November Rage Thread

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    Need healing!!!! Okay okay, so I played Reso Ying. Enemy team had Jenos and Io. I had 1 teammate with Caut 1, the other caut 2. Meanwhile enemy team had 3 caut 3 and 2 caut 2. NEED futhermucker you need to buy cauterize.

    End result

    Ying 67k heals, 56k damage

    Io 55k heals, 56k damage
    Jenos 37k heals, 55k damage.

    But my team needs healing.... need to allow players to mute EVERYONE, those line messages are toxic and annoying.

    No... Resonance Ying as a solo healer is bad. It can't sustain a team by itself. Also, you should have gotten at least 75k healing considering that even though they had a little less healing than you, it was split between 2 people.

    I've had Resonance Yings in ranked without any problems. Depends on your team and their ability. The healing number means nothing without a time to go with it. 75k in 8 minutes is good while 75k for 18 minutes is not so good. Also two front vs one makes a big difference.

    Nope. Resonance Ying is usually a troll pick as a solo healer. As a tank, you barely even feel the heal. And I've personally never met a good Resonance Ying, and I've run into quite a few of them. A lot of them are idiots, hence they go Resonance, or they're trolls (loadouts where illusions have more health, illusions moving faster during shatter, etc). One Resonance Ying had 3 slots dedicated to shatter (I though the person of Resonance was NOT to shatter), one dedicated to giving illusions more health, and then dimensional link restores the illusions (the only good card in their deck). They didn't even have the card where the cooldown of illusions are reduced when the enemy kills it.

    People have the perception of Resonance Yings being trolls/bad, and Resonance Ying players certainly don't help themselves there.

    I've been front every time this happened. (I'm usually support or front in ranked). I usually just ask what talent the Ying plans so I can adjust accordingly. I usually use a loadout designed for more self sustain for these situations. The feeling of no heal is even worse for Jenos. The Jenos healers pocket the damage and flankers so I get next to nothing - I can rejuv till the cows come home but if I don't get a mark.... I'd rather have even a half decent Res Ying tbh.

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    This match... This F***ING MATCH... Lex and Barik were legit useless, Seris couldn't press right click worth a $#!+, and the Io ulted me off the map... THREE F***ING TIMES. And I hardly realized Pip even existed, except when he got ults off AND NOBODY ELSE DID ANYTHING ABOUT ANY OF THE CHICKENS WHEN THEY WERE STARING RIGHT AT THEM. πŸ’’ πŸ’’

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    I don't report often but ended up reporting Tyra and Lian for AFK. I hate quitters even if the odds are against a win. (losing Raum of course)

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    Everyone except me: instalocks three flankers and one damage
    Me: plays a tank
    Also everyone except me: "Need Healing! Need Healing! Need Healing! Need Healing!"

    Safe to say I handed out a few reports.

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    Lesson Learned: A Nando Instalocker mid-draft is BOUND to be a worthless feeder. The dumb@$$ seriously had legit no idea how to play the character, let alone viably... πŸ˜’ I mean seriously HOW DID THESE IDIOTS F*** UP SO BADLY THAT WE LOSE TO A RUCKUS POINT? Tyra did 167k for f***'s sake because NOBODY made ANY real attempt to get rid of her so her fire bombs kept killing me... Also, pathetic DPS on the part of our Vik and our toxic $#!+ Willo (spammed VHS and whined the entire game) losing by 50+k to a Tyra with the WRONG CARDS... 😑 Oh and our first pick BANNED MOJI (Bans are on the wrong sides by the way). F***ing wow. I reported every teammate except the Grover by the way, because they were toxic or intentionally feeding.

    Idiot Teammates.png

    Also, the healing and shielding numbers STILL DON'T SHOW UP? Lo-Rez hello? Your bug fixing monkeys sniffing glue again?

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    The champ order is still funky. Example: Khan is obviously higher than Jenos. The secondary sort should be champion EXP. It seems random within the level. Ordering by mastery level does the same thing.

    Old UI I could go to items and scroll thru all the skins. I don't see how to do that now. Have to go to each champion one by one to see whats available.


    You can see it's not a fluke - same on other account. BK almost 10 yet 3 others before him.

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    Raum is changing the look of my history...

    Before - more or less.


    Must be a bug πŸ™‚

  • I have one bloody issue.. game crashes. Can`t even play decent ranked, bots.. bots everywhere.

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    Do they even look at the screen? See red circle..

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    I don't play damba These days, because of the "Need Healing!" Spammers!
    One time I played as khan against a very noob team, I had a damba with my team, he wasn't even heal me he was flanking!!
    It's very BAD BECAUSE:

    • 4 - 0 of course we won
    • Damba was very very toxic, He even got top play:
      • Me: VER "I am proud to serve with you"
      • Damba: VVGQ "Silencccce"!!!!
    • That Toxic Damba says "Need Healing!" when he dies 😑 I was About to type in chat: "**** you"
    • Damba got 7k healing and me got 5k healing, weird


    I was About to type in chat: "**** you"

    I forgot that I was playing on switch πŸ™‚

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    @DaddyOoker Why is this in the rage thread?

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    @a_a Cause I'm pissed they don't care that they are releasing garbage like this. I'd post it as a bug here like on the old forum but they made it so you have to use other means to do so. It's easier to go to reddit and post it there - which I refuse to do. The history healing/shielding bug only took one match to discover and they missed it? It's truly pathetic.

  • @a_a the character on your profile is GRUMPY BOMB! The Sticky Bomb is something other...

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    Oh yeah. The can't change the loadout name bug... OMFG... If I create 3 loadouts with top points on the same card then all 3 loadouts will have the same name. This problem wasn't even there in the PTS when I tried it... Great work....

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    @KicsitCsicska It’s the same bug... try to clear the cookies in your browser? I tried it and it fixed this problem.

  • @a_a I don't think so, because you were able to change it to "Sticky Bomb". So you could also change it to Grumpy Bomb what it is actually...

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    @KicsitCsicska I changed it actually, but you can’t see the new pic for some reason.

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    Imani had a platinum frame - acct level 270 - never bought items, not AFK and below bot level damage. Someone care to explain what's going on?

    BS that Lex has more credits than me. Obvious I did way more.


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    Masters and diamond..tnx. BK murdering me. Went 2-4. Raum feels like glass.



  • @DaddyOoker First: (S)he maybe gave it to his noob friend or younger sibling/relative.
    Second: You still had best damage... Raum have to build up his soul armor first, or he dies easily.

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