not like it matters particularly, but still it's an expression of how stupid the teammates I've been getting have been. They make me lose after I carry their dumb @$$es of course.

  • meet this player who complain about bad support main in ranked match and pick ying so he want to show us how to play support properly, pick focusing lens talent last round me as barik and makoa have won the war but our hp is very low and enemy inara & cassie came from spawn and our ying too came from spawn too (he dying to muuch because his nature to challange tank in obj), so this ying challange that inara and die, me and makoa who have low hp left cannot defeat inara and we lost the match, of course after the match this ying blame us

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    Playing Kinessa + At least half-decent Strix on the other team + Willo with even half a brain on the other team + absurd lag spikes = Death Simulator

  • @Dusklicious

    Every SEA game in Timber Mill

  • Ranked mode has now become a game of reporting!!

    My account was banned through out the weekend and just yesterday, it was opened and now its already banned again today!! For what? I don't know. Apparently if a team losses, everyone just blames each other and report themselves. That's how easy it is to abuse the report system. Well since I cant beat them I'll probably join them. I'll just go ahead and keep reporting everyone after a game whether we lose or win, I don't care anymore. Since hirez has given us the power to just spam the report button without any real reason. Heck, I know a guy that anytime he sees me in his team, he starts spamming in the chat for everyone report me. For no reason, they even ignore the real trolls and report the wrong person.

    People should be reported only for the reasons they put there which are intentional feeding, harassment, AFK. Since when should someone be banned based on their performance?? If its based on performance, then everyone below platinum should be banned then if they remain there too long.

    But who cares anymore, am sure none of the devs think this is an issue. So now I'll form parties just to report people for no reason because I can.

  • @scorpion449 Ever take a step back and wonder why it is that you're getting focused by these 'fake' reports? Maybe you're spamming in-game, maybe you're a DPS one trick that can't aim, maybe you aren't playing as a team and dying by pushing solo or trickling in while the rest of your team are respawning. Plenty of people do things to annoy others or cost a match in the long run without realising it and then act surprised when they get banned, just make sure you aren't one of them before getting with the 'fad' and having possibly innocent players banned "just because you can"

  • @OriginalEquinox
    No no no, there are real trolls doing this out there, I am not the only one getting banned because of these trolls, I see some other people come to the forums to ask why they got banned because the support people don't explain anything, they only tell you "you were match grieving" but those posts get locked or deleted.

    One day i was first pick, I picked drogoz, as usual the META is 2 tanks, 1 heal 1 dmg and a flank. but no the rest of the team picked either damage champions 1 useless tank and no one picked a healer. Who are the trolls here now? I was actually carrying the team while we had no healer because I had 63 eliminations and 13 solo kills but guess what, during the game, one of them was using voice chat shouting "report drogoz, report drogoz".WTF? who are we supposed to report here? the trolls that didn't pick a healer? one of them even went AFK but this guy insisted on reporting me. These are the types of troll am talking about.

    And the main point here is why should they allow a system that can lock someone's account be controlled by anyone. I can literally gang up against someone. I just find 10 of my friends just to report a particular person to get banned since i know they wont do any investigation to know why we are reporting that person. Is that not a serious flaw?

  • @scorpion449 Ah i understand and yeah I've been in teams with people like that as well, sorry for the lecture. The auto ban system is something many players are and have been asking to be addressed for quite some time now afaik but there's been no response from Hirez yet, it's getting a ton of support players banned apparently, hopefully they'll add a more in-depth report feature that lets us use screenshots and videos as well so fake reports won't be a problem anymore

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    I love how they ask on reddit or tweeter stuff like, "if you could change one thing in paladins what would that be?" but here on forums...nothing...I really feel like forums are being ignored

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    @TangAce said in November Rage Thread:

    I love how they ask on reddit or tweeter stuff like, "if you could change one thing in paladins what would that be?" but here on forums...nothing...I really feel like forums are being ignored

    I don't know why they even have these forums at all. Yeah, there should be an offical company forum but what's the point if it's not used by officials for any actual purpose. They should just delete the forum and redirect it to Reddit. Personally I hate the way Reddit works ... whatever.

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    @TangAce So Disappointing

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    yeah I hate reddit as's good for memes but that's all

    the forums are way more serious

    weirdly their reddit contest got won by forum active users...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Why is it that I lose 15TP on average and only gain 8TP on average? Meanwhile husband in same match is losing 9 to 11TP, gaining 12 to 15TP. We play pretty similar. It is very frustrating to see that EVERY match. Kind of bullsh is that?

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    Paladins for me right now: dial-up noises 😑

  • @TangAce said in November Rage Thread:

    I love how they ask on reddit or tweeter stuff like, "if you could change one thing in paladins what would that be?" but here on forums...nothing...I really feel like forums are being ignored

    Nothing new then. Same thing in the old forum

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    Steam idiots...


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    Found bug already. Can't change the name of a loadout. Awesome.

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